Jenelle Evans Swoons Over Husband David Eason In New Post; David Declares His Flirty Texts to His Ex-Wife Were “Photoshopped” (Recap of Events)

“Pretend I’m a skeeter, suckin’ on yer neck!”

Jenelle Evans is still standing by her man.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star gushed about her husband David Eason in a new post to social media on Friday, praising him for “protecting” her and proclaiming that they will be “just fine. The couple has been at the center of plenty of drama lately, from David’s pending charge of child abuse for his alleged assault on Jenelle’s oldest son Jace, to the recent accusations that David had been texting his ex-wife Whitney Rich and proclaiming he was “dreaming” of her, among other things.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenelle Evans seemingly got all gussied up and headed down to the local mall’s “Glamour Shots” location to pose for “happy family picnic” pics together.

“We both took showers and EVERYTHING!”

In the black-and-white shots (which have no photographer credit), Jenelle looks lovingly at her employment-challenged soulmate, as David stares dead-eyed off-camera.

In another photo, David has his girthy paw wrapped around Jenelle’s neck and collarbone, as he and Jenelle both close their eyes (surely dreaming of all the fun times they’ve spent together in courtrooms).

In the final shot, Jenelle closes her eyes in fake laughter as she admires David’s chain necklace (which was surely purchased from the Vanilla Ice Insta-Rapper Collection). David, again, stares off-camera with a vacant look.

“No matter where I go I’m loved by you, no matter where we are you always make me laugh,” Jenelle wrote. “No matter where we are you know how to take away my anxiety, no matter where you are you don’t let anyone walk all over me, no matter where you are you protect me. Let them say whatever about us because we will be just fine. I love youuu babeeeee.”

In the comment section of the post on Facebook, David responded to Jenelle’s love note.

“Awwwe don’t make me cry,” David wrote. “I love you so much and I will always be there for you no matter what!”

“Whenever you look behind you, this is what you’ll see!”

While David appreciated the love letter, Jenelle’s followers were not impressed, with some reminding Jenelle that, just a few months ago, she was on Facebook accusing David of stealing her debit cards, making her depressed and refusing to work. Others brought up some of David’s unsavory past actions, such as Jenelle’s 911 call from 2018 in which she accused David of abusing her.

“No matter when she calls 911 to say you broke her collarbone she’ll forgive you,” one person wrote. “No matter which children get hit with sticks, locked in cars and strangled she will stay with you. No matter how many times you contact your exes or random girls she will want your Vienna sausage. True love story.”

“Every time I see pics of them I feel like we’ll see them one day on the First 48 [crime show],” another person wrote.

“Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago you were posting about unsupportive he is and how he’s the cause of your anxiety?” someone else commented. “And he was the reason you had no friends… Ohhh how the tables have turned!”

As The Ashley previously told you, David and Jenelle are currently being investigated by CPS. While Jace has been removed from their care and is now living with his grandma Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s son Kaiser and the couple’s daughter Ensley remain on The Land. (As The Ashley reported earlier this week, David’s older daughter Maryssa comes and goes from The Land.) 

In addition to the slobbery soulmate tribute, Jenelle also posted a proclamation to her website that the text messages David allegedly sent to his ex-wife Whitney last year were “photoshopped.”

In a new story posted to her website, a writer who is absolutely, positively not Jenelle addressed the text messages and even obtained “exclusive” texts between David and Whitney during the time in question. According to Jenelle’s story, these prove that David never texted the things Whitney claims he did back in May 2022.

“Ya understand that there’s a way to delete text messages, right Juh-nelle? Good gravy!”

Jenelle even (somehow) managed to obtain an exclusive statement from David himself about how the text messages provided by Whitney are fake.

No. Seriously…

“I honestly think they are photoshopped because I have the real texts between Whitney and I,” David tells his wife’s website. “I have shown them to Jenelle and they are only pertaining to co-parenting.”

The website goes on to again accuse Whitney and her husband Shane of creating the text messages that were released.

“Many close sources to Jenelle and David Eason believe that Whitney Johnson and her husband, Kenneth Shane Rich, photoshopped the text messages that were submitted to The Sun a few weeks ago.”

An EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes shot of the “many close sources”…probably.

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube; Instagram; Facebook)

43 Responses

  1. Can you imagine poor Jace? Ef these two but for Jace to have to see pictures online of his mother standing by the man that abused him! I feel terrible for him and hope that he is getting all the love in the world from Barb.

