Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Stassi Schroeder is Reportedly Pregnant with Her First Child; Has Hired Crisis-Management Team Following Firing

Clark Party of 3: Coming soon…

Stassi Schroeder may have lost her job on Vanderpump Rules, as well as her podcast and her endorsement deals this week, but the former reality TV star still has some big news to celebrate.

Us Weekly revealed on Saturday that Stassi is reportedly pregnant with her first child. (Neither Stassi or her fiance Beau Clark have confirmed the news as of press time.)

The reveal comes just two months after Stassi told the magazine that she and Beau had “been reckless” when it came to using birth control while under quarantine.

“Listen, I wouldn’t be mad [if I got pregnant],” she added. 

Stassi and Beau’s wedding was postponed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic; however, last summer she confirmed that she would be fine if a pregnancy came before she and Beau tied the knot.


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“I know I want to be a mom, so I would rather get knocked up before I waited to have a wedding,” she told Us Weekly in July 2019. “It’s powerful to let women know, if that’s something that you want, you don’t have to wait to get married. You’re in charge of your own body and what you want in your life.”

Of course, Stassi’s life has changed drastically since she made that statement last year. 

As The Ashley earlier this week, Stassi, along with Kristen Doute, was fired from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ after their former co-star Faith Stowers  blasted them in an online interview, exposing the mistreatment Stassi and Kristen subjected her to, most notably the times in 2018 they called the police on her and tried to get her arrested for crimes she didn’t commit.

The racist comments Stassi has made over the years on her Straight Up With Stassi podcast also came under fire recently, causing many of her sponsors to end their relationships with her. On Tuesday, Variety reported that Stassi had officially been dropped by her agency, United Talent Agency (UTA), as well as by her publicist. She was also stripped of her podcastStraight Up with Stassi, and the Witches of WeHo wine line she shares with Kristen and Katie Maloney.

While Stassi and Kristen may have lost a lot this week, they’re certainly not down for the count. Deadline reported on Friday that both Stassi and Kristen have hired a crisis-management team in the days since their firing. The girls released a statement to the media via their new rep.

“Is it too soon to make our comeback?”

“Stassi and Kristen acknowledged what they did was wrong, have apologized and been punished,” their new representative Steve Honig stated. “Without casting aside their actions or the impact of those actions, they want to move forward as part of the solution in ways that are productive, meaningful and sincere. Both of them recognize actions speak louder than words and that is what will guide them as they move forward.”

Stassi and Kristen each issued apologies via Instagram in the days following Faith’s interview. In an interview with E! News on Wednesday, Faith stated that she has forgiven Stassi and Kristen.

“This would make a great podcast topic…just saying…”

“As a Christian, as a God-fearing woman, I do forgive them,” she said during the live interview. “For now, I feel like Kristen and Stassi have a lot to learn and I wish that for them. I wish that they educate themselves and really know what’s really going on in the world so they can use their privilege for the betterment of the world.”

While Faith has forgiven Stassi and Kristen, she said she wishes the girls had come to her and personally apologized, rather than issuing an apology via social media.

“It’s not really an apology. It’s a statement,” she told E! News. “I think it would have been a lot better if it was something personal because for me, it was a personal attack. For me, I had to make a lot of changes in my life and go through a lot that a normal person wouldn’t have to go through. It really hurt me emotionally so I think the apology should have matched the offense. I think it should have been just as heartfelt as their allegations were heartfelt.”

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  1. How is that empowering?! Women have been getting pregnant before they got married for ages (Although it was looked upon decades ago but not now). She’s acting like she will be the first woman to get knocked up before getting hitched, lol, get off your high horse, I never watched the show but that’s just a ridiculous statement. You do know getting pregnant from a one-night stand is a thing, right? I sincerely doubt most of them get married to the father anyway.

  2. Hopefully she’s genuinely learning and growing from this whole thing, and becomes a better person. Last thing we need on this earth is a racist raising their child to be racist.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    That is ridiculous that Stassi and Kristen were fired.How is notifying the police about a black woman you think might have committed a crime that was in fact committed by a black woman racist.racist would have been if they notified them about a white or Hispanic woman when the crime was obvisiously committed by a black woman.Bravo is being ridiculous

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Faith Stowers…publicly ruined both girls and only deserves a public apology. If you wanted a personal apology it should have been handled personally!

  5. I used to receive emails when you had new posts, but just realized I havent seen one in awhile, and I can not find anywhere to sign up for them again, do you not do that any longer?

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Love you Stassi and Beau congratulations !!!

  7. The more I read, the angrier I get. This behavior is frightening and I’m not talking about Stassi snd Kristen. I am appalled at the behavior of Bravo, podcast and sponsorships! This is so misdirected snd these girls are scapegoats for a bigger target. Shame, shame, shame on you. Are you happy now? Destroy their future for the sake of it. SMH ?

  8. Destiny maybe? That aces out any other news, good or bad. Congratulations you two, soon to be three ❤️

  9. Stassi, Kristin, Katie and LaLa need to hire a crisis management team to overhaul their nasty ass bitchy personalities!

    1. Stassi and Kristen already have. One post said Steve Honig reached out to them, and another post said they hired him.

  10. Who cares about Stassi? I don’t! be happy with your million dollar house PAYMENT!!!Beau doesn’t haer his name on it? And I guess the big wedding in Rome is canceled? You deserve everything you got! The Entertainment Tonight clip on YouTube ran an entire segement of all you have said…and it ain’t nice!

    1. Faith Stowers claiming to be a “God fearing Christian woman” all while she’s fucking Jax I. The home of an elderly person she is paid to be caring for. She’s trash and is looking for her 15 minutes of fame since being a ho didn’t make her relevant.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Brittany and Jax were NOT married. That is not adultery. Premarital sex, sure, but adultery? No.

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