EXCLUSIVE! Mackenzie Edwards Responds After Jenelle Evans Says MTV Was Right to Fire Ryan Edwards From ‘Teen Mom OG’ Because “You Can Tell He’s In & Out of Drugs”

“I’m glad he got fired because I got fired and it was no fair!”

Jenelle Evans applauded MTV last week for firing Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards, and Ryan’s wife Mackenzie is not happy that Jenelle has inserted herself into the situation for no reason and started unnecessary drama.

In an interview with The Sun last week, Jenelle claimed that Ryan was obviously back on drugs, and, in her opinion, shouldn’t be on the show anymore because it’s bad for the kids to watch. In an interview with The Ashley, Mackenzie clapped back at Jenelle’s comments about her and Ryan.

“Doesn’t she have a dog to go rescue, or a podcast to be fired from, or a bad TikTok dance to re-create?” Mackenzie said.

In case you missed it, last week Jenelle told The Sun that she is glad Ryan was let go from ‘Teen Mom OG’ earlier this year because she feels Ryan– who has struggled with an addiction to heroin and opioids— is obviously using drugs and it’s not right for the kiddie viewers to see someone like that. 

“You can tell he is in and out of drugs a lot, no matter what Mackenzie says, and I just think it doesn’t need to be aired,” Jenelle told the site.

Jenelle— who, as you may remember, was arrested on heroin charges in the past, and was filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2’  while under the influence of heroin—says she’s just thinking of the children! 

“I don’t think it’s healthy for teens to be watching other people on drugs, especially young teens who are watching ‘Teen Mom,'” she said.

“I ain’t no saint, but that’s quite rich comin’ from you, Jenelle!”

In recent months, Jenelle has claimed that she does not watch any of the ‘Teen Mom’ shows, and that watching old episodes of the show has “traumatized” her.

“But if ya don’t watch tha shows how do ya know Ryan is on tha drugs?”

Mackenzie stated that she has no clue why Jenelle would run her mouth about her and Ryan, since she has nothing to do with either of them.

“I don’t even know her,” Mackenzie said. “And she doesn’t have to believe anything I say because I literally do not care what her (or anyone’s) thoughts are.”

Mackenzie also went on to dispute Jenelle’s claims that Ryan is “in and out of drugs.”

“I’m incredibly proud of Ryan for how far he’s come,” she said. “This isn’t a one day solution type of thing. It’s a lifelong journey that we are working at. So, that being said, I hope if this story relates to someone that is going through the same thing-that they are encouraged to get the help they deserve!”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans will remember, Jenelle was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ back in 2019, and her husband David Eason was fired (after David made a series of homophobic comments on Twitter) in February 2018. In the same interview with The Sun last week, Jenelle said that her fans are eager to see her mug back on TV.

“My fans on TikTok, they ask me every day why aren’t you on TV when are you going to be back on?'” Jenelle told the site. “They are like, ‘why did MTV get rid of you, your content on here is amazing.’ I just know fans are eager and my views are still there, they haven’t gone anywhere.” 

Some of that ‘amazing content’ Jenelle delivers on the regular…

“It’s not like I’m really eager about it, but it’s not like I’m hesitant, it’s like I’m 50/50 on going back on TV,” Jenelle said. 

Mackenzie has said that she likely won’t be back on TV. In April (after MTV let her, Ryan and Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry Edwards go from the show), Mackenzie told her fans on Instagram that she and Ryan had actually wanted to leave the show for a while.

“We had been having this conversation for a long time but it’s hard to pull the trigger on something like that,” Mackenzie said. “So, we got the phone call saying we’re not going to be doing ‘Teen Mom’ anymore, and we both kind of felt this peace.”

Ryan has also stated that he’s glad that he’s no longer a part of the show, calling the firing a “blessing in disguise.”

“We are so happy that we are no longer doing [the show],” Ryan said. “This is the happiest I’ve been since before I started taking pain killers. It makes me real happy to see my wife so happy so I couldn’t ask for much more.”

