‘Counting On’ Star Jill Dillard Posts Photo of Herself Enjoying Alcoholic Drink; Gets Both Praise & Hateful Comments for Not Acting “Like a Christian”

“Cheers to getting to spend my nights NOT doing relay races with my family!”

Jill Dillard is toasting to her new life of freedom!

The former Counting On star recently posted a photo of herself to Instagram imbibing in a pina colada while on a dinner date with her husband Derick. While a photo of an of-age woman drinking alcohol is hardly news, this is a Duggar, making it very surprising.

It marks the first time any of the Duggar kids have actually confirmed that they are drinking alcohol.

In the comment section of Jill’s Instagram post, Jill confirmed that the drink was not a virgin version.

Jill’s admission to drinking alcohol was met with plenty of praise from those happy to see her embracing her new life free of her family’s strict rules.

“Jill enjoy life, kick up your heels, get a little buzz, be happy,” one person wrote to her in the comment section. “She does not need to be told. She has been told her entire life. She is finally free and enjoying life.”

However, others felt that she was setting a bad example for other Christians by indulging in alcohol and posting publicly about it.

“She has a platform she uses on a daily basis to talk about Jesus and she can cause others to think He’s OK with you going out drinking and still being a Christian,” one nay-sayer wrote.

“So disappointed…deep down you know God doesn’t want this,” another comment reads. “Then you’re gonna turn around and talk about God to everyone tomorrow!” 

Two years ago, Derick stated on Twitter that, while he doesn’t believe that drinking is against the Bible’s teachings, it’s not exactly encouraged among their religious group.  

“We don’t believe the Bible teaches that drinking is a sin,” Derick told a fan who asked about their stance on alcohol “However, it does warn against/ condemn other aspects of alcohol.”

Jill’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar definitely do not condone drinking, and they, as well as other members of the Duggar clan, have expressed their feelings against it over the years.

“I certainly don’t need liquor to get me in the mood for some Jim Bob lovin’! One look of him in his Dockers and I get all hot and bothered!”

In 2014, Jill and her sister Jessa Seewald talked about the horror they felt when they realized a punch they drank at a political event contained alcohol. In 2017, Jessa explained that the Duggars have fun without alcohol.

“As part of personal conviction, my family doesn’t drink alcohol or dance,” Jessa said. “We have tons of fun in other ways. Yeah, we’re not missing out.”

In July, Jill and Derick joined Jill’s cousin Amy and her husband Dillon King at Dillon’s wine and cigar bar, surprising fans. (They also skipped out on Jim Bob’s birthday party to do so, making it even more shocking.) 

Both Amy and Jill have noticeably distanced themselves from Jim Bob and the Duggar clan over the past few years. Amy recently commended Jill for taking control of her life, stating that Jill “smiles brighter these days.”

Jill’s husband Derick has made it no secret that he and Jim Bob no longer get along, with Derick even revealing that he and Jill are no longer allowed at the Duggar Family home without Jim Bob’s permission. (This could be one of the reasons they were not at the party.) Derick has stated that he believes the ban is due to Jim Bob thinking that the Dillards are a bad influence on the other Duggar kids.

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(Photos: Instagram, Twitter, TLC)

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Jesus drank wine did he not? You can still believe in God and be religious and at the same time have a drink in moderation. The Duggar kids are just being overly scrutinized because they grew up dressing modestly, no TV, girls wearing pants , ext. They are adults now living their own lives, they can even change religions if they chose to. I don’t get what the big deal is. Jill is expanding her horizons. As long as she is not cheating, stealing, killing, then she is doing well.

  2. Jesus drank wine and shared it with his followers. What is wrong with Christians following his example and having a little drink themselves?

  3. Who cares. I love Jesus and believe he is my Savior. I had a drink – one drink- first time in long time- when out with two of my friends. It was good. Outbacks new limeade drink.

  4. Those “Christians” are the most toxic people in the world. No wonder I stopped believing in everything the Church has taught me. Ugh, if I listened to them, I would have been a submissive wife of like 7 children already. No thank you!

    I am glad Jill is enjoying life. It’s not like she is getting drunk, I drink on rare occasions too but I don’t get drunk. And pina coladas are tasty!

    Again, I beg you. Get a job! Imagine the rage people will get over if she makes her own money. I would love to see it. Especially if she and Derick don’t plan on having more kids which is a feeling I’m getting. Or they are waiting for the boys to grow up to have like a third (a girl) and then they’re done. I’m sure she will end up having the least amount of children and I’m happy for them if that’s what they are choosing. (Ok, take in account if Jana marries in the next few years)

  5. I laugh when I hear people saying “ the Duggar’s don’t do this” or “the Duggar’s do that”. Guess what, she’s no longer a Duggar, she’s a Dillar. Do you do everything the same thing your parents did? I don’t, that’s for sure.
    As for the ones claiming she’s a bad example for Christians, they should look outside their church and see that there are many Christian denominations that have no problem with consuming alcohol in moderation.

  6. We are all sinners, let’s just get THAT out of the way! Nothing un-Christian about a nice Christian lady (or any lady! or man!) having a drink! If you’re of age, and no one’s getting hurt, it’s fun! Jesus wants us to have fun! Good for you, Jill!

  7. So…according to these Christians it’s a horrible sin to have a pina colada but molesting several children is excusable? Mmkay.

  8. I always find it amusing when certain “christians” forget about the whole water to wine thing, or how most communion is taken (in the catholic church, for example, barring circumstances suggesting otherwise, all sacramental wine contains alcohol).

    The bible doesn’t actually state that drinking, or partaking in alcoholic drinks, is a sin. It has never said that despite the fact that some churches seem to have interpreted it as such and determined it is against their *own* policies.

    1. That was literally what I was saying through out reading the article. Alcohol is alcohol, it’s all the same just different fermented fruit. Dam I’m glad I don’t actually know much about counting on and never seen an episode, I fear I would be shouting at the tv all the time.

  9. Having a drink or two does not make you any less of a Christian! Being a full blown alcoholic doesn’t mean you’re any less of a Christian, either. It might mean you have a problem (being a full blown alcoholic) but that’s about it. Church is for sinners if we were all perfect we wouldn’t need church or God for that matter. Get a grip people! The girl can have a drink or two as she desires. She is old enough to make her own decisions.

  10. Good for her. It’s not like she’s going out binge drinking. She’s a legal over 21 adult who is allowed to have a drink or two.

  11. “If you like piña coladas
    And getting caught in the rain
    If you’re not into yoga
    If you have half a brain
    If you like making love at midnight
    In the dunes on the cape
    Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for
    Write to me, and escape”

    stay lit girl

  12. Live your life, Jill! It takes so much strength to escape the kind of controlling relationship she had with her parents, all the well-wishes for enjoying any part of life she chooses from here on out.

    1. “Cuz I heard Jesus he drank wine and I bet we’d gat along just fine. He could calm the storm and heal the blind and I’d bet he’s understand a heart like mine.”-Miranda Lambert
      If you truly have a good and decent heart, Jesus doesn’t care about the venial “sins.” Although I do not remember alcohol being a sin.

  13. Where’d Jill SAY she drank alcohol? I see the drink but it could be some non alcoholic dessert drink… did she admit it was alcohol?

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