Jenelle Evans Says MTV Shouldn’t Have Filmed Her On Drugs for ‘Teen Mom 2′; Says Ryan Edwards’ Family ‘Sickens’ Her For Not Calling Him Out on His Alleged Drug Use

“You done yet, Jenelle?”

Jenelle Evans came out swinging at Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards on Tuesday, after Mackenzie responded to remarks Jenelle made about her and Ryan in an interview last week. Jenelle was apparently still upset at Mackenzie (who, in an interview with The Ashley, made fun of Jenelle’s TikTok dancing and called her out for starting unprovoked drama with them). 

On Wednesday, Jenelle came at Ryan and his family again, taking to Instagram Stories to give her opinion on how Mack and Ryan’s family have handled Ryan’s drug addiction and recovery. She also addressed the fact that she is not happy that she was filmed for Teen Mom 2 while under the influence of heroin and other drugs.

“I have some of you messaging me saying ‘You have no room to talk, you were on drugs on TV.’ We know that,” said Jenelle, who was infamously shown getting HIGH! HIGH! on heroin with her former soulmate Kieffer Delp during a 2013 episode ‘Teen Mom 2.’


“The difference between me and someone else [Ryan], is I admitted it. I told everyone I was on drugs. I acknowledged the problem, and I fixed it to become a better person.”

“Hold up. Ya became a betta person? I musta missed that!”

In her rant to Mackenzie on Tuesday, Jenelle called Ryan’s family enablers, something she continued to accuse them of in her rant on Wednesday. 

“Now, are they [Ryan] acknowledging the problem? No,” Jenelle said. “Are [Ryan’s family] suggesting that maybe he should go to rehab? I probably don’t think so. It sickens me when there’s outsiders, or their ‘support system’ that don’t call them out on their bulls**t.”

Jenelle went on to state that she thinks it was wrong for MTV to air footage of her using drugs and being under the influence on the show.

“I also want to point out that, looking back at everything, me being on drugs, being it filmed,” Jenelle said. (And…no, that’s not a typo.)

“…I don’t approve of that. It was too explicit for a young audience to watch.”

Our faces when we realize Jenelle actually said ‘Being it filmed…’

This isn’t the first time Jenelle called out the network for allowing footage of her on drugs to be aired. Back in December, Jenelle talked about it during an interview with the This Family Tree podcast. (The episode ended up getting yanked down by the podcast hosts after it caused quite a bit of controversy, but The Ashley transcribed the interview before it was pulled.)

“They filmed me on drugs. They filmed me, no lie, nodding out on-camera,” Jenelle said of the show’s film crew. “They filmed me going to buy marijuana and my director knew I had it in my car. There was so much illegal stuff that they filmed…”

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19 Responses

  1. JENELLE;;;

    SHUT UP !!




  2. This bitch will do anything to stay relevant. Literally anything, except take care of her fucking kids.

  3. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    I don’t like her, but she’s right this time. His family is full of enablers/ codependents/ and straight up deniers.

    Without mtv effectively giving him a paycheck so he can buy, what did he say, $10k a week in heroine? Perhaps he will have to work for a lesser wage taking money from the drug pile that he will have to use on things like a mortgage AND if he’s working he won’t have as much time to sit idle and self destruct.

    I would say same with Amber but she’s so narcissistic I don’t think being less financially stable would make her get a real job or do real work on herself or make her actually parent her kids. She doesn’t see the problem.

    I think Ryan at least knows his issues even if he hides them and tries to blame Maci, he’s not so narcissistic that he believes his own lies he just uses them as an excuse.

    1. I agree. MTV chooses to film the women committing felonies whether it is using a Class I controlled substance or the assault and battery of another person. They do this simply for the ratings. No one is calling the police which is what should be done. Because of the lack of consequences, the women feel entitled to continue their behavior. Other people on the show figure that they can do the same thing. There is a total lack of ethics on the part of the network. The decisions about who should or shouldn’t be fired are totally random as well. Ryan was not fired for his drug use.
      He was fired because Maci complained. With any luck, they will all be fired in short order.

