Chris Lopez Responds After ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Claims On Podcast That He Tried to Kill Her: “I Made a Mistake” (Recap of Events)

Trigger Warning: This story contains mentions of domestic violence.

Kail Lowry has finally revealed details of the night several years ago that she claims her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, tried to kill her… and Chris has a lot to say about Kail’s statements!

In a new interview with the Dumb Blonde podcast, Kail talked to host Bunnie Xo about that night in October 2019. Although the former Teen Mom 2 star has hinted at and mentioned the alleged domestic violence incident in the past, this marks the first time she actually revealed details about what allegedly happened.

While the full podcast episode doesn’t drop until Wednesday, a preview clip shows Kail discussing what she claims Chris— who is the father of her sons Lux and Creed— did to her. In a TikTok Live posted after the clip was published, Chris responded to Kail’s claims— admitting that he did, indeed, choke and try to smother Kail.

“I’ve never really discussed the circumstances. It was not a good time,” Kail told Bunnie. “…Chris had showed up to my house; we had this crazy situation happen. I literally thought I was going to die. I think the only reason why I fought for my life… he literally put my face into the couch and was just smothering me.

“…I remember just, like, turning my head a certain way and being able to like gasp for air.”

Kail stated that she texted a friend during the incident, writing, “He’s going to kill me.” 

“Then I threw my phone under my bed because I thought, ‘If he gets my phone, I won’t have any way to call for help,'” she added.

Kail also stated on the podcast that this was not the first time Chris had gotten violent with her, but it was the first time she defended herself.

“I had never fought him before, when he put his hands on me or, you know, abused me…I don’t know what took over me but that night I fought for my f**king life,” she said. 

“And I still did not want to call the f**king police,” she said. “I was like, ‘I want you to choose me. I want you to get better.'” (Around this time, Kail became pregnant for the second time by Chris. Their son Creed was born in July 2020.) 


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After the preview clip of Kail’s appearance on the Dumb Blonde podcast was posted, Chris went on TikTok Live to discuss it. When someone asked him to comment on Kail’s claims that he choked/smothered her, he brought up the fact that Kail has allegedly gotten violent with him, too.

“Is she talking about when she punched me in the face numerous times?” Chris said, before addressing Kail’s claims that he almost killed her by smothering. 

“I ain’t almost killed nobody, bro. No cap, no cap,” he continued. “I never almost killed nobody…everybody was always, always breathing. They always had room to breathe. They always had their phone….I never ever, ever, ever killed anybody.”

“I never beat her,” he continued. “If that’s her story, that’s what I’m saying, if y’all want to talk about it, damn. Y’all treating this s**t like it was yesterday. I’m not excusing my behavior, but you’re talking about an incident that happened four years ago.

“I hope [Kail] told you the whole truth, not no made up version,” Chris said with a laugh. “Not no s**t that they thought happened.”

He then admitted that what Kail is saying about him choking her and getting violent with her was true; however, he denied ever “beating” her.

“Sure I choked her, but it’s not like I BEAT her.”

“I’m telling you, you should [believe her]. I’m not saying her story’s not wrong,” Chris said. “I already owned up to my s**t. No, the story’s not wrong. I did choke her. I already admitted that. It’s already on my record. 

“The DV [domestic violence] is true,” he continued. “I’m not gonna hide from that. That’s something I’m honest about. The DV part is true. But the whole beating her up part? No, that’s not true. I never beat her up. I never did any of that s**t.”

(For the record, The Ashley could find no instance where Kail stated that Chris “beat her up.” In the past, she has stated that he put his hands on her, choked her and attempted to smother her.) 

Chris then addressed Kail, whom he claims has hit him multiple times. 

“But if you want to sit here and tell the story of DV, then tell the part where you physically attacked [me],” he said. “Multiple times. Not just once, not just twice, not just three times either…so if you’re gonna tell the truth, tell the whole f**king truth, bro. If you’re gonna sit here and paint a ni**a to be abusive, then say the part where you started hitting that man first. 

He then opened up more about the October 2019 domestic violence incident, stating that alcohol may have been responsible for what he did.

“I don’t know what the f**k I was thinking,” Chris, while smiling. “…I was drunk. But that don’t take away from the fact of what I did. It doesn’t make it right.”

He stated that he admitted what he did to the judge of his case.

“I already felt bad… You know how long it took for me to accept this s**t and everything that I went through from all this s**t?”

All of our faces as we listen to Chris try to make us feel bad for him for all “he went through” after choking someone…

Later he stated, “I f**ked up. I made a mistake.”

