Jenelle Evans Addresses Critics Who Say She Chooses Men Over Her Kids: “Why Do I Have to Choose?”

“It’s not even true…and stuff. We are all equals here on The Land!” 

Jenelle Evans was not happy that a TikToker recently stated that Jenelle has always chosen men over her kids, so she took to The Interwebs to defend herself, as well to praise her ever-present husband David Eason.

Last week, the fired Teen Mom 2 star posted several glamour shots of her and David posing together, along with a sappy love note to her sans-work sweetheart. The post did not go over well, with many commenting that Jenelle shouldn’t have stood by David after he allegedly assaulted her oldest son Jace in late September. 

(As The Ashley previously reported, David was charged with child abuse last month and will face the charge in court at the end of the month.)


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“Because I post a pitcher picture of me and my husband of a photoshoot that we did like three months ago before any of this incidenteseses happened, I’m a horrible person?” she said in her new social media video. “I choose men over my children!”

Jenelle then bragged that she’s been with David since 2015

“That’s not the flex you think it is, girl.”

Jenelle said that she doesn’t put the kids’ needs before David’s, or vice versa. 

“I think you’re confused because last time I checked, David’s part of our family,” Jenelle said. “And, I’m not gonna choose one person over the other. Why do I have to choose? So you’re sayin’ I should stay single the rest of my life? Have no man and just be by myself?”

“Ya haven’t been single since Bill Clinton was in office, Juh-nelle! It’s been one lyin’ hustla man afta the otha!”

Jenelle went on to say that she feels people still judge her by her actions from when she was on 16 and Pregnant .

“You saw me who I dated [no, that’s not a typo]; you saw me in and out of relationships,” Jenelle exclaimed. “That doesn’t mean that when I turn 16 and have my first child that I’m gonna stay with that man for the rest of my life!”

But what a beaut he was!

Jenelle went on to proclaim that the words her haters are saying about her on the Interwebs “all come out of one person’s mouth, and has always come out of one person’s mouth.”

Jenelle then busted out a very poor impression of Barbara telling her she chooses men over her children.

“I said what I said.”

“And y’all just run with it!” Jenelle said. “Ya run with it and you still run with it for years.”

Jenelle defended posting her sappy soulmate tribute to David last week.

“That post was made about my husband because he has helped me through this depression,” Jenelle— who just months ago was proclaiming on Facebook that David was the reason she was depressed, anxious and had no friends— stated, before patting David on the back for being such a supportive husband.

“Even though he’s sitting here with all the accusations in the world, he’s actually been helping me,” Jenelle said. 

“He’s as good of a husband as he is a rapper!”

“I appreciate that everything that David’s going through, he’s actually, like, pulling through and putting it aside to actually help me through my emotions,” Jenelle said. “So, yeah, I made an appreciation post for my husband.” 

Jenelle then addressed all of the social media comments telling her that she needs to “take accountability” for the situation she’s in regarding Jace.

“Accountability for what? That my son has mental health issues? Like, that’s something out of my control and we’re doing the best to help him,” she said.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jace is currently in the care of Barbara (although he is officially in CPS custody). David is not allowed to have any contact with Jace, and Jenelle is only allowed to talk to the 14-year-old if Jace reaches out first. 

Jace has not been back to Jenelle and David’s home on The Land since the incident with David went down at the end of September. 

“Kick rocks, Ma!”

“Jace has no interest in talking to his mother and wants nothing to do with her,” The Ashley’s source told her on Monday. “Jenelle has been making everything as hard as she can for Jace while he’s been at Barbara’s.” 

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55 Responses

  1. Well Janelle people still judge you from 16 and pregnant because nothing has changed! You’re still the same selfish excuse of a mother. It’s always been about you and it will always be about you, sadly! Some people just aren’t meant to be mothers. PS your Sasquatch needs a haircut!

  2. every motivation & driving factor in Jenelle’s life is revenge or inflicting pain & blame on Barb. Even when she absolutely nothing to do with whatever the issue is. Like damn she really hates her mama

  3. We all need to make choices
    We choose to sleep around and get pregnant by different men, or not.
    We choose to do drugs while pregnant, or not. We choose to be a shitty parent and give our child away, or not. We choose to pull a gun out during a road rage incident, or not. We choose to embarrass our children while stripping on the Internet, or not. We choose to stay with an abusive moron who abuses our children, or not. By not standing by your son, you DID choose, idiot!! You made your choice. Now live with the consequences.