  4. Poor, simple Jenelle! The ONLY reason you were picked up for Teen Mom 2 was because you were fully willing to be FILMED doing trashy and depraved things! You gave up custody of your baby very early on, so you had a LOT more time than the other TM2 moms did for FILMING more drug-addled antics! TV GOLD! So button your lip, be grateful for the money you got from MTV, and spend some time planning how you’re going to fund your next 50 years! God willing.

    Also, Rhine and family are off the show now, so quit harassing private citizens! Parenting your children should be taking up all your free time!

  5. Jenelle has clearly smoked her mind away. A person with her past with even a modicum of self awareness would be keeping their mouth shut when it comes to taking anyone else to task when it comes to their behavior. From the way she treats her mother, to the way she allows Lurch to treat the kids to prioritizing everything else on earth over being a mother, just about every thing she’s ever filmed has been gross. Also she seems to forget that if it weren’t for Mtv filming her train wreck of a life she wouldn’t even be able to afford to live in their sinking swamp.

  6. I love that her focus is on them. “They filmed me getting high” and not “I made the decision to do heroin in front of a film crew”. And “they filmed me going to buy marijuana” instead of “my dumbass would to buy drugs knowing my camera crew and producer were filming me”

    And the best “they shouldn’t have put that on tv” and not “I shouldn’t have done that”.

    Buy a fucking clue Jenelle, and use it to choke on some self awareness.

  7. So now it’s Jenelle’s job to call out Ryan and his family? They’re trashy mess but still none of her business.

  8. So wait a second…
    Its now MTVs fault that SHE DID illegal stuff?
    They are not the police!!
    A few months ago she was proud of this…heck, it’s how she got “infamous” and put on tv in the first place and it was not just once…it was 5 seasons or so!
    Plus not much has changed to date other than MTV FIRING HER FOR DOING ILLEGAL STUFF!

    The audacity that blob has is profound.
    You’d think she doesn’t own a mirror…

    And how exactly has she become a better person? If anything she is WORSE it’s just not aired on TV, SHE CHOOSES to post her trashiness.

    What she needs is intensive therapy and let’s not even start on “enabling”!
    That still happens for her!
    All she has done is traded heroin for booze and weed bc her latest soulmate is a boozie.
    Nothing she says makes any sense at all. How the heck does she not get crushingly embarrassed at how trashy and hypocritical she is?!??
    She is beyond dumb, and I mean that in a low IQ sense…

    1. The ONLY thing she is upset about is that Ryan is still on MTV and she was fired!
      For someone who is “open to be on any network” (her laughable words!) she really shouldn’t be insulting MTV more than she already has.
      She is just once again trying to pass the buck…”yeah but Ryan / Amber / Farrah / Cheyenne / Ashley / Chelsea / Macy /etc etc etc”
      Stop grasping on to TM coattails…you were FIRED 3 years ago??
      Get over it!
      You’re not even under imaginary contract anymore!
      Go do all those imaginary projects you had lined up but couldn’t do because of said mysterious contract…
      Or just get a job
      Or try actually parenting a child for once!
      Take your pick but just let go of those coattails…they are long long gone. Your big $ TV days are ancient history and never to be repeated, especially when you act like this!

      PS: your TikTok flabbiness is awful! ONLY your PURCHASED “fans” (pretend to) like it…
      Get a life.

  9. If mtv hadn’t filmed her on drugs, she never would’ve been picked for tm2. She was fkd up ALL THE TIME. She’s quick to call out Ryan, who isn’t one of the main cast members, but forgot how Amber admitted to being high all the time until she went to prison.

    Most of the people in this franchise started when they were KIDS. Almost everyone was under 18 when they started filming. Yeah, most of them have fkd up but they did so in front of a camera so the whole world saw it and jenelle is no exception. She needs to worry about her fkd up relationship and trying to find a project that doesn’t dump her before it launches.

    1. She was also PROUD of it until this very moment when it’s convenient for her.
      Talk about grasping on to ANY coattail she possibly can!
      Beyond pathetic trash

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