Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Says He Wants to Return to ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ As a Full-Time Cast Member: “I Can Entertain You Guys Some More!”

“…and I REALLY wanna start getting those MTV paychecks again.”

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro makes an appearance in the currently-airing season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but the MTV star says he’s already eyeing a spot as a full-time cast member. 

As fans of Jersey Shore may recall, Ronnie stepped away from the spin-off in May 2021 in order to “seek medical treatment for mental health issues” he had “ignored too long.” Prior to his exit, Ronnie had faced multiple legal run-ins, most involving his ex-girlfriend, Jenn Harley, with whom he shares daughter Ariana. 

Ronnie and Jenn in happier times…well…times that neither one of them were in handcuffs…

Ronnie spoke to TMZ this week about his “here and there” appearances on Season 6B of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ claiming he hopes viewers will get to see him vacation with his roomies a lot more in the future. 

“Hopefully you’ll see a lot more of me as time passes by. So we’ll see,” he said, adding that “time will tell” if a full-time gig will actually happen. 

Ronnie confirmed that he’s more than happy to increase his screen time on the spin-off if offered. 

“Don’t make me beg, because I absolutely will.”

“I would love to do it,” he said. “I love my cast members, I love what I do, I love my fans. So we’ll see what happens.” 

Though Ronnie and the rest of the ‘Jersey Shore’ crew have been in the spotlight for nearly 15 years, Ronnie claims he still has what it takes to keep viewers entertained. 

“ … You guys enjoy me on [the show], so hopefully I’ll be back and I can entertain you guys some more,” he said. 

“MTV, I am here today to humbly beg you for my spot back. Thank you.” 

Since exiting the spin-off in 2021, Ronnie has relocated from California to Florida and says he’s doing well.  

“I got my daughter full-time. She just started school so I got a routine to take her to school,” he said. “I got my businesses out here [in Los Angeles], that’s why I’m out here doing some stuff for work.” 

(As The Ashley told you in October, Ronnie was granted primary physical custody of Ariana following a court battle with Jenn.) 

Surprisingly, Ronnie–- who split with girlfriend Saffire Matos in 2021-– said he’s also remained single for more than a year-and a half.

“I enjoy being happy,” he said, before going on to confirm that he isn’t on any dating apps, either. “ … I don’t need that.” 

While reflecting on his chaotic couple of years, Ronnie said it’s important to not let the mistakes you make become a pattern.  

“People make mistakes and people grow from them,” he added.  

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

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