Former ‘Counting On’ Star Jill Dillard Explains Why She Now Drinks Alcohol Despite Her Family’s Disapproval: “My Parents Would Not Be Happy With It”

“I’ll drink what I please, thank you very much!”

It was the pina colada slurp heard around the (Fundie) world! 

Jill Duggar Dillard recently shocked her fellow Fundies— and a bunch of Counting On fans— when she posted a photo to her Instagram account of herself enjoying an alcoholic drink while out on a date with her husband Derick. Jill even made sure to let curious fans know that the drink was not a virgin.

In a new interview with People magazine, Jill explained why she’s now OK with drinking alcohol, despite her family being very against it. Jill—- who, along with Derick, has been somewhat estranged from the Duggar Clan, mainly her dad Jim Bob Duggar, for over a year— stated that she will continue to slug down drinks as she pleases, despite her parents and some of her siblings disapproving of the behavior.

“Growing up, the whole idea of drinking was not encouraged,” Jill told the magazine. “I know my parents would not be happy with it, and I know that my siblings, some more than others, would probably have an issue with it. Other ones would probably be like, ‘Whatever’s good for y’all, that’s fine. Live your life.'”

Jill said that, although she knows some of her family members disapprove, no one has had the guts to talk to her about it.

“So far nobody’s said anything to us about it,” Jill said.

“Come at us, bro!”

Jill also explained that, despite the Duggars being against it, alcohol is not banned in their religion. (Her pina colada post garnered her plenty of negative comments, with some people telling her they were “disappointed” that she chose to drink, while others stated that they felt she was setting a bad example for other Christians.)

“We have boundaries,” she said. “In our faith, we believe like we’re not supposed to get drunk. So, with drinking, it’s not like we’re just like going crazy. It’s more socially here and there, or at home, for a date or something.”

In addition to drinking, Jill has also bucked her family’s traditions in a variety of other ways over the last few years. She cut her long hair, started to wear pants and sent her son to public school (instead of homeschooling). Jill and Derick have also stopped filming for the family’s TV show ‘Counting On.’

In the interview with People, Jill talked about the metamorphosis she’s gone through recently, and stated she’s fine if anyone— fans, parents, siblings included— don’t approve.

“I think we’ve grown a lot as a couple, and I’m okay with people not being okay with it,” she said.

Tell us how you really feel, Jim Bob…

“Sometimes it’s a good thing. I’m very much a people-pleaser, so not doing something because I was afraid of what other people would think. Or keeping my opinion quiet because I don’t want to have to worry about conflict. The journey that we’ve been on as a couple, we’re being better about having boundaries and our own family life.”

“We’re okay with letting people see more of our life, and our journey,” Jill added. “Just being at a healthier place and realizing that it’s okay to be transparent. It’s been really good.”

Jill even showed off her sense of humor after her pina colada post caused so much hubbub. In the caption of a photo of her and Derick holding coffee, Jill joked that people suddenly were taking interest in what drinks she consumes.

“Oh, and since it seems y’all are interested in my choice of drinks recently (lol recent post)…yes, this was a REGULAR coffee (I.e. full caf) white chocolate mocha with coconut milk,” she wrote.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

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  1. These two are really rocking the whole independence thing. While Derick definitely isn’t my favorite person in the world, I really commend him for obviously being a supportive husband to Jill. It seems like the truth about Josh’s abuse of his sisters and the aftermath of that, was the catalyst for Jill and Derick to open their eyes to the Duggar’s and their crazy beliefs; it appears they’ve been on their own path since all of that became public knowledge.

    Let’s look at the evidence: they have two kids and don’t seem to be in a hurry to have any more, Israel is going to public school, Jill pierced her nose, she is drinking and wearing pants…this is all a total departure from traditional Duggar behavior. Derick has a bachelor’s degree and is in law school, when it’s unusual for anyone in their family to go to college, let alone pursue a graduate degree. And it sounds like they’ve sought help from an actual, licensed therapist, not from someone in their church! I commend them both for staring down some hard truths about the way they were raised, sticking together to make some changes, and standing up to a huge, very public family, to do what is right for themselves and their sons, even when it means they are ostracized by the people who are supposed to love them the most.