UPDATE! Just moments after this story was published, Jenelle hit Instagram Stories to address Mackenzie.

We all knew this was coming…

“You know what’s really funny? You talk a lot of s**t about me but then you follow me and you keep messaging me. I was super nice to you?” Jenelle said, stating that Mack asked her to take down a clickbait article she had posted about Ryan. 

She also told Mack that she should be “grateful the only thing I said was that maybe your husband shouldn’t be on drugs and that shouldn’t be aired on TV for young people to see.

“That’s all I’m sayin’! That’s it!” Jenelle told Mackenzie. “In my opinion, I feel like he’s being enabled by multiple people and family, and it seems like that’s how it’s always been. I don’t know, that’s my opinion on things. If you don’t like it, sorry. Maybe you should block me now.”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; YouTube)


  1. Her desperation to be relevant is blatant! She has resorted to even attacking tertiary TM cast members bc the ACTUAL cast has no time for her BS.
    She sure has fallen into the deep,dark muddy trenches!
    From attending fancy MTV Awards to scraping the bottom of barrels…after stealing the barrels!
    Pretty bad when you get FIRED from a trashy TV show for being too trashy!

  2. It’s funny that Jenelle said she was “nice” to Mack but when you read the messages behind her…they do not seem that nice 😂

  3. Omg Jenelle.. we all known she would JUMP at the chance to be on TV again! In any capacity! But no one wants to get involved in that train wreck.. Why does she feel the need to insert herself in every situation?

  4. Jenelle has got a lot of nerve judging ANYONE, when she is the conductor of the TM hot mess express. Honestly, aside from the McKinney’s, Rhine doesn’t bother anybody, so why is Jenelle coming for him?? She doesn’t want to speak on her bigoted, animal murdering, POS husband, or on her own drug use, or how she’s a trash parent, but she wants to speak on Rhine’s drug use. Then has the audacity to say it’s not good for kids to watch?? Meanwhile she lets her kids get threatened and beaten by that goon of a husband?? Girl, GOODBYE.

    1. This is such a good point!
      This is absolutely JE deflecting HER drug use on to others because of the VALID hate SHE gets! She doesn’t even recognize that it’s not her drug use, not her non existent motherly instinct, not her being total trash but all of that and more wrapped into a package that likes to abuse animals and neglect kids.
      Although Ryan’s situation is sad it is very different than JEs! And the trash whose mother had to save her firstborn because she was too busy getting high (all over TV to boot!) has no place in this topic! Talk about being enabled!! How did she even manage to involve herself? Thought she didn’t watch or keep up with TM??🤥
      She is utter trash stuck on the very last thread of any coattail within her grasp.
      The ONLY 50/50 she should be worried about is the 5050 additional tests she will demand having before seeing a psychiatrist to get an ACTUAL diagnosis that she wants so bad. That is one doctor who won’t tell her she is just fine and doesn’t have ANY “disorder”’

  5. I mean if anyone knows what someone on drugs looks like it’s Jenelle 🤷‍♀️. She said what we’ve all been thinking and saying. And Mac confirmed it by not denying it at all. They are all garbage. Both have a history of animal abuse, one abuses/allows child abuse and the other just ignores/ neglects the children.

  6. Poor sad, pathetic, delusional, widening Jenelle. She is looking pretty run down without that TM money for makeup, gym memberships and hair appointments. I’m not understanding who life on The Land is being paid for with those two assholes in charge. I’ll admit that when she was first let go from TM, I gave it two years before she’d be filming deviant sex tapes from a local trap house and Lurch would be living full time on a compound with militant white supremacists. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s going to happen, I’m just surprised they’ve held out so long.

    1. Babs is most likely helping them out and the janelle is getting paid for social media post and doong ridiculous interviews like this.

    2. Truth is that Kai and Maryssa are paying their bills! Those child support payments are going somewhere and it’s NOT to Kai or Maryssa!!
      Funny how Egly gets a new wardrobe every month (when payments come in) yet Kai is still wearing JACES swim trunks from before he was even born (!) and Maryssa has to ask for free stuff online. She sure doesn’t spend that much on those kids!! They aren’t in any extracurricular activities, don’t have any hobbies (besides 💩painting on walls), aren’t allowed to eat…but JDE + Feral sure can spend!