As The Ashley previously stated, this is not the first time the October 2019 domestic violence incident has been talked about publicly by Chris and Kail. Back in July 2020– when Kail was pregnant with Creed— the exes got into a fight on Instagram Live about the alleged incident. While Chris was talking about Kail filing a Protection From Abuse (PFA) on him in the fall of 2019, Kail came into the comment section and threatened to reveal the details of the night in question. 

Chris told Kail not to come on his Instagram and “put our business out there… I’m gonna check you right now at the door…Don’t put our business out there. That’s for me if I decide if I want to put that s**t out there,” Chris said.

Kail then fired back, writing in the comment section, “Check me where? Choke me again?”


During her February 2022 deposition for her defamation lawsuit with Briana DeJesusKail told the attorneys that “Chris almost killed me in October of 2019.” Later in the deposition, she confirmed that Chris was charged with a crime for what he did that night, and that he spent time in jail for it. 

Months later, in May 2022, the alleged incident became a topic of conversation during the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 11 Reunion.

“Chris almost killed me in October 2019 by domestic violence,” Kail said during the Reunion, adding that she went into therapy after the alleged incident. “I just haven’t figured out the right time or way to, you know, tell my whole story.”

She declined to go into specifics about what happened.

Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa questioned Chris about the incident during the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 11 Reunion.

Chris being beamed in for the Season 11 Reunion…

“It’s been abuse on both sides,” he told Dr. Drew, denying that he ever injured Kail. “She’s making it seem like I really beat her. That’s the story going around, that I actually beat her. I never beat her. Did I threaten? I might have said some things out of anger…I’m not gonna stand here and act like I’m innocent. I’ve done things. And I served [time in jail] for that. I got handed my punishment. I’m not about to let y’all keep punishing me for something I did three or four years ago.”

The full episode of the Dumb Blonde podcast featuring Kail drops on Wednesday.

The Ashley will update this story if more information becomes available.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

32 Responses

  1. He tried to kill her and yet she allows her small, defenseless children to have years of unsupervised visitation with him?? What if he decides to get drunk and go off on them?? She’s a neglectful mother who seems fine endangering her children.

    1. As a DV advocate- she literally has zero choice. A father can beat a mother and have that proven in court- and then serve time- and he will still be allowed visitation with the children.

  2. It’s the irony for me. She was going around filing all these phony PFA’s against her other baby daddies, meanwhile this one actually almost killed her.

    The fact that he’s like well, I DID choke her, but I never beat her, I never almost killed her, is wild to me. Does he not realize that choking someone cuts off their air supply which can cause death or “almost kill” someone?! And let’s be real, that wasn’t the 1st or last time he put hands on her, and she got pregnant by him again anyway. Then he keeps cutting those boys hair out of spite. It’s only a matter of time before he starts choking out the boys when they become teenagers and start challenging and testing him. Kail…good luck. I don’t think it’s gonna get any better with him, only worse!

    1. Everyone excused her hitting her other baby daddies because she’s a female & she is bipolar but Chris choking her is where everyone draws the line?

  3. Meh. I am NOT saying ANYONE deserves to be choked or beater or even hit but… I could see why he did it and look- if she was hitting him and she knew he was under the influence? That is just not a smart move. Especially if he has been “violent” with her before. But let’s run that part again about having a second child with him AFTER that incident… hmmmm… Yeah Kail. Not to mention, let’s not forget how she broke into his house and tried to assault him. But she’s not going to talk about that, is she? The only reason she won’t was because she (for whatever reason) seems to think that if the charges were dropped, then it didn’t happen . Let’s also re-run some commentary from Kail…

    “He parents for himself, not for his children,” she said in the deposition, according to the transcript. “He sees his children as objects and pawns and a way to control me.”

    “He is very manipulative. He is abusive,” she continued, per the transcript. “He is self-centered and he will do whatever it takes to have his own way.”

    Pot, meet kettle. Deflection isn’t necessary Kail. While he might be what you accuse him of being, maybe you should look at yourself to see that you too, are in fact these same things.

    I don’t know- I also don’t really buy Kail’s side because I’m not sure why he’d admit to choking her, but not beating her up. Seems like if it were me, I’d just admit it if it happened. He’s already taken responsibility for choking her. I’m also kind of sick of the narrative that just because of their gender, that “Men should never hit women”. Maybe neither of them should hit the other. I also echo Crusty about the Javi thing. I remember that too. If you are SO scared, perhaps you shouldn’t engage, or antagonize either. I understand the victim mentality and the trauma bond she could have had but at the same time, I’ve been in her shoes and lived 2500 miles away from anyone I really knew, when it happened. I steered clear of my ex and the next day, I packed my s**t and moved home.