  2. Hey Jenelle,
    Clean your bedroom you pig!
    Can only imagine what the rest of your house looks like!
    Maybe David will send other pictures to Whitney when he gets mad at you again. LOL

  3. Also Vienna sausages are delicious, unlike this monster out of a fantasy novel.

    If the entire future of humanity depended on me having sex/ children with this guy….. I’m sorry guys. I would let you all down.

  4. I saw a post where David was bragging about cream pieing Jeanelle. Why these two Neanderthals would try to procreate again is beyond me. Jeanelle needs to close her locker for good and get away from duh David. They need their kids taken away.

  5. No one matter where we are, I can always count on you, abusing me and my children and my pets. Love yoouu

    Dumb fucking ass

  6. Thank goodness they took cheap ass pics and wrote such loving sentiments online! I feel so much better now. I feel like they’re so healthy, happy and that THIS is a true love story. Fuck The Notebook!

    I’m going to go vomit now, Buh-bye!!

    1. Yep. And photo shop. His text messages fighting with Duhnelle. Bitch is in Duh nial. I really feel she is mentally disabled. Too much drugs and alcohol, she really is out of touch with Reality. 5150 her ass and take those kids! I cannot even express how much I hate those two POS For the harm, they’ve done to those children. CPS get your head out of your ass and do your job!

  7. The fact that they continue to have custody of the other two children show just how broken our court system is when protecting children

  8. I just…cannot. I am done with her. Jenelle does NOT believe those texts were photoshopped. She is a broken woman who is sad and going through some major shit and she cannot handle the additional strain of leaving David. She is consciously choosing to ignore his behavior because the alternative is too emotionally taxing. She has gone this route numerous times in the past and it has created the situation she is in today. Jenelle, it is time to buckle down and DEAL with the situation, once and for all. You are only delaying the inevitable and creating a much worse situation. Just like each time before.

    1. All of her children will follow suit as well. She is a terrible example of a human being, and this is a terrible example of “true love”. Their kids will model this in their own lives, and it will probably get them in jail or killed. She is the most irresponsible mother and I’m sick of all the media attention she gets.

  9. I’m surprised he even wrote “Awwwe don’t make me cry”. He seems like the type who thinks he’s an alpha male and that men should never show their emotions.

    Yet few weeks ago she talked sh*t about him and now that sh*t has ACTUALLY hit the fan (meaning he will def be charged with abusing Jace), she’s so supportive? I wonder if she has some sort of a weird kink for men who are violent and drug addicts…(also ew)

  10. Imagine seeing texts and photos from your husbands ex wife of your dirty room, and being like those arent real…THEN having a photo shoot and posting the photos with your child’s abuser. She’s so concerned with protecting this piece of shit that she doesn’t realize those kids are gonna be the ones to pick out the nursing home at the end of her life. BTW. They both look like shit in those photos. Outsides are finally matching their insides.

  11. OMGoodness ~ had to pause reading to comment on ‘girthy paw’!!! ?????
    @theashley, you continue to bring it!! ✅✅

  12. So sick. I cry for the kids that’s been abused. This is when he’s live bombing her. When the world is closing in on you suddenly the one person who’s horrible and around is your best friend and you lean hard and suddenly alls find in the world. That’s dangerous and it’s a shame they have no shame. Live always on defense and crying wolf every other month then think she really doing something by sticking with this monster and showcasing it around like he’s the best prize and she won it. Idk its aggravating

  13. Ashley, In your articles about J&D, when you talk about their children can you include Kaden & the part about they aren’t allowed contact with him? I think the world needs to know this, especially now.

      1. No but everyone should know both of them have children they are not allowed around.The name of the child doesn’t need to be shared.
        Just the facts.

        1. Forgive me but I am not sure what a GFM is. Did the mom make a global foreign market? A good flying monkey? A Good Friday morning? I’d love to know!

    1. @kails ~ IKR? ??
      (or as thashley has referred to them ~ his ‘pippi swampstocking braids’ ??)

  14. Every time they use “a source close to Jenelle” you know it’s jenelle because there is literally no one close to jenelle or David.

    Perhaps she should learn to formulate an actual sentence before publishing an “article” (if it can even be called that) attempting to look like it’s from an actual journalist. It’s embarrassing to even read!

    You’d think they would be more concerned about their upcoming court case that could (SHOULD) see them BOTH charged and kids freed to homes that would do more than feed them bacon grease, than pestering Whitney and Shane who have clearly cleaned up their lives and “grown”!

    How jenelle can continually embarrass everyone who reads anything she writes/posts at any and every point in time is a mystery. Embarrasses everyone EXCEPT HERSELF that is!?

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