  7. Does Juhnell not remember that she was filmed on TM2 passing out from heroin? That happened.

    Not that I am defending Rhine or Mac, but Juhnell is a hypocrite…to no one’s surprise.

    1. SERIOUSLY! And Jenelle was the 1st to nod off on camera (high as hell on the couch with Kieffah), and stayed on the show for YEARS after the fact, plus she would still be on the show had she gotten rid of that husband. Not sticking up for Rhine n co, but Jenelle is not one to speak on anyone else’s situation, when her own situation is disgusting.

    2. I read somewhere that Jenelle admitted this during this interview and mentioned how she wished they didn’t do that. That MTV does enable their drug users. Jenelle was stating that she really wishes his family wouldn’t have allowed him to film because they had every chance to say no, but in her case she had no one, considering she was filming alone and high as a kite. She said that the children shouldn’t be allowed to have this footage recorded to look back at. She was coming from a, “Ive been there” situation but I can see why she started to get sassy about it when Big Mack was clearly avoiding the topic.

  8. Mack needs to leave this fool! But then she would have 2 kids by 2 losers and she doesn’t want to be perceived as a bum dumpster. You can’t fix him and he doesn’t love you! Run fast

    1. Mack 3 kids by two losers, just like most of the girls on the TM shows. Jenelle took it a step further by having 3 kids with 3 losers, and the then Kail with 4 kids by a decent side, a loser, and a wild card that treats her like a side piece while she pines over him.

  9. I’ve seen soap operas that aren’t this much of a collective drama filled cluster fuck. Ladies… that’s not a compliment. Mackenzie, if you really don’t care, shut the hell up and go away. Janelle is a living breathing troll and you took the bait. That’s on you. And your husband is still on drugs, loved how you tried to talk around that. We caught it. Neither of you have a leg to stand on here. You both are acting like mean girl teenagers. Walking away isn’t defeat. It means you have some common damn sense. Try using it JUST ONCE.

  10. Mack didn’t exactly deny that he was using. The way she put it made it sound like it’s an ongoing struggle….

    1. Addiction always is, it’s not as if one day you can announce “I’m cured!” Not a fan of well ANY of these people, however, Mac’s comments re addiction make sense.

  11. Okay Mac, “I don’t care what anyone thinks”, whilst desperately trying to defend herself 🙄

    Also, not for the first time, I think Janelle is wrong. I 100% believe a before and after pic of Ryan is all it takes to scare most kids away from drugs for good. They need to see this, it’s much more frightening than anything I was told in school!

  12. Which one is worse, Beavis or Butthead? I don’t know, but I guess they’re fighting again.

  13. This entire lot is a bunch of assholes. Mackenzie needs to wake up an smell the coffee. Ryan is high AF!

  14. Both of them shut up and disappear! The 15 mins is up ladies! Adios, bye, & don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya! Losers!

  15. Ryan has his demons, but at least he hasn’t murdered the family dog, or butchered and cooked the family goat, or shot baby chicks, or threatened on camera to smack his tiny daughter in the mouth! We could all go on and on with this list! Jenelle should just shut her face. Dollars to donuts the Easons are sparking up on The Land every blessed day, too!

      1. Oh yeah! I forgot about that! Bow-hunting poor little stray kitties, or some similar type of serial-killer behavior?? Has Mack explained THAT to the kids yet?? Yikes!! So Rhine is definitely more Lurch-like than previously noted.

  16. I’m incredibly proud of Ryan for how far he’s come,” she said. “This isn’t a one day solution type of thing. It’s a lifelong journey that we are working at

    So, that’s a “yes” to him still being on drugs?

    1. I’d take Ryan over Jenelle any day. At least Ryan isn’t married to an animal killing, child abusing maniac. Ryan is horrible, but Jenelle is the worst of the worst. She shouldn’t talk about anyone ever.

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