‘Jersey Shore 2.0’ House Is Cleared of All Filming Equipment Days After MTV “Pauses” Production On the Reboot

“Yay! Couldn’t have happened to a better show!”

The reboot of Jersey Shore is a no-go…at least, for now.

As The Ashley previously told you, MTV announced in May that ‘Jersey Shore’ would be getting the reboot treatment with Jersey Shore 2.0–- a series introducing fans of the franchise to a new cast and a new shore house, now that the OG shore crew have (for the most part) grown up and moved on from fist-pumping and Jersey Turnpiking in the club.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that MTV was “pausing” production of the reboot after only a few days. 

The new cast of fist-pumpers was ready to “get crazy, get wild” in an eight-bedroom historic waterfront house in Atlantic City that had already been covered with cameras, lighting and a security guards. For some reason, though, the production company and/or MTV pulled the plug on the show.

MTV only confirmed that the production was “paused” but would not comment further. 

Maybe they let Ronnie use the bathroom in the new house and they had to fumigate afterward?

By Wednesday, though, it became clear that the “pause” in production would be a very extended one. Sources told TMZ that production crews were at the ‘Jersey Shore 2.0’ residence in Atlantic City  taking down lights and removing cameras from the supposed party pad. The crew were also stripping the premises of “no parking” and permit signs that were supposed to stay up during filming through July and into August. In addition, the house next door was cleared out, as producers had planned to stay in it while filming. 

The crew reportedly had all of the equipment packed up and hauled out in about four hours. 

…in garbage bags, we hope.

(According to the home’s AirBnB availability calendar, the house will now be available for rent on August 4.)

At this point, it is unclear if the reboot will pick up filming again. As The Ashley previously reported, though, the show’s producers had a hard time even finding a place that would allow them to film ‘Jersey Shore 2.0.’

In May, the New Jersey borough of Lavallette shot down 495 Productions’ request to film a new “documentary-style show” in town. Residents of the township (which is near the original show’s location of Seaside Heights) showed up to a council meeting to protest the new show being shot in Lavallette.

“It’s my understanding that they blanketed every town on both of the barrier islands [of New Jersey] with applications in hopes of having someone say ‘yes,’” Lavallette Mayor Walter LaCicero told the Lavallette-Seaside Shorebeat, adding that the Jersey communities of Berkeley, Toms River and Brick Township had already said “no” to filming the new show

What nearly every town in New Jersey said when approached to host the filming of the reboot…

Anyway, the residents of Atlantic City aren’t the only ones who will be happy to hear that the reboot got torpedoed– at least temporarily. 

As The Ashley previously reported, nearly all of the ‘Jersey Shore’ OG cast members were up in arms over MTV’s reboot announcement, ultimately banding together in May to denounce the new show by posting matching statements on social media.

“Please understand that we are not in support of a version [of the show] that will exploit our original show, our hard work and our authenticity to gain viewers… #WeAreJerseyShore,” the cast’s statements read.

MTV responded, reportedly calling the cast “ungrateful.”

The OGs have yet to comment publicly on the halt in production of the reboot. 

“We did it! This call for a celebratory drink or five!”

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter) 


  1. After filming new cast sit on thier phones for 18 hours a day and sleeping the rest of the time, they just decided to scrap the whole pile of steaming 💩! Ha! Just how I imagined it going down.

  2. I agree with the OGs that JS was lightening in a bottle, originally. Still doing it 10-15 years later is not the same spark it once was. TM take note.

    BUT trying to reboot it was worse. It’s like remaking a shit film because it became a cult classic. That’s not how things organically work in life.

    All MTV needed to do was find another group of dummies at a different locale. That’s it, something they’ve done numerous times before. Sometimes you strike gold and sometimes shit gets canceled because it’s weak sauce. But forcing it on your audience because you don’t seem to have anyone creative on your team? Hire better MTV.

  3. Doesn’t affect your boring show or your “””legacy””” one iota.

    Stop celebrating bc it can be you next.

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