  4. Her constant and sudden praise of her husband is a typical trauma response. If she’s being supportive of him in public, he can’t rip her to shreds in private, thus, IN HER MIND, she’s keeping her kids safe. Remember: he has many weapons and now a bullet proof vest! No job. Trash.

  5. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read her response. Jesus H Duhnelle. “So what he choked my kid out, what am I supposed to do be single?!” WOW! Proving just how much you should’ve had your tubes tied long ago. You’re a TERRIBLE MOTHER. You’re UNDESERVING of the title. To think of all the amazing women out there that CANT have children and this trash hole gets pregnant 5 times (3 kids). She is so pathetic.

  6. Best thing I ever did after leaving my David-esque ex-husband was to stay single while I focused on my three kids, work, school, and generally bettering myself.

    A little over three years later, my wonderful husband entered our lives.

    Being a shitty person with nothing to offer other than ill-gotten money and jumping from man to man will never attract anything but more trash, Jenelle.

  7. I have three boys- two from my ex husband, and then one with another man. Because of how badly things went with that man, over five years ago now, I have been single BY CHOICE since. And he wasn’t physically abusive, nor did he shoot my dog in front of my kids. I just focus on my children, myself and coparenting with my ex husband who I am actually closer to now, than when we were married LOL. My kids were never in danger of being taken by CPS and if they were, you can bet your ass I would let go of whatever man was putting them at risk, as David has. There are plenty of women that stay single BY CHOICE, because they can handle being alone. They don’t need to place their happiness and self worth in some douchebags hands. No one is saying “You need to be alone forever” but maybe, just maybe, you could try focusing on You, your children and not on some man that comes with constant drama. She’s literally never been alone- she goes from man to man. Plenty of us learn from our mistakes and take accountability. Some of us would do ANYTHING for our children- even if that means being alone temporarily or for forever. When you are a mother, THAT is your job… putting them first. She’s such a selfish idiot. People like David, do not change- and we have all heard/seen that with his history and his entire relationship with Janelle. She should also be GRATEFUL to Babs for taking an active role in Jace’s life AND mental health, not terrorizing her and Jace, at that.

  8. Sometimes it’s so hard to even decide which angle to discuss first. This lady is pretending to not understand how this works. I guess the bottom line is that Jenelle is an asshole. I don’t think that will ever change. I don’t think she will ever evolve into a decent person, she will just go through life being awful, but also confused because most people won’t be around that nonsense. Remember when she got mad at Nathan’s friend on vacation and said “I wish you died” in reference to him serving in the army? The is who she is, a massive adult brat that is never going to get it. Her actions as a teen were shitty, but at least then we could watch and hope that she would snap out of it as she got older. She’s in her 30s now and still sucking the happiness out of everyone that has the had the displeasure of being around her.
    Not a friend in the world because she’s just an asshole. Which is why you see Tori still popping up. I think she would rather be around someone that knows how horrible she is and accepts it than having to actually be a decent person.

  9. The fact that she says “Why do I have to choose?” when she’s constantly had unhealthy and abusive men in her life says it all. LOL

  10. I don’t remember Babs telling everyone she’s choosing her horrible husband or boyfriend over her kids.
    She never needed to either. Everyone can see it.
    Nelly is even trying to fool herself cause she can’t deal with the reality of what she has done and didn’t do.
    Babs even gave her Jace back and she couldn’t even do the bare minimum of medical care for him or safety.
    Babs was supposed to be enjoying her pension and it’s touching and great what she does for Jace but it shouldn’t be neccessary. Jace should be with at least one decent parent.

  11. It’s the fact that this bitch is serious, and thinks she really said something. Jenelle, you’ve been with David since 2015?? BOTH of your SONS were born before 2015, you asshole. Both boys have been abused by your psycho husband and you continue to choose HIM over and over and over, no matter how much he embarrasses you, cheats on you, and has a huge hand in destroying your life. You guys did that zesty photoshoot 3 months ago and you’re NOW posting the photos when David gets caught cheating on you, and abusing your child you’ve been whining and crying and bitching about getting back since 2011, in some weak ass attempt to prove solidarity…when all you’re proving is how much of a piece of shit you truly are. Jenelle deserves custody of NO ONE. These animals are raising children and those poor kids are probably going to turn out just like them…all because they got stuck with a shit mother who decided to bring a demonic goblin into their lives.

    Jace said it best. Jenelle and David are pieces of shit.

      1. LOL! That moron really sat there and said (with her entire chest) that she’s been with David since 2015, like it was some kinda flex or reasoning to stand by his side and protect him…Meanwhile Jace has been here since 2009, and Kaiser has been here since 2014, and she’s had no problem abandoning them and leaving them vulnerable to that clown she calls her husband. Such a damn shame she had kids. She is an unfit parent if I have ever seen one. It’s always all about her.

