Tom Sandoval Says He’s Ready to Date Again; Claims Ex Ariana Madix Constantly “Belittled” Him During Their Relationship

“She was what James Kennedy would call a ‘poo-poo head’ to me!”

Tom Sandoval recently gave what Nick Viall described as the “most-unhinged” episode interview he’s ever had on his The Viall Files podcast, with the Vanderpump Rules star going into detail about his “Scandoval” affair he had with Rachel Leviss, as well as what his relationship with longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix was really like. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Sandoval (along with Tom Schwartz who joined in on the interview), claimed that Ariana should be grateful for Sandoval’s affair because it rejuvenated her career, stating that she “hit the breakup lottery.”

Below are some of the other lowlights highlights of Sandoval’s “unhinged” interview with Nick, whom he met when both men starred on Season 2 of Special Forces: The Ultimate Test last year.

On whether or not he’s ready to date again:

Nick asked the (former?) “Worm With a Mustache” if he is ready to date someone and “guard and protect their heart.”

Sandoval revealed that he is ready to date again, and that he learned from the mistakes he made in the past.

“Bring on the ladies!”

“I don’t know what to say except that I f**ked up. I know that I did that,” he said. “It doesn’t matter the scenario. It doesn’t matter; I f**ked up, and I know that.

“I do love hard,” he continued. “I really do. Unfortunately, being vulