Jon Gosselin Accuses Ex Kate of Blocking Him From Bank Accounts & Trusts Belonging to Their Kids In His Custody

“Come at me, bro!”

Kate and Jon Gosselin are once again battling in court, and this time, it’s over the cold hard cash that their son Collin and daughter Hannah have in their bank accounts and trusts from appearing on the family’s reality shows.

The Sun broke the news on Friday that Jon had accused his ex of blocking him from having access to the financial accounts of Collin and Hannah— whom Jon currently has primary custody of— despite his requests for her to transfer the accounts so that he would be the custodian.

Back in October, Jon requested that Kate be held in contempt of the court order because she had failed to transfer the accounts. Later that month, though, Kate responded to the legal paperwork, claiming that she was, indeed, willing and ready to transfer the accounts belonging to Hannah and Collin, but it was Jon who had failed to take the proper steps to allow her to do so.

According to the report by The Sun, Kate “noted a correspondence between their lawyers, where her attorney told Jon he ‘needed to establish’ new accounts for the children and provide Kate with ‘documentation of opening of those accounts.’

“Get her, Dad!”

The court paperwork also indicated that Jon was informed that he would “need to cooperate with the TLC network to set up direct deposit for the accounts in his name in order to receive deposits going forward.”

In her October 30, 2019 response, Kate indicated that Hannah and Collin’s accounts can be transferred into Jon’s care once he “takes certain steps required by the bank.”

When the court order was arranged in May 2019, Kate was ordered to “provide any and all documents necessary, and to provide Jon with quarterly accounts of all trusts and accounts he is the custodian of.”

As The Ashley told you in January, Kate’s reality show, Kate Plus 8, was reportedly cancelled by TLC last year. In court documents filed since, Kate blamed Jon for the cancellation of her show, attributing it, in part, to all the negative publicity Jon had allegedly drummed up to get the network and fans to see her in a negative light. 

“My response to every question or situation is ‘I blame Jon.'”

Currently, Hannah and Collin live with Jon, while the rest of the couple’s sextuplets— Joel, Aiden, Alexis and Leah— live with Kate. (The couple’s oldest daughters— twins Cara and Mady— are in college and live on their own.) In February, Jon stated that Collin has no contact with Kate at all, and does not currently communicate with his siblings who live with her. While Hannah appears to have no relationship with Kate, Jon said she does maintain contact with her other siblings. 

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  1. People are so blinded by their hate of Kate that they are not comprehending the information provided to them. She is willing to hand it over once he completes the necessary steps, what is so hard about that. It states that he “need to cooperate with the TLC network to set up direct deposit for the accounts in his name in order to receive deposits going forward.”So why can’t John follow the necessary steps in order to get the accounts in his possession.

    1. Jon did comply which is why the judge is holding Kate in contempt. Jon did his part or he’d be held in contempt, but he’s not the problem, she is.

  2. Good for Jon, standing up to Kate’s bullying and protecting Collin and Hannah. Guarantee those kids accounts do not have the correct amount of money in them. Kate would absolutely use their money to punish them for choosing Jon. It’s not that Kate actually wants to have to deal with Hannah and Collin—she just doesn’t want Jon to win in any way. It’s sick to use your kids as a pawn in your selfish and petty war.

    I’m guessing the best chance of a reconciliation in relationships between Jon and his other kids will only happen once those kids are no longer until Kate’s thumb. I can’t wait for one of them to write a tell-all on Kate. She’s this century’s Mommy Dearest.

    1. Mommy Dearest Part II may be a few years off but ‘Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World’ has been out for a few years. That woman is abusive and a narcissist. Two things that are very dangerous together.

  3. Hope someone steps in to save Joel, Aiden, Alexis and Leah. Can’t imagine that they have a happy life.

  4. Honest question, I thought the trusts were set for the kid’s futures, like when they turn 18 or 21. I truly hope that Kate hasn’t had free reign over their accounts all these years.

    1. They are usually set up to be available, to the minors, at a certain age. However, the trustee (likely Kate at this point) often havs access to the money if it’s for the benefit of the minors and the trustee would likely have access to how the money is managed.

      Since Jon is currently their caregiver, it makes sense that he wants to access their trust information to see how it’s been managed to this point etc

    2. Unfortunately for the kids, the ruling that set up the trusts allowed her, as the custodial parent at the time, to use their funds for their own maintenance, IF needed. I am sure the reason Kate doesn’t want to hand this info over to Jon is that she interpreted her ability to access their money under this condition very liberally. She would have to be prepared to document how much of their support actually came out of her own funds as opposed to theirs.

    3. Unfortunately Kate has had free reign over their accounts for all this time. She used the term ‘for their health’ when she put the new deck on the house. I think it’s a sure thing that she played fast and loose with their funds and the kids probably paid for their own schooling, clothing, health, food, etc, etc because it was for their education, health, maintenance. I think she’s in big trouble and is dragging her feet ‘cooking the book’s trying to even everything out, repay certain accounts, etc and that’s why she hasn’t turned the accounts over to Jon yet.

  5. How sad for the children… it sounds like the parents have done everything they can to force the kids to choose sides and sever all other relationships

  6. So Kate plus 8 was cancelled because of the negativity coming from Jon and not because Kate just basically sucks? Weird

    stay lit

  7. So Jon is trying to get the money transfered to accounts he can access instead of trust funds that belong to the kids and are blocked until they are adults, quel surprise.

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