  2. Jill & Derrick, don’t listen to the haters. There are far worse things than consuming alcohol, wearing pants, cutting your hair. Actually, those things aren’t bad at all. Just keep living your lives on your own terms and if people have a problem with it, TOO BAD for them!!!! It’s your lives!!!! Stay strong!!! ?✊?

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Derrick clearly misrepresented himself to her family. Daddy duggar would never have given his blessing on the relationship if he had known this influence would lead Jill to abandon her family’s faith and teachings. If Derrick can deceive JB and M, he will deceive Jill too eventually. Not saying the couples choices are right or wrong. Ive had my share of cocktails in my life (wasnt worth it and holds no appeal for me now). But I see trouble ahead for them and I fear Jill is going to suffer regrets and a broken heart one day. I can see why her parents would wish to limit her influence over the younger siblings that had always looked to Jill as a role model in their lives. It is probably easier than having to explain to the little ones why they can’t get their noses pierced too and model underwear online or drink cocktails. Just my two cents.

  4. It’s really amazing what kind of things people have time to complain about. Even if they don’t drink, I’m sure they know someone who does/did. As long as it’s not excessive, it’s fine.

    And I’m really glad Jill doesn’t let these comments get to her. Even though I don’t really love her husband, he has become an amazing support for her change. (Obviously it isn’t such a change for him as he grew up accustomed to those things) I’m glad she is living the life SHE WANTS and not whatever her family wants.

    I have a feeling Jill decided for a change after she heard the horrific things fundies do to their kids. She doesn’t believe in blanket training, she is also quite vocal about kid just being a kid and that she is raising her two sons right. (I am fully aware Derick called Israel “manipulative” soon after he was born but I’m sure he changed his mind) I mean, Jessa even called her children sinful. It’s a terrible mindset considering your children are wicked and manipulative and not worthy of anything.

  5. Honestly, good for her. I really don’t have any flack against these two (besides the homophobia nonsense which I am kind of still surprised at). Who cares if she has a drink? It’s wild how some families push and push their beliefs so far that their adult kids think they can’t even have a social drink.

  6. Nice to see you growing up and living your own life. Your married andno longer have to answer to ol’ Jim Bob, he should not expect grown children that are on their own to live by his rules. Make your own life and rules for yourself and your husband Derick.

  7. So they didnt batt and eyelash when her Chester the molester brother Josh was being a perv but a Pina Colada is outrageous?

  8. Jesus went to all the trouble to turn water into wine, it’s just disrespectful to not drink it. And people who make liquor are just honoring his legacy ?

  9. The most hypocritical thing is for a Christian to condemn her for drinking alcohol. Im still glad to hear Jill is making decisions best for herself and her family (seems to be still in counseling).

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    You live your life as you see fit having a drink or too isn’t that bad some people are very narrow minded and you are the one to decide what is right .You are sending your son to a public school which is awesome he will be a well adjusted little boy with great social skills I think you and your husband are doing amazing job with your kids live and enjoy your life it doesn’t matter what people say or think its your life to enjoy

  11. Wonder which siblings would be more accepting of her choices? I’d guess maybe Joy, Jana, Josiah and John David?? (And probably Jinger but not openly!)
    I’d bet Jessa, Anna and Joe are horrified

    1. On her honeymoon, Joy took one sip of San Pellegrino sparkling water, was horrified because she thought it was alcohol, and spit it out. I doubt we’ll see her joining Jill for cocktails and nimbly things anytime soon.

      1. Joy is also a real people-pleaser now. She used to be a tomboy until they beat it out of her. I doubt she would say to Jill directly but I’m pretty sure she would imply it. Remember one time she said “I hate dresses but Austin loves them so I love them now.” Her only ‘personality’ now has become being a mom and stay-at-home wife. It’s sad what they did to her spark. I think if someone will have a nervous breakdown in her life, it will be her.

  12. I’m sure that drink, and every thing she drinks(coffee, etc) tastes as delicious as independence feels.
    I bet more than a few of her siblings are just watching and waiting to see how the Dillards do. You just know they want to break free and not have to have EVERY decision, from what they wear, what house they live in, what they do for employment, when they show up and do some “job”, all governed to them by that thick headed boob.

    Keep looking towards the sun Jill, and have a strong one!! Cheers!!

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