Jim Bob Duggar Says He’s “Heartbroken” Over Son Josh’s Conviction In Newly Released Political Statement; Gets Totally Slammed: “You Need to Withdraw From This Election”

 But, you know…still go ahead and vote for me!”

Jim Bob Duggar‘s oldest son Josh was just convicted of possessing and receiving child sex abuse materials and is going to federal prison, and his oldest daughter Jana was recently charged with a crime against a child, but apparently that’s no reason for the former TLC (and aspiring state senator) to pull out of the election he’s currently in! 

On Saturday, the 19 Kids & Counting star was wickedly trolled and brutally slammed in the comment section of a new post he made to his “Jim Bob Duggar for Arkansas” campaign Facebook page. As The Ashley previously reported, Jim Bob announced in October (one month before Josh’s trial began) that he is running for Arkansas State Senator for District 7 (which includes towns in eastern Washington County, including the Duggars’ hometown of Springdale).

In his new statement, Jim Bob mentions Josh’s conviction…but then turns the message into a request for votes.

It did not go over well…


“As a father, I am heartbroken over the entire situation regarding my son, all who have been affected by it in any way, and those who have been harmed through CSAM [Child Sex Abuse Materials],” Jim Bob wrote. “As an American, I respect our legal system and am thankful for those who serve in it.

“As a Christian, I put all of my trust in Christ in both the joyful and difficult moments of life. As your state senator, I promise to remain an unwavering conservative voice representing our great community in Little Rock. Thank you for your prayers and support.”

While Jim Bob’s statement got a lot of comments, very few of them were supportive. In fact, many people chided the father of 19 for continuing to run in an election while his son was on trial for such horrid crimes.

Name a good reason a sane person would run for office while his son is on trial for crimes against children…

Others pointed out that they feel Jim Bob lied on the witness stand in November when he was asked to discuss Josh’s teenage molestations of his sisters and another young girl. (Jim Bob stated that he couldn’t remember many details. However, the judge even called out Jim Bob for his “not credible” testimony and the fact that he suddenly had a “selective lapse in memory.”)

Others slammed Jim Bob for failing to protect his daughters from Josh.

“You are complicit and deserve to be charged as well,” one person wrote. 

“You’ve lied and lied and lied,” another person commented. “You need to withdraw from this election and think about what sort of person you really are.”

One person deliciously poked fun at Jim Bob’s frequent breeding with his wife Michelle.

“I know it’s a foreign concept to you, but just ‘pull out’ of this campaign,” she wrote.

An extra scoop of tater tot casserole to the writer of that fourth comment…

It appears that someone was working diligently to delete the negative comments as they were posted, but The Ashley managed to get a few screenshots of some of the funniest ones before they were deleted. 

“We’ve got you, Jimmy!”

Back in October, Jim Bob received plenty of criticism for choosing to run for election at the same time that his son would be on trial for crimes against children. 

This is not the first time Jimmy B has dipped his toupee toe into politics. He previously served as a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives from 1999-2003. In 2002, he ran for the U.S. Senate but lost. He lost again in 2006, when he sought the Republican nomination for the District 35 seat in the Arkansas State Senate.

Other members of the Duggar family have also entered politics. Before he became a convict, Josh was a former Executive Director of FRC Action for the Family Research Council. (He resigned from the “family values” organization in 2015 after his molestation scandal was exposed and it was discovered that he had cheated on his wife, Anna.)  

In November 2020, Jim Bob’s son, Jed Duggarwas defeated in his bid to become the Arkansas State Representative for District 89 in Springdale.

The Ashley— who was recently in Arkansas covering Josh’s trial— was bombarded with Jim Bob’s political signs and billboards as she drove around the Springdale, Arkansas, area. Jim Bob has made it clear that he intends to finish— and win— the race for state senator. 

The number of Jim Bob political signs multiplies faster than the number of Duggars…

A few days ago, Jim Bob encouraged voters to get out and vote…for him.

“I am not a politician, I am a businessman, husband, father, grandfather, and follower of Jesus Christ,” he wrote on his political Facebook page. “We need people in office who cannot be bought! I have never wavered or changed, and adversity has only strengthened my resolve. I am devoted to doing my part for Northwest Arkansas, and making a difference for our children and grandchildren. I’ll be a strong conservative voice for a better future! Vote on Tuesday, December 14th and early voting started December 7th!”

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(Photos: TLC; Facebook)


  1. This whole family needs to just step away from the spotlight. The girls need really intensive therapy to deal with the retraumatization.

    Also since it is rumored they don’t even get their paycheck, allegedly Jim Bob hoarded all the money.

    And Jim Bob is and has never been a model of good parenting, the little parenting he does in the first place to protect his pedo child or the victim children. And the rest of the parenting he has dumped on Jana to handle.

    And Michelle, I just can’t stop thinking about the stupid robo call she did worrying about trans using bathrooms, her own son is more a safety risk for a child than a transperson will ever be.

  2. Its funny how “someone” leaked the news of Jana just after their precious son was hauled off to the slammer

  3. I’m starting to wonder if he’s mentally sound…who in the actual fuck would run for office with everything going on, and the way he (failed to) handle it?!?! Is he delusional? Does he actually think he has a shot in winning??

  4. “I’m heartbroken……anyway, vote for me!”
    Only JB can take something like this and make it about him. Dude can’t even manage his own family, let alone any government position. He’s tone deaf as usual and I hope he loses by a landslide

  5. It’s not just immoral JB the problem but all the people that will vote for him even after it was proven in court that he lied to protect his ped0 son time and time again

  6. The family needs your Money! DO NOT LET THEM HAVE IT! THE PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE<!~!~!~ they need jail time as well!!!!!!

  7. “I have never wavered or changed”. Yeah that’s the problem dude you chose your son over your daughters plus another child over 15 years ago and you are STILL chosing him over his victims. No one wants to elect someone like that for any type of government position.

  8. Have several seats JB.
    You’ve proven how completely immoral you are with your attempt to cover up the disgusting behaviour of your son. Towards your own daughters nonetheless.
    Politicians are hard enough to trust.

  9. He needs money and lots of it. Someone other than him needs to keep track of all the donations so they don’t disappear with Jim Bob. I think that is the only reason he is running, hoping to get his hands on some free money. Time will tell.

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