  12. I think Jace believes that his mom really was fighting for him all those years. And when she finally gained custody and he went to live with her, he realized that it was never him she wanted. It was just beating Barbara that was her ultimate goal. No wonder he’s so eager to be back with her. I hope it goes much better for him from here on out, and I hope he gets all the therapy in the world so he understands that Jenelle’s treatment of him does not determine his worth.

  13. Choosing that pig over your son is not even close to “helping him”. Although I’m sure that “help” is another word for “we’re trying to have him committed because then the attention would finally be off me and my husband”.

    I love how they’ve turned this into “our haters this, our haters that”.. oh honey, we hate both of you but the hate isn’t about your toxic marriage, but the fact that your children should always come first. And you failed to protect him. You sat there and did nothing as he put hands on your son.

    Sit there and blame your mom all you want but you have yourself to thank for Jace being back with her. You pushed him back to her when you stood up for Swamp Ass and not your son.

    This all proves that she never wanted that boy. She wanted to win and wanted control. Disgusting human you are, Jenelle.

  14. Still gaslighting Jace as if he’s making up the assault, just like she acted as if he made up the gun. God, she’s pure trash. And whatever MH issues Jace has falls right at her feet.

    It was entirely in your control, Jenelle. You’ve just been a trash mother since Day 1.

    The fact that you’d rather stay with the man who shot your dog and beats your kids than be single confirms everything we know about you.

  15. I don’t doubt for ONE second that she really is trying to make things more difficult for Jace while he’s at Barb’s. She’s repulsive & I pray she gets ALL of those kids taken away ♥

  16. Horrifying. I feel so bad for those kids, their eyes always look dead. They’re never going to be okay – they’re forever scarred & need therapy, protection & support. I suspect that with any existing mental health issues she has she may also be dealing with battered woman syndrome so she probably feels helpless and terrified of that “man” (& rightfully so, he’s shown his violent side). As long as she stays loyal to him & talks him up he will continue to love bomb her and she will put h back up on his pedestal and all will be hunky-dory in her world, but the minute she unfollows him chaos ensues then the cycle repeats itself. It’s bad enough to not care how he treats her…sickening to DEFEND him when that abuse starts on the kids. She lacks the protectiveness (among other things) she should have as a mother…like a mother bear protects her cubs. If she doesn’t want to save herself, the least she can do is save those kids. I feel that all we can hope for at this point is that those kids grow up to be as well-adjusted as they possibly can under the circumstances ?

  17. You know Jenelle, it’s quite possible to be single for a long time, hell, some people even decide to stay single by choice, imagine that! She has ALWAYS put men first, ALWAYS. Like I really don’t think she has ever been single for more than a minute, she literally doesn’t know how single life is since she was 16 (or younger/older, I forgot how old she was when she met Andrew…and he probably wasn’t even her first boyfriend!)

  18. I am SO sick of Jenelle blaming Barbara for literally everything and anything. There have been plenty of Teen Mom mothers who have said things about their children who were literally dragged on social media for it. Heck, people defended FARRAH on social media against Debrah, and Farrah is arguably the most hated Teen Mom. Barbara is it the reason people are saying you choose men over your children, Jenelle. If it wasn’t true, you best believe people would support you. No one needs Barbara to point this out…it is blatantly obvious.

  19. Jenelle doesn’t understand 2 things: as a parent you SHOULD choose your child over your partner, every single time.
    And, she constantly rants about her upbringing being sh*t and making her want weed and making her bipolar BUT she can’t turn that mirror on herself and see she’s doing the exact same to Jace.

    Watching old TM2 clips of Jenelle holding Jace, screaming in his ear at her mum is really, really sad. I’m sure Jenelle would watch the same clips and blame her mum and not see that Jace must’ve felt so unsafe and unloved by her and now he’s dealing with the fall out from that.

    And UBT can go jump in the swamp.

    1. Old clips of TM show up on Tik Tok a lot and I’ve noticed that the only time she stopped by Babs’ house was when she needed something but she would do it under the guise of “seeing my son” who she would hold and scream in his ear for a few minutes before taking off because she wasn’t getting what she really came for.

  20. “”Accountability for what? That my son has mental health issues? Like, that’s something out of my control and we’re doing the best to help him,” she said.””

    Taking off his meds, and stopping his therapy, isnt doing your best to help him, jenelle, you are the reason this child has MH issues,by the way.
    ffs take accountability and stop blaming others for your parenting ( or lack of)
    You chose many men and drugs over your sons, now you just chose Ubt and drugs over all your kids.
    You are no parent.

