‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Seemingly Jokes About His Recent Arrests & Drug Overdose In New Instagram Post

“Y’all act like you expected somethin’ more from me.”

Ryan Edwards‘ almost deadly overdose and multiple 2023 arrests are currently playing out on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, but the oft-offending father of three doesn’t appear to be taking the situation seriously, at least based on his recent Instagram activity.

Ryan— who, as The Ashley reported, is currently on “furlough” from his year-long jail sentence and living in his rehab’s halfway house— took to Instagram Stories on Thursday to seemingly poke fun at his habit of ending up in jail and/or the hospital. (As ‘Teen Mom’ fans are well-aware, Ryan has struggled with a severe drug addiction for many years, and nearly died in April when he overdosed in his truck, just days after ditching out of his court-ordered rehab early. He was later arrested for his crimes.)

In his post, Ryan joked that “his girl” (which is currently Amanda Connor—a girl he met in rehab and a frequent visitor to assorted Tennessee county jails herself) needs to know where he is.

“Your girl has your location to see if you’re cheating. My girl has it so she knows which hospital or jail to pick me up from,” the meme reel Ryan posted states.

Ryan’s joke about his health and legal issues comes at a poor time. On a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” Ryan’s mother Jen, as well as his baby mama Maci Bookout discussed how terrified they were for Ryan following his overdose. Maci also revealed how upset Bentley— the teenage son she and Ryan share— was about Ryan leaving rehab early and using drugs.

As The Ashley reported in April at the time of Ryan’s overdose, the ‘Teen Mom’ dad required two doses of Narcan (a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose) to save his life. Ryan was found with drugs on him that day as well.

“A quick search of Ryan Edwards by EMS turned up a small bag of what appeared to be a crystal-type substance and a second small bag of what appeared to be a blue powder. Also in the pocket was a paper receipt that had been rolled up,” the court records from the arrest stated.

He was hospitalized and eventually jailed after being released. 

Also on Thursday, Ryan’s girlfriend Amanda posted to Instagram, essentially bragging that she’s Ryan’s best galpal yet. (As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan’s wife Mackenzie filed for divorce from Ryan in February. While their divorce is still pending, there has been no movement in the case since late March.) 

“Me walking into my man’s life knowing I’m about to be the best he ever had,” the meme she posted stated. 

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  1. Surprise, surprise (Eyeroll). Sounds like Ryan learned nothing from this, once again. Pathetic. This isn’t a joke- glad to see he seems to think it is though. I’m in recovery and this latest instance is often considered a “bottom” for people, but Ryan keeps hitting bottoms like this and just isn’t seeing the reality of the situation which is that one of these times- he’s not going to be okay. He will either be sentenced by a judge that has common sense, once he breaks the law again- or, he won’t wake up from an overdose. Much of the time with addicts, I’d say they end up hurting themselves the worst, but in Ryan’s case, I think the only ones hurting are those around him and he just seems to think this is something to laugh about. I truly wonder if he’s doing step work because he owes everyone- including Mackenzie, regardless of their BS, an apology. SMH

  2. Rhine doesn’t give a shit how his mom or Maci or Bentley or anyone feels because he is already dead inside. He is currently living a wasted life, and I’m sure he really DGAF if he lives another day. Is it a sad state to be in? Of course. But people like this are their own worst enemy, and it’s going to take something completely and utterly awful for them to even *consider* changing their ways.

    Add in fame whoring, attention seeking, drug addicted energy vampires like his current chick, and it’s a cocktail from hell. Sorry to say, but this won’t end well. Thank God his children have mothers who give a shit about them, because they’re going to need it when he’s gone. MTV should be on the hook for all of those kids’ therapy bills for the rest of their lives, to be honest.

  3. Addiction is hard on the family. I have a 25 year old son who is an addict. I have helped him get into 3 rehabs locally and sent him across the country to the last one. He made it a year clean, came back to his hometown and relapsed quickly. It’s so hard to watch, we love our kids through thick and thin. We just don’t like them as the addict when they are in active Addiction. If Jen and Larry are similar to what I see and go through they most definitely keep thier mouth shut and don’t talk about what’s going on. This is normal for family of an addict. It feels shameful, like we the parents have done something wrong. Like we are at fault. It’s heartbreaking. We cry alone in our homes where no one can see. We appear to be condoning it but I promise we are not! How to deal with an addict is ever changing with where they are in the process. I personally never let my son move home and won’t. He can visit a few days if he is clean. But I had to realize I can’t control his recovery nor force it. I am thinking that’s where Jen and Larry are. Supportive but cautious. Mack isn’t mature enough to deal with an addict. It’s takes alot of restraint, letting go and work on yourself to be the partner of an addict. To date another addict can be healthy if they both are working a program and have a couple years sober. This is not the case. Like my son I believe Ryan has chosen someone he can be with, use and no one with know. She will cover for him, lie for him, steal for him and when the heat is on he will point the finger at her. She is thr probable not him. Sad sad sad. Bentley will always feel sad inside that he wasn’t more important than drugs.

    1. Mack isn’t mature enough to deal with an addict? I think that’s an inaccurate statement. With Mack, it goes way beyond having an addict for a husband. He. Tried. To. Kill. Her.

    2. I am so sorry you’re experiencing that with your son; I can only imagine how difficult it must be.

      From what little I know, it doesn’t sound like you’re enabling his addiction. Of course you love your son—because you do, you’ve set, and presumably, kept some firm boundaries.

      I truly hope he will be able to accept the help that awaits him when he’s ready.

