‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Says Her Mom Christine Told Her, “I’m Sorry Your Dad Doesn’t Love You” During Christine’s Divorce From Kody

“Geez, Ma! Take it down a notch!”

Gwendlyn Brown isn’t always happy with her dad, Kody Brown, and recently spoke out on Sister Wives about his shortcomings as a dad. However, in a new Patreon video, Gwendlyn stuck up for Kody  and revealed a hurtful and surprising thing her mother Christine told her regarding Kody’s feelings toward his daughter.

Gwen— who watches ‘Sister Wives’ episodes on Patreon and provides her thoughts and commentary to viewers— revealed that, despite how Kody acts now, she remembers him as a caring father who favorited her among his 18 kids. 

“[Watching the show] made me miss my dad. I’ve noticed the more I’ve watched this and the less I’ve been around my dad, the more I want to be around my dad…He was really a great dad to me for the majority of my life, when he was present,” Gwen said.

She went on to reveal that Kody rarely yelled at her, and that one of the times Kody did yell at her was during his divorce from Christine. (Christine left Kody in 2021.) When Gwen told Christine about her argument with Kody, Christine made a statement that shocked Gwen.

“My mom was like, ‘I’m sorry your dad doesn’t love you,'” Gwen said. 

“OK, that was harsh. I meant to say ‘I’m sorry your dad doesn’t love you AS MUCH AS HE LOVES HIS HAIR GEL!”

Christine reportedly followed up the cruel statement by comparing Gwendlyn’s situation with Kody to a situation Kelly Clarkson sings about in one of her songs.

“And then she compared me to Kelly Clarkson, ’cause Kelly Clarkson wrote the song ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ and my mom was like, ‘That’s just like you, Gwendlyn, because you’ve never had a good relationship with your father,'” she said.

Gwendlyn said her mom’s comments took her by surprise because she believes she did have a good relationship with Kody for the majority of her life.

“I mean, at least until ol’ Eyebrows– I mean Robyn– came around!”

“I was his Gwennie Bear!” Gwen said. “Out of all the kids in the family, I think he sang the most songs about me. We’re just gonna have a moment where we talk about me and how much my dad was obsessed with me when I was a kid. I think I was honestly his little princess when it comes down to it.

In the comment section, fans questioned how Gwen could still speak kindly about Kody, despite him calling her and her siblings “jerks” (among other things) in recent episodes.

“He’s my dad,” she replied. “I get upset with him but he’s still my dad.”

“OK…Gwendlyn. That’s the one who had all the tacos and piñatas at her wedding, right?”

Gwen’s decision to reveal Christine’s cruel statements comes just weeks after she chose to miss her mom’s wedding to David Woolley. Days later, Gwen stated on Patreon that she was simply too “busy” with school to attend. (Gwen was the only one of Kody’s children who missed the wedding, other than the five kids he shares with Robyn.) 

“I’ve been getting so much hate for it even though [my mom] did not care [that I missed the wedding],” Gwen recently wrote in a Patreon Q&A. 

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  1. She thinks her dad was obsessed with her and her mother doesn’t care if she didn’t attend the mom’s wedding? OK, she needs help. Serious, professional mental healthcare. I’ve always thought Gwen was the child most like Grody.

  2. I don’t like Kody, I do’t like Christines way of moving on and I don’t like the Patreon kids. Sooooo over them all. Just reading about them is hard. If you were his favorite than about 100 others were not and you also hurt them gwenniebear.
    The apple doesn’t fall far.
    Grow some brains instead of family, Browns.

  3. So all this time, Kody was the bad guy and Christine was amazing and now it’s the opposite? Sure, Jan.

    She’s certainly the most like Kody.

  4. Gwen. You are the biggest baby . Your mom deserves to be happy so get over it. Kody is one of the most creepy men I have seen.

  5. I’m wondering if Christine didn’t say ‘I’m sorry your dad doesn’t love you like you need him to’ or something like that. I don’t see her saying sorry that your dad doesn’t love you.

  6. Yikes – just the fact that she thinks she was the favorite and that was a good thing makes me think she’s got a long road to travel to peace.

  7. This girl is all over the place. Last season she was bashing her dad, now she’s bashing her mom. She needs to get in therapy ASAP. This family is a train wreck

  8. She just loves the sound of her own voice.

    And we get that you have daddy issues. No one blames you for that one.

  9. If this is true, Christine owes Gwen a huge apology. That is really messed up and there is no excuse for saying that to your child not matter how much you are angry with their other parent.

    We all know Kody can be an asshole and doesn’t always make the best choices but I genuinely believes he does loves all his children. He wouldn’t be so angry about the situation of he didn’t love them.

