“1000-Lb Sisters” Star Tammy Slaton Reportedly Being Released From Rehab Sooner Than Expected; Plans to Write A Book

“Eye on the prize!”

Tammy Slaton of TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters remains at the rehabilitation center she checked into in late 2021, where she has reportedly been able to quit smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and eating junk food. 

While Tammy’s Instagram activity has seemingly stopped in recent months, The Sun reports that Tammy has been using a secret Instagram account after getting locked out of her original account, though she is doing well and hopes to complete her stint at the treatment center earlier than her doctors anticipated. 

Tammy’s friend told The Sun that Tammy’s progress can be credited to Tammy giving up smoking and drinking and “exceeding all expectations.” Tammy has also reportedly undergone an operation that allows her to have a smaller breathing tube, which she now wears “part-time.”

As The Ashley told you in January, Tammy checked into the Ohio treatment center before the holidays with plans to stay until this summer. Prior to leaving to seek treatment, Tammy’s family voiced concern for her health due to her weight, as well as her display of allegedly “reckless” behavior and Tammy admitting herself on the show that she was drinking excessively and smoking to cope with her mental health issues.

The opposite of what Tammy has been up to since December…

Tammy took to TikTok in March to address a question from a viewer about “1000-Lb Sisters,” revealing that filming for a new season had yet to begin.  

“We haven’t started filming for Season 4 yet,” Tammy said on TikTok. “It’s gonna be quite a while before it airs.” 


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Tammy’s sister and co-star, Amy Slaton Halterman, previously told The Sun if producers didn’t cut her filming hours going forward, she planned to leave the show in order to be more attentive to her one-year-old son Gage (as well as the second child she and husband, Mike Halterman, are expecting). 

She said at the time that she was not contracted for Season 4 of the TLC show and was waiting for the network to get in touch with her to begin negotiations. 

Meanwhile, Tammy is reportedly planning to write a book after completing her time at the Ohio rehabilitation center that will talk about her journey while also raising awareness about body positivity. Tammy’s friend told The Sun she feels Tammy could keep the TLC show rolling solo in the event that Amy decides not to return. 

“There are so many options for Tammy even if Amy did quit the show,” she added. 

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  1. I wish people would stop praising her for “making progress” or her “body positivity”, neither of which is actually true. The only reason she’s down any amount of weight, is because other people are footing the bill for her to do so, coincidentally, this is also why she puts ON weight, too, to keep that money flowin’. She HAS to lose weight or she loses her spot in the rehab center AND also loses the only real reliable income source she has. There is zero and I do mean ZERO reason to be positive or have positive thoughts about her, her body, her weight gains or her weight losses (those are very temporary). It won’t be long before she’s right back where she was before she went into the facility, because if she loses too much weight, she’ll also lose benefits. She’s a pretty horrible person to boot, all the other issues aside. She deserves no positivity. She put herself where she is, she made herself into…whatever she’s become. It wasn’t genetics, circumstance, health issues, or her being forced to become a wicked wretched witch pizza the hut.

    This is where that book idea comes into play too. Someone gave her the bright idea that if she writes a book (let me rephrase that, if she has someone else write a book, because she doesn’t possess the intelligence or ability to write her own, she struggles with basic reading), she can make bank on it for years to come. Now, granted, people will buy anything these days, but anyone that tries to convince others that being morbidly obese, and worse, isn’t a reason to have negative views on how you got there….is a MORON. She literally thinks there is no reason to change, no reason to alter her own perceptions of reality, no reason to NOT live on assistance for the remainder of her life, and no reason to feel bad at all about how she got to who and what she is now.

    What she, again because she really does lack intelligence, doesn’t realize that even if her “book deal” or whatever other career choice she chooses to make does succeed, she will lose any and all benefits she has-ad will be forced to repay these debts. Ohio will sure as hell make her foot the entire bill for her stay, even years after the fact, if they have any inkling that she had/has the funds to cover it. They don’t mess around with that, they want their money, even when they’re not actually entitled to it.

  2. This whole family is… gross. Sorry not sorry. They take zero accountability for their weight. The doctor specifically told Amy NOT to get pregnant so soon and then she got pregnant a SECOND time. I’m not going to sugar coat it- Tammy is sickening. They both need to get their health as number one priority. Good lord. And I’m sorry- they’re on a show called 1000 lb sisters! Who does that?!

  3. If Tammy left the show, I’d still watch Amy, and Chris. If Amy left, so would I. There’s no way I could sit through an hour of Tammy bitching at, and blaming everyone else for her terrible choices.

  4. The only two things Tammy 8s the “queen” of are 1) being MEAN, and 2) Photoshopping selfies. Tammy is so familiar with photoshopping her pictures, she gave seminar trainings to the KarTRASHians, Kim Zolciak Biermann and offspring, and all the other fakey reality TV people on how to do it. The girl can’t exert the energy or muscle strength it takes to do hair and make up the way she makes herself look in all those fake pics. She never even came close to being well groomed, period, when being filmed. That’s because she physically can’t do it, can’t keep her arm lifted long enough to do her hair or makeup and such. And please…the kewpie doll, Clara Bow lips? Really? With her stunted maturity and social skills and all her other issues, I hope she can overcome and succeed in weight loss for a far better quality of life, but she has more problems than an Algebra textbook and more issues than National Geographic magazine. Let’s hope she gets it eventually and saves her own life.

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