‘Teen Mom’ Grandparents Jen & Larry Edwards Attend Charity Event & Return to Social Media Following Son Ryan’s Jail Sentencing

“Y’all know we can’t turn down a dance floor!”

Mimi Jen has made her return to social media. 

Two weeks after attending their son Ryan Edwardsjail sentencing, Jen and Larry Edwards ditched their courtroom garb for formalwear and attended a charity event over the weekend. The Teen Mom OG grandparents— who have been basically silent on social media since Ryan’s legal issues began in February— appeared in several posts on Jen’s Instagram, getting down with their bad selves.

According to Jen’s Instagram, Ryan’s Ma and Pa spent the evening at the Erlanger Foundation’s Believe Bash, a charity event benefiting Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. Believe Bash 2023 was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

Jen shared a few photos from the event, including one of her and Larry with the caption, “My love!” 

Prior to resurfacing on social media Sunday, Jen hadn’t posted on the platform since January, likely due to a shortage in Grammable moments as of late. (The Sun did post several paparazzi photos of Jen exiting a liquor store days after Ryan’s court hearing last month, though.) 

Don’t think this was a Kodak moment anyone wants to remember… (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

As The Ashley previously told you, Jen and Larry’s son Ryan had been held in jail without bond following his April 7 arrest for drug possession, driving under the influence and other charges after he overdosed after leaving rehab early. He has since been sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in prison. Ryan still has several pending charges that may lead to additional time he has to serve in the slammer. (These charges are for DUI and possession of controlled substances.) 

In spite of the recent situation with Ryan, Jen seemed to find some humor in the “negative comments” she was likely to receive by returning to social media. 


“My beautiful people!” someone commented on one of Jen’s post from the weekend. “I will be sitting back waiting for negative comments…I love you so much!” 

“LOL !!” Jen replied. 

Comments on Jen’s Instagram posts are currently limited.

Jen and Larry have yet to make any sort of press statement regarding their son’s legal issues or jail sentence. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; The Sun) 


  1. They won’t help rebuild the home because maKeNzIE ChEatEd oN baBy Rhiiinnneee. I believe that’s their thoughts.
    I wonder who is caring for the dog?

  2. Why don’t you throw a charity bash to raise funds to rebuild your grandchildren’s home that your POS son trashed?

    1. My thoughts exactly! You care about children?….What about YOUR OWN SONS’ CHILDREN HE TRAUMATIZED?!

      I just can’t with these two.

  3. It’s probably easier to let loose and party when she knows her son is locked up and not driving his truck through a grandma’s front window.

  4. I feel bad for Ryan’s parents. They have tried everything to make his life easy, practically supported his children. You can see how much they love their son and haven’t given up on him. Unfortunately I don’t think Ryan will ever turn himself into a decent and supportive dad who seems to love his dog more then his family. It’s time the parents turn their backs on him.

  5. “Negative comments”, no doubt from “hatters”.

    Not “truthful, unpleasant and uncomfortable comments” from folks that “see the forest for the trees”.

  6. Got to maintain your network in town when you have a son like Ryan. A new judge might not be a family friend.

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