‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Admits He “Could Have Done A Lot Better” in His Three Failed Marriages; Ex-Wife Christine Says She Loves Telling People She’s Divorced

“…other than finally admit I’m a bit of a problem.”

After three of his four marriages collapsed in just over a year, Sister Wives star Kody Brown is finally admitting that he was to blame–- albeit, partially–- for the Brown marriage breakups.

During an on-camera interview with People this week, the father of 18 discussed his multiple marriage fails, noting that he certainly played a role in the demise of all three. 

“I could have done a lot better,” Kody admitted.

“But I’d just like to add that we ALL could’ve done better…except Robyn, of course!” 

As The Ashley previously told you, Kody’s road to monogamy began in November 2021 when his third wife, Christine Brown, announced that she and Kody had ended their 25-year marriage. It was revealed in December 2022 that Kody and second wife, Janelle Brown, had separated and in January 2023, Kody and first wife, Meri Brown, confirmed they were “permanently terminating” their troubled union, too. 

“It’s just me, my surplus of leggings and fond memories of my wet bar.”

With Christine, Janelle and Meri no longer getting their plural marriage on with the frizzy-haired father of their children, Kody now finds himself in a monogamous marriage with fourth wife, Robyn Brown


Despite no longer being wed to Wives 1-3, Kody remains hopeful that he and his exes will eventually be friends.

“Has Kody been eating his hair gel?!”

“It’s been painful, a lot of finger-pointing and blame,” Kody said. “But you have to hope we still have a friendship in the future because we’re bound forever through our kids.”

Kody, reminding everyone who did nearly all of the finger pointing in this family.

Janelle and Christine also spoke to People recently, during which both revealed very different opinions on both polygamy and being divorcees. 

While Christine–- who is currently engaged to David Woolley–- was not interested in giving plural marriage another shot, Janelle remains open to the idea.

Janelle also revealed that because she and Kody were never legally married, she doesn’t feel like she can really say she’s “divorced,” and instead tells people she’s “no longer with my partner.” 

Christine, however, wears the “divorced” title loud and proud. 

“Best. Decision. EVER!”

“ … I say I’m straight up divorced, I love that title,” Christine told Janelle. “I LOVE saying that I’m divorced, I love it.”

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4 Responses

  1. Watching Kody the drama queen play the victim gives me deja vu of so many break ups I’ve had 50+ years ago. Kody is king of the man-trums. It’s alllll about him. How did those women last so long. And clearly from day one Robyn was his favorite one and only and the rest became chopped liver. I’m loving these episodes where the little king loses everything. Boo-hoo

  2. 95% my “Sister Wives” engagement has been through The Ashley (she saves us from having to watch so much TLC) but Christine and Janelle were the only two adults who seemed to have a strong connection to each other.

    The other adults were a disconnect of like, Kodi’s massive ego, Robyn sobyn’, Meri just generally being unhappy with her life (they gave you a wet bar, use it), and the two of them having talking heads about how Janelle was only able to work those early years because she had a childcare arrangement that meant her kids were being watched by their mom even if she wasn’t there.

  3. I love how he never ever blames himself. What a narcissist. I doubt any of your ex wives would like to be friends with you, lol.

    Also Christine SHOULD be proud she divorced that scumbag. Hope the marriage with David will be everything she wished this dingus would give her but she never got!

    Interesting that Jenelle is still open to a plural marriage idea considering how this one went down.

  4. LOL he is such a loser.

    If his house was on fire with him and his family inside, and he was told he could save ONE thing, the guy would run for his hair product.

    Ugh, what a selfish fool.

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