Briana DeJesus Responds After Kail Lowry Slams Her On Her Podcast; Insists She Didn’t Send Kail a Treadmill to Body-Shame Her: “Stop Talking About Me”

“It was just a friendly gift! I care about Kail’s well-being!”

Briana DeJesus was not happy that her longtime nemesis Kail Lowry slammed her earlier this week on her Coffee Convos podcast, so she took to Instagram on Friday to tell Kail to shut her trap— and appreciate her treadmill gift! 

As The Ashley previously reported, Kail held nothing back during her latest podcast episode, providing her thoughts on Briana, Bri’s gang of “mean girls” and Briana’s actions on Teen Mom Family Vacation, which premiered this week. Although Kail chose not to appear on the show, she criticized Briana for being fake.

Briana— who is currently being sued by Kail for statements she made online about Kail and her baby daddy Chris Lopez— clapped back at Kail’s comments, telling her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star to “leave me the f**k alone!” (Briana deleted her statements a few hours after posting them.)

“Pls do me a solid and stop talking about me,” Briana said in a message that was obviously directed at Kail. “I haven’t said a damn thing since the lawsuit (waiting for it to be over to speak my truth) and u went ahead and talked about me on different podcasts and lied about me doing something with Chris! Grow up.”

(The “something” Kail said Briana did was the horizontal mambo. Last month, Kail took to Instagram to proclaim that Briana had sex with “the third one”– aka Kail’s third baby daddy, Chris. Briana denied ever having any hanky-panky with Chris, though she did admit in legal papers that she and Chris spent time together in Miami last year.)

Briana continued her statement in a series of Instagram Stories posted on Friday.

“Stop being a weird c**t,” Bri wrote. “I say u didn’t come to [Family Reunion] bc u didn’t want drama but here u are lol.”

Briana then addressed the fact that Kail called her out for sending her a treadmill. In legal papers (and later on several podcast episodes), Kail revealed that she felt that Bri had sent the “gift” as  a way to body-shame her, suggesting that Kail should exercise more. In her statement on Friday, Briana insisted that she didn’t send the treadmill to make fun of Kail’s body; instead, she says she did it to suggest a new hobby to help Kail stay busy.

“Sure, Jan…”

“Money can’t buy happiness but learning how to love urself will. Get in a better mindset and focus on something else (instead of me) so I decided to gift you a treadmill… I know u are fantastic at RUNNING YOUR MOUTH SO I THOUGHT UR FEET WOULD RUN JUST AS FAST!”

Briana insisted that she’s in no position to body-shame anyone, even though she says she loves all of her Dr. Miami-enhanced body parts.

“I am 150 lbs and I love every inch of my body,” Bri wrote. “I don’t need to fat shame anyone especially knowing I could lose a few lbs myself…lol the gift was to reroute ur focus. U can send it back if you want and I’ll go ahead and show u how to start loving urself!

“Learn to STFU [shut the f**k up], pls stop provoking me and playing the victim roll and not telling the whole truth,” Briana wrote, proving that the schools are “not well” in Florida.

Briana then insisted that, if Kail felt like Briana was telling her she needed to lose weight, that stemmed from Kail being insecure with her own body.

“I am sorry that u felt like u were being fat shamed,” Briana wrote. “Those insecurities are on LOUD!”

She signed the message with her name and one final advisement for Kail.

“Leave me the f**k alone @kaillowry.” 

Javi right now…probably…

Kail has yet to respond to Bri’s latest statement.

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30 Responses

  1. This is why this show needs to end…instead of appreciating the incredible opportunity MTV gave you for basically just having the luck of getting knocked up during their casting…they spend their time acting like a bunch of entitled, immature idiots. Enjoy your check and if you don’t like each other…then do what most adults do in that situation and just leave the other person alone.

  2. A fool and their money will soon seperate.

    So many fools, so much money for the taking. Sure the lawyers appreciate the checks and the courts just love dealing with petty bs from women that have too much time and money on their hands.

    Can’t wait until both of them have to get “real” jobs. And when they can’t afford their bills with multiple children, they sit back and think of all the money wasted on pointless lawsuits bc someone said something they didn’t like.

  3. Kails off filming with Javi giving him some WAWa love. Wonder why she doing that? It can’t be to make Lauren mad. All Kail does is start s:;t. Then she plays innocent. Kail starts s))/t then runs her trashy mouth. Kails has all the money in the world but no CLASS.

  4. Can Kail just send the treadmill my way please? Would love an outlet to work out while it’s -30 C outside right now.

  5. Turning into the Wizard of Oz, scarecrow if I only had a brain (bri)
    Tin man if I only had a ♥️ heart. (Kail)
    The lion, needs courage (Gary)
    TM franchise. Lost in the tornado ? ( ratings)
    Who should we name the mean ol’ green witch?
    Junail or Amber ?


    1. Best comment I’ve seen in q long, longggg time. You win the Internet today! I vote Amber as the wicked witch of the East and Junail the wicked witch of the west… assuming I’ve remembered their titles correctly obviously

  6. If you want Kail to stop talking about you then 1) stop messing with her exs and 2) don’t try to be a smart ass and send her stuff. All you do and say is to get a reaction out of her and you complain when it works. Why don’t YOU get a hobby or parent your children instead of engaging in this BS?
    And I don’t even like Kail but Briana is worse

  7. Honestly, I chuckles at Bri’s “run your feet like you run your mouth” comment. However, that treadmill stunt was extremely immature even if it wasn’t meant to body shame. I guess that is to be expected on Bri though. If she wants Kail to leave her alone, she needs to do the same. And does Kail plan on cutting Bri, Jade, and Ashley checks for talking about them on her podcast?

    This is one reason why ratings are plummeting because these girls just air all the drama on social media. It would probably be a good idea for MTV to put a gag clauses on them. Though, I’m not sure they legally can and the girls would probably just refuse to film those moments anyone. In the long run, they should just end it. The girls have too much control over their stories and it is no longer about the struggles of teen moms but, the drama of grown women with kids. If this girls are truly about sharing their story, they have ways to do it themselves.

      1. HA Larios! ? Unfortunately, they’ll never have to get real jobs, they’ll just move from MTV to Bravo for “The Real Housewives of the Trailer Park”!

  8. Is Briana stupid or just slow? She continuously gaslights Kail. First Javi, then the treadmill, the accusation that Kail hit Chris, finally her spending time with Chris. These are all facets of Kail’s life that she has intruded in. This is feeling “Single White Female” ish. Briana says Kail talks about her on the podcast but I feel it’s only when Kail is talked about or mentioned by crazy lady.

    1. Um…Kail was arrested and had to appear in family court over those allegations she hit Chris. This wasn’t something Briana made up, there is legal proof of allegations.

  9. Best thing to come out of TM2 is this feud. At least it’s interesting.
    Karl is pissed that Bri has a better relationship with Chris than she does.
    Karl is pissed that Bri has a sense of humour (albeit a smart ass one) to send her a treadmill. The shade about running her mouth/feet was funny.

    Bri is right. Just STFU Karl. You started this with the stupid law suit.

  10. This whole beef between these 2 is so old and played out at this point. Bri can try and gaslight us into thinking that treadmill was a genuine gift all she wants, but we all know she was doing it to be cruel…and Kail knew as soon as Bris name came out of her mouth she was gonna get a reaction out of Brianna. Neither one of them is slick. They’re immature and petty, and it ain’t cute.

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