Ditching Mama? Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon & Alana Thompson In Talks To Get Their Own TV Show– Without Their Estranged Mother June Shannon

“Them girls best not be fixin’ to cut me out!”

From Mama June: From Not to Hot to… the Pumpkin & Alana show?

The Sun broke the news on Tuesday that Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and her little sister, 16-year-old Alana Thompson, are exploring the possibility of doing a reality show without their mother, Mama June Shannon. The sisters— who have lived together since June was druggin’ and destroyin’ hotels a few years back— are reportedly meeting with producers in the next few weeks to talk about getting their own, Mama-free show.

As fans know, the girls have appeared on June’s reality shows— ‘From Not to Hot’ and later Mama June: Family Crisis and Mama June: Road to Redemption. Before that, Pumpkin, Alana, June and the rest of June’s family appeared on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (until June’s relationship with a child molester got the show cancelled, of course).

Anyway, fans have long stated on social media that Pumpkin and Alana need to ditch June (and her antics) and star on their own reality show, and it appears at least some TV execs agree.

“They are in talks about having their own show and they will be meeting about it in the next few weeks,” reported the source for The Sun (who, as you may remember, broke the news that Pumpkin had secretly delivered twins in May, something she later confirmed to be true.) 

The Sun‘s source also confirmed that Pumpkin and her husband Josh Efird, their kids, Alana and Alana’s boyfriend Dralin Carswell are currently heading to Los Angeles.

“It’s unclear if they’ll be meeting with production while they are out there,” the site reports. 

“Y’alls going to Californiee without me? Hold on a sec and I’ll strap my rockin’ chair to the top of your car and go with ya!”

Mama June has yet to comment on her daughters’ TV show ambitions; however, she has reportedly not been a very active in her grandkids’ life since Pumpkin gave birth to her twins– son Sylus and daughter Stella— on May 19. While June did come to the hospital to meet the twins, she did not visit Pumpkin or the babies after.

“June has not been by to see Pumpkin or the babies since they’ve been home,” The Sun‘s source stated last month, adding that Josh and Pumpkin are both mad at June. “She hasn’t been to their house to check on her or try to help.”

Pumpkin posted some very telling messages to her personal Facebook soon after the twins’ births that appeared to be aimed at June.

WEtv— the network behind ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’— has yet to comment on this story.

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(Photos: WEtv; Instagram)


  1. I think mom should appear on your new show. Sometimes. But I think a new show would be awesome

  2. I’m happy to hear that June is being cut from the show. Her behavior & treatment of her children is despicable. I wish though, that no one would do the show. Pumpkin, Josh, Alana & all the kids & family members need to get out of the reality tv spotlight & live their lives like the rest of us. T

    The camera lens has altered their lives so much, especially in interpersonal relationships & not for the better. They need to feel & react to live in a “real” way, with natural emotions, without producer’s input & manipulation. And, with intense individual & family therapy.

    This family is so F’d up thanks to generations of abuse, neglect, poor education, & reality tv production (their manager & a show producer, Gina, has played a huge key role in exploiting the family & I blame her more than the Thompson family for their situation. Gina knows better, the family doesn’t. They trust her to help them but all she has done is profit from them.)

    The show has outlived any entertainment value it ever had. When is the last episode? I can’t wait until I never hear their names again because it would mean they’re doing well on their own.

  3. I agree, June is a loser (except her weight) who totally predictable and repulsive to watch. A show about Josh, Lauryn, their huge household would be a joy.to watch without having to witness June’s disasters every week

  4. I’d love to watch pumpkin and honey boo boo. Add Jessica and doe doe please! Please bring back Big Mike and Anna chickadee!!!!

  5. When the show asked June why she put Alana in a car to go home by herself June answered that at Alana’s age she was already having children and she felt that she would be fine. I hope that Justin, her new husband (that Pumpkin pointed out has a likeness to Sugar Bear. I died laughing!!) likes narcissistic women…because he chose a big one! …and speaking of big one…June lost weight how many years ago now??? We are on at least 2 seasons of her not being hot anymore. They definitely need to switch things up! I read every comment so far and although there are a few down votes no one is saying they would no longer watch of June is removed. I hope that means TV execs will take notice that Mama June isn’t the one we watch for.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that… the only thing I can think of when I see June is how disrespectful she is to her children , grandchildren and the producers. You can just tell they are all tired of her antics . I wondered when they were going to cut her.. You can tell she think she’s running the show and she thinks she’s the reason why all this came to life but actually it’s Alana …Alana is the reason why she made money that she did.. not the other way around. Josh broke my heart with seeing how frustrated and stressed out he is from the chaos that June brings to his life. She will be out of WeTV money within a few months and then we’ll see what Justin does.

  6. Bout dam time. Fire june cut her money and she might get clean if she doesn’t who cares. Girls can carry show all on their own, only watch to see girls not june. Team girls and Josh 💯

  7. About time! Reward the REAL mother of this show for once!! Pumpkin is amazing, and should cut that 250lb weight off and leave it in the dust before it attaches itself to her kids and messes them up also.

    June NEVER chose her kids over herself, drugs, or a man.

    Good riddance Mama June!

  8. This is good news! This network needs to quit enabling June to mistreat her kids and grandkids. I was proud of June for a bit because she became sober but her treatment of her family is atrocious. She is no longer living a healthy life mentality and following the steps to remain sober. Its like watching a car accident in slow motion.

    1. Exactly.. She’s so effing narcissistic to think that all of this is it because of her when I actually all this is it because if Alana. When Dr. Ish said how do you feel about her spending all your money ..,I was like ….what??? Didn’t they and enact a law that you must put money away for minor child Cannot be touch until you are legally of age? I certainly hope so

      1. California is the only state with a law where the income of child actors must be out in a trust but that doesn’t apply for reality tv kids. Other states are pretty much a free-for-all & basically leave it up to the parents & production companies to do the right thing. Most states still have no protections for child actor’s work hours, education, etc, etc.

    2. Yes! Because finally they would get the money. The fact that June gets $ and then gives some to them was unfair from the getgo.
      Now they have control without being at her financial mercy.
      Plus, they are an actually

      fun family. And surprisingly authentic for a reality show.

  9. Yess, you go Pumpkin! I would definitely watch a show with her and Alana only. June should seriously just go away.

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