    1. Not to mention the fact that when her over 6ft degenerate husband was physically assaulting Jace she sat there and watched it happen and did absolutely nothing. I truly can’t stand her.

      1. She’ll call the police when David pops HER collarbone but won’t call them when he chokes out her son. She sat there for YEARS and said Jace didn’t have mental health issues and implied that Babs had Munchausen syndrome by proxy because she was giving him medication and taking him to therapy for his ADHD, but now that David’s in trouble, she’s’ like Jace has mental health issues. Jenelle is so SICK.

  21. You can be a whore all you want. Power to the pussy. But when you’re leaving all your children behind for said “man” and drugs, then yeah, we’re going judge. We’re going to judge the fuck out of you. Ditching your kid to party. Ditching your other kid to fight with your lunatic boyfriend. Ditch your kids to go to drugs, etc. yes. Yes we expect you to chose your children every time BUT YOU NEVER HAVE DUHLULU


    You’re right with everything you say.
    A real parent would take a bullet for their kids would give up their life.
    Yet she won’t give up a husband that is abusive for her children, proving she is not a parent.

  23. When is the monsters gonna realise we don’t give a s**t about their pathetic life’s, trying to keep the subject away from the ones that really matter.

    All the public care about is the welfare of the children, something the monsters don’t care about.

    So she can try to change the subject, blame her mother, blame the media and blame her own son but it ain’t gonna work.

    Like I said all the public care about is the children, they’re the ones that really matter.

  24. Hey Jenelle guess what, your mom is family too and you cut her off. So using the “family card” on David is completely invalid coming from you. At least your mom didn’t abuse your babies and killed a poor puppy.

  25. If he has Mental Health Issues why in the hell did you stop his medication and therapy appointments. Then you blamed Barbara for him taking medication.

  26. If I was married to my husband for 50 years and he abused my child and murdered the family pet you are damn skippy that I would CHOOSE to boot his sorry ass out. No questions, no chance of reconciliation. But Jenelle is selfish and doesn’t give a damn about any of her kids. She obviously has known Jace longer than UBT but Jenelle stood by and did NOTHING when Lurch decided to hit and choke Jace. You know why? Because Jenelle is abusive too. Do we really think that she doesn’t scream at her kids and abuse them on the regular? We have seen the emotional and mental abuse. You think that she wouldn’t cross that line into putting her hands on her kids? She’s not exactly good mother material despite trying to force Ensley and Kaiser to pretend they are happy in her glossy tik tok’s.

  27. Yes Jenelle, you should choose between your children that depend on you, that look up to you, that love you despite the absolute flaming ?️ you are AND the man that abuses them and you. And that should be a really easy choice too if you were at least half a decent mother. But you are not, you are ?️ with abandonment issues and you’ll stick by your abusive husband just so you don’t have to be alone for the next few months until your new soulmate arrives

  28. The fact that Jenelle has to ask “why should I choose” tells us all we need to know about her as a person, a mom, and even a wife.

    Oh boy, this is going to be a really long rant. I’d say sorry, but I’m not.

    But, we know you’re reading Jenelle, since you bitch about this site constantly on social media, lmao. Here’s something to comment about for your next content, since you clearly need the money…

    If choosing your children is not automatic for you (especially in this situation), you are not fit to be a parent, ever, to any living creature, let alone human beings. That’s just reality, harsh, perhaps, but reality.

    Let’s ignore the fact that UBT is a dreadful creature entirely-and that he has actually beat Jenelle and treats her like stepped on dog shit too.

    Let’s just focus on how he is as a parent here for a minute. He’s legally not even allowed to look at one of his children, let alone speak to him. He has one child that he was awarded custody of as a lesser of two evils situation he bought his way through with Jenelle’s money. That child spends as much time as she can away from him and only comes around when she absolutely has to. She sees her friends more than her sperm donor (I shuddered typing that, I know you shuddered reading it). His youngest child was born completely high and has FAS (which is getting progressively worse and likely not being dealt with) because of extensive drinking and drug use while her incubator was pregnant with her-he thought that was “fine”. He, on video, threatened to slap her across the mouth for daring to say something he didn’t like about baby chicks-it was literally recorded and placed on the internet and shared BY him and delusionelle. He also has two step children that he literally treats like, well, that whole (not actually funny) red-headed stepchild trope. He lays his hands on them. He screams at them. He hurts them physically, emotionally, psychologically and in nearly every way possible. He’s also not afraid to publicly shame them for the world to see.