      1. My dad’s dead now but he called me worse lol. He still loved me though. He just had a bad temper. I think Kody is the same way. He says really bad things when he’s angry. I don’t’ think that means he doesn’t love his kids though.

        1. After having 2 girls my dad was hoping for a boy and when he found out he was gonna have another daughter my mother said he looked at her and said “Damn, not another one!!”

          Things said whether they are in anger or not still hurt so STOP MAKING EXCUSES for people like him!!

  10. This is so typical of a child with a narcissist parent. It’s kind of like emotional whiplash. We love them, we want them to love us. We hate them, but we long for those few and far between moments that were good. Those moments pull us back time after time. We convince ourselves it wasn’t all bad and we step in front of that bus over and over. It’s called hope. But with a narcissist there can be no hope and the sooner you let go of that hope, the sooner you will have peace in your life. I lived this for 40 years. I finally let go of that hope 6 years ago and have had no contact with my dad sense. My heart has healed, my life, heart and mind finally have peace. Watching my siblings still struggling in that hope- hope he’ll change, hope this time will be different, hope that he’ll finally love me enough- is a soul crushing half life. I pray Gwen, her siblings and every other child of a narcissist finds that place of peace.

    1. I was about to make a comment about of they go to therapy or have learned ways to cope with their up bringing or any of those issues associated, other than running to some media outlet as their way to express their feelings.

      Their upbringing was definitely different and only the kids got to see how it messed uo their mothers and who their father became behind closed doors. Since childhood their lives were plastered for the world to see. They’ve gone to the internet to dish out their hurt or “aor dirty laundry ” because of their hurt. Is that their only coping skill?
      Idk about the other kids but I’ve read of Gwen doing this often.

      Now we see why she dished so much about Kody, because she was truly hurt by him.

      All we can do is pray/send positive vibes that they find the healing they need and stop dishing out on their parents. Yeah, the drama is good for us but it’s not really solving their hurt in the long term, more like instant gratification.

      Thus princess is a grown adult now. I’m curious how she views David and of that’s why she’s trying to crawl back to Kody. Idk if she really is “crawling” but she is putting a reason out there for Kody to contact her, because she’s against Christine over this.

      Now makes sense why didn’t go.

    2. Morals has nothing to do with it, He is a narcissist and the awful things he is saying publically about his wives and adult children is what is going to screw up or has screwed up his children. To say about your wives things like she chased me and begged to be a part of my family. Well sir….you sure didnt mind impregnating over and over the awful woman who chased you soooo much. Im glad christine left him. I am hoping Meri will too one day. They all need counseling not because of morals because there is a lot of anger, confusion, hurt there and the people producing this show need to pay for it.

      1. Respectfully disagree, Most people’s moral compass would not allow a man to go from woman to woman while the kids watched. Not normal, not moral. Would any of you allow your man to go have sex with three other women besides yourself while your kids watched? I don’t care if you’re a religion allows it, it’s pretty fucked up. And that’s why the kids are all suffering now

  11. Christine could have said that, meaning it one way and Gwen took it another way. I doubt it was to be malicious and it stung Gwen because she felt like she was princess. She probably talked so much crap about Kody because she felt replaced, kicked to the curb, etc.
    We never truly know what goes on. Kody yes isn’t dick absolutely and making zero excuses for him.

    It’s likely that Christine said something similar to this meaning it one way.
    I’ve said something to my daughter meaning it as one way , but it was taken a different way. I didn’t even think how else it could’ve been taken.

    I’m just saying that it could’ve been possible. Gwen probably took it to heart and used that more as an excuse to skip the mom’s wedding? Has she come out about her feelings of David? Does she like him or just feel like Christine is trying to replace Kody?

    Insecurities will make you think crazy thjngs

  12. I can recall clearly the negative things she said about her father.
    Now she is trying to flip the script.
    Definitely alterier motives.
    She made him out to be the monster he is.
    Too late to pretend you didn’t say those things.
    He is an ass, we’d all know it,
    And you basically said it yourself Gwen.
    We watched it!,

  13. So she was the favorite, just not when the cameras were rolling? Because my memory is that he always favorited the boys and the girls were always just there.

    Money will change you and apparently Kody gave Gwen more money than Christine. ?‍♀️

    Also, she’s painting the picture that Kody is amazing off camera even though he’s a monster on camera, but Christine is kind on camera and a monster off camera? Oh, OK.

    1. Good parents don’t have favorites.
      And I am sorry, he loves no one but himself Quit posting this nonsense.
      I know it brings you the attention you crave, and money for selling your stories. You family is sick because of you father.

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