  4. She’s a moron. Won’t call the police when you legit thought you were about to be murdered? Yet, you get PFA’s against Joe and Javi (who almost lost his military career over it), for what exactly?! Shameless strumpet.

  5. KAIL gives all victims a bad name. She’s a liar and hypocrite and we all saw how hands on she was with Javi, she stuck him and JOE… joes mother made several comments. She wants equality… well Chris gave her back what she gave him and she obviously enjoyed it as she kept going back and breeding

  6. Mail is becoming irrelevant without mtv. That’s why she’s bringing up drama from 4 years ago.

  7. Well I believe her. They BOTH said it was true. The way he worded is statements make him sound like a manipulative person, wanting people to feel bad for him for what he went through for choking her and being all bent because he only choked her and didn’t beat her. Physical abuse is physical abuse it doesn’t matter if he punched, slapped, choked, or beat her. I’m sure she played her part too. They were toxic with each other. But that doesn’t take away for being a victim. There are absolutely some victims who do fight back. It’s possible for both people to be a victim and an aggressor. The whole relationship sounds like a train wreck and I totally understand not being able to talk about certain things until years later. And she has every right to talk about the things that happen in her life.

  8. The fact kail is even interested in this guy shows she is very immature. I bet she wants to marry him and the only reason they’re not together is he won’t be with her.

  9. On the show, Kail has been physically violent with multiple men. In addition to this, she also got arrested for breaking into his home to physically attack him at some point. So I find it very hard to believe she’s a victim of domestic violence, unfortunately. And if she actually was, it was probably mutual.

    1. Let me clear this up for you. Men should never physically touch you hold you down ect during an argument.. or any time. It’s abuse to just throw things around actually

      1. And let me be clear, the same goes for women. It’s NEVER okay for ANYONE to physically touch you, hold you down, etc. during an argument…or any time. It’s abuse.

  10. This story is to take attention away from baby #5 and possibly #6/7. This is probably also why she posted some of Javi#2 (Bri ex) tats in here ig story a few days ago.

  11. Women often put up with a lot of abuse when trying to leave a toxic relationship. 5-7 times is the average amount of times women attempt to leave- how often do they have children in these calm periods, hoping the other person will change… way too often (coming from a dv advocate).

    Chris obviously admitted to being abusive- a lot of times women are also abusive back to attempt to balance the relationship or to fight back- abusive partners use this against them. Kail is not blameless- but she is the product of an abusive home and this is the path that was laid out for her- she has a ton of resources to do better- this is disappointing

  12. idc i believe her. y’all don’t remember how she didn’t wanna talk and was really upset around the time she got pregnant with creed?? or how briana told everyone chris beats kail up in front of the boys? it was a nasty thing for her to say regardless but why would she say that if parts of it wasn’t true?

    1. And y’all don’t remember how she also broke into his house to physically attack him? I don’t know any victim of domestic violence that is going to break into a man’s house to attack him especially when that victim has put her hands on multiple men in the past when angry. She has been proven to be an aggressor on multiple different occasions.

  13. I agree with him. He’s done his time, there’s no reason for her to bring all of this back up especially when there was an article not long ago that said she was basically good with all the dads. And even more so to bring it up without adding her part in it. She’s one of those women who hit their men all the time but want to play victim when they hit back. Funny, she’s not wanting to talk about that arrest she had around this time but sure, let’s bring up Chris’. She’s awful.

  14. wow, chris ‘never ever almost killed nobody’ ~ what a stand-up guy! where do we nominate him for a nobel peace prize?

    then kail ? proceeds to have another kid with him…SMH. ?

  15. Lmao I just came here to ask when is she going to admit she has a fifth child. Honestly, I think she quit Teen Mom just so she wouldn’t have to admit she has ANOTHER baby daddy.

  16. There she goes again, running her mouth for attention. I fully believe both of them were physical with one another and Kail needs to own up to the fact she’s HALF THE PROBLEM. This bitch runs back to a man she claims abused her, has TWO kids with him, and then takes her sorry ass to his IG Lives and continues to poke & prod. She isn’t scared, she never WAS scared. True victims of domestic violence/abuse do NOT GO ANTAGONIZE THEIR ABUSER. I can’t wait for the tell-all books the kids put out.

  17. Chocking someone is not a mistake. I love how he admits to chocking her but gets all salty because “he didn’t beat her” lol gtfoh Chris.
    And learn how to express yourself ffs

  18. Hopefully she’s done with him.

    But this really isn’t anyone’s business. And so many years later?

    She doesnt owe us this story.

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