    Well Jenelle (thanks Barb, as always! keep on keeping on)… you really have to wonder why people are questioning you? You lack intelligence and common sense, among other things. No one can even tell whether or not you’re spending most of your days high as a fucking kite, because you ALWAYS look, speak and act stoned out of your gourd. Nothing wrong with a little weed, but, honey, that ain’t weed and we all know it. Most people are assuming you’re quickly running out of money (I think they’re right, and it would explain some of your recent “content”). People also assume (likely right) you’re keeping those children stuck on the land or only out during “family outings” to try and pretend like you’re just a happy family going about their dailies without anything bad going on behind doors. We see right through that whole shitshow lie.

    You are a complete and utter piece of decaying, disease, maggot and drug ridden excrement on Death Valley pavement in the middle of July. There is no saving you, you STILL can’t see what a complete POS person you actually are. You not only made that video and believe everything you said in it wholeheartedly, but you actually posted it! If your goal lately was to make your family seem like it’s just a typical family, and keep David’s ass out of hot water….you failed. Literally everything you monsters do is out there for the world, and the courts which I’ll admit are being pressed pretty hard right now to see. None of it speaks highly (except in the sense that you’re, you know, high all the time) of you two.

    Yes, mofo, you need to be single, for your whole life if necessary. If for no other reason, so you can maybe take two seconds of your busy day to day life of being excrement to think about those sweet, innocent, amazing human beings that were expelled from the nethers which you love to abuse so very much. YOU ARE THEIR MOTHER. You’re damn right you put them first. You made that choice when you chose to continue with the pregnancies. You cemented that choice when you chose to keep them after they were born (yes, even including Jace who you didn’t raise, that’s a whole ‘nother rant, for another day). YOU CHOSE THIS. They did not choose you, you chose them. Buck the fuck up missy, take some god damn responsibility. Put your big girl panties on. Kick the fucking yeti off the land permanently. Be a damn mother. Hell you could be only semi-conscious and still play a better role in the lives of those children. If you can’t do this, put those children in a loving home, give up your parental rights and leave them be, forever.

    I honestly don’t care what you deserve. There is a time I would have said that even you deserve better than David, but, really, you don’t. You deserve him, if you can’t see why you have to choose, you deserve him.

    But those children, they don’t deserve either one of you. You two could disappear forever and those kids would be just fine. Hell they could live on the land all by themselves forever and still be fine. Do right by them because, again, YOU CHOSE THEM, they did NOT choose you. They deserve the world, you deserve what you put out in the world, it’s as simple and complicated as that. Be a fucking parent for once in your miserable life. You’re no longer 16, it wasn’t cute then, but it sure as shit isn’t now.

    1. Perfectly said, she’ll read it and hand wave it off, saying you’re a hatter ?


      Even is that swamp rat left UBT my opinion on her wouldn’t change. She’s still that piece of sh*t on the bottom of your shoe.
      She’s gone from bad boyfriend to worse boyfriend and I shudder to think of the next POS boyfriend she’ll land who’s worse than UBT ?

  29. Yes, it is better to stay single while you have kids at home if the alternative is a partner who is physically, mentally and emotionally abusive. Kids don’t get a choice in the matter, so it is the parents job to keep them safe.

  30. This girl is thicker than a 1000 year old tree.

    The idiot still doesnt understand the issue is she’s backing the effing man that harmed HER son. The one she fought for only to be rid of him by her own actions and husband’s hands in six months time. She’s a disgrace. She has no one and has alienated everyone, so she has no choice but to cling to her poor excuse, and waste of space for a man. No one cares WHEN she took the effing pics. Its the fact that she’s posting it now, at a time where they are being investigated for abuse. After she has called him out multiple times online for stealing from her, being abusive, neglectful, a bum and whatever else.. she’s behind him ?. Please eff off Jenelle

  31. Make me puke! Jeanelle doesn’t get it! She is still that kid at 16 that you could never talk to. It’s like talking to a brick wall. All of America understands what she’s about, but she’s got no clue.

  32. Vile disgusting LIAR Dumbnelle…shut it…we’ve all watched you choose men..drugs and everything else over those children…Jace said best years ago on Teen mom…you and your neanderthal pos husband are POS??

    1. I am going to go so different direction. There are places for abused spouses and children. Toxic probably describes your situation. Get help for yourself. If you choose David’s- let the children go.

  33. She could have lived with Jace when he was a baby but chose to bum and drug around with queefer. Fast forward and she’s still picking men over him, even when lurch put hands on him. Jenelle is one of those POS women who would watch their BF beat their kid to death then help cover it up

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