    3. Mack leaving Rhine has nothing to do with her maturity. If anything, leaving was e mature thing to do. He terrorized her and tried to kill her. He trashed their home where three little children lived. She had to leave before he destroyed their lives and she ended up dead. I’m sorry about your son, but your comment about Mack was way off base.

      1. I agree. I think Mack has showed maturity for sure. I feel really bad for Mack, Bentley, Hudson, jagger, and Stella. Mack stood by Ryan’s side through thick and thin.. when people thought she should leave him, she stayed. She stayed through his worst moments.. until her life and her kids lives were in danger.. and unlike a lot other abused women.. she left.. that shows true strength.
        I know what it’s like to be abused and not leave. So I think mack has handled all this with maturity and grace, to the best of her ability.
        I’m sorry about your son. You definitely nailed what parents of addicts go through. It’s a tough, long battle.

    4. As someone who works as a nurse working with people with addiction issues, I hear you. It’s so extremely difficult for the families, as you feel helpless, hopeless, scared, angry, worried and more. I’ve seen people from all walks of life turn to drugs and alcohol and many have a supportive family, like you. There’s only so much you can do, they have to take responsibility and accountability for their lives. I think Ryan hasn’t ever done that. He seems to think life owes him a favour and doesn’t see the impact his choices have had on his parents, children and exes. Him being in a relationship with another addict… my view, it depends on where they are in their life. Two addicts can support and empathise with each other. They are often also the first to recognise the signs and know all the tricks in the book, so again that can be useful in knowing when to support and step in. It does mean that if they’re both not in recovery, they could end up in a very bad place. I fear that in this case it seems like they’re not in the best situation to be recovering.
      Taking my nurses hat off, I would be extremely reluctant to allow my children to see him, and definitely not unsupervised. Bentley is old enough to know what’s happening, but he’s still a child so properly comprehending it all could cause a lot of issues. At the moment, Ryan doesn’t deserve to mess up his children, more than he has already. They need their dad to be sober and focused on spending time with them as an incentive, not focusing on impressing his new gf.

  4. So he thinks he’s immortal and he’ll just get out of jail easy.
    So disrespectful for the people that still care about him. He clearly doesn’t deserve them, he’s nothing but a selfish POS.

  5. When two individuals struggling with addiction are in a relationship I’m not quite sure what positive outcomes can arise from this situation. Having such influences in his life, it’s unlikely that he will undergo any meaningful transformation.

  6. It’s like they are trying to make sure people want to have as little to do with them as possible. So they can do what they want as much as possible.
    If I were Mack, he could see his kids a lot but with my supervision or someone’s else’s I wouldn’t let them visit those two unsupervised when I could help it.

  7. I don’t really get what good will come out of this. Two addicts dating each other and she thinks she’s the best he ever had because she also abused them? She just sounds like another enabler in his life, he will never change with people like that around him.

  8. Currently dealing with a brother in law who is as big a piece of shit as Rhine is. His first rehab was 10 years ago. His kid is only 3 and he’s been forced out of the house by CPS. His dumbass family is sending him across the country for a $25k program in 2 weeks, so he’s currently on a binge and demanding that they pay for his enabler wife to fly out with him to stay in a hotel on the beach while he’s in rehab, or he won’t go. Everyone’s scared he’s going to overdose again before he goes. I say get it over with.

    I lost my little brother to addiction. There came a time where we just had to cut him off, hope for the best, and clean up afterward.

    Let Rhine go. Sorry kids, your dad chose. When you’re 18 it’s up to you if you wanna find out which hospital, jail, or cemetary he’s in.

  9. Jail/Rehab will be a revolving door for Ryan until HE is the one (not the law, judge, or other people) that decides he wants to get help. Until then it is just a joke. I wish the halfway house would kick his girlfriend and him out for being in a relationship. Won’t he go back to jail if he doesn’t complete his stay there?

    1. He’s on furlough. So he’s out SERVING his time that he should in a jail cell in the halfway house, and running around getting drugs, playing games with this new girl.

      This is the problem with rehab and halfway houses, they aren’t created equal. So some are really rule followers and strict, and others don’t care at all as they can cash the check.

  10. Many addicts have dark senses of humor. I don’t like Ryan but find his post a bit funny. At many 12 step meetings, people laugh at things most “normies” would find horrifying. It can be a part of getting sober.

    1. As a recovering addict, I understand 100% what you’re saying.

      I also feel 100% he believes he’s untouchable and will not have any consequences, whether it be jail or death.

  11. I really wonder how ryans parents and the judge feel?
    Ryan clearly feels untouchable. He’s afraid of neither the law nor death, clearly.

    I feel for Bentley. I hope he doesn’t read the comments about his dad on any news stories. I can only imagine they’d break his heart.

    Bentleys going to end up hating this man. I hope he (Bentley) sticks with therapy to process this shit. Maci is doing right by that and proud of her for that.

    As I say that, for as much as catering and Tyler talk about therapy, are their kids in therapy?
    All the kids on this show are going to have a lot to unpack. I hope they do it in a healthy way.

    That’d be nice if MTV will offer them therapy as adults or something. They’ll probably just offer them a show pr a book deal lol

    1. Because the judge has been a friend of his family for a long time and is the father of one of his best friends.

  12. Yep.
    Classic Rhyne.
    Inconsiderate and obtuse.

    And since when do they give paper receipts for drugs? He might need to look into getting a refund..

  13. This is why his ass should have been thrown in jail. His ego will always precede any accountability for the hurt he has caused to those who love him most.

  14. Rhine’s new girl isn’t picking him up at the jailhouse, since she’s probably already there.

    Rhine really thinks it’s hilarious that he almost died and has gone to jail more times than his youngest can count.

    Like haha, my family heard I died and have trauma from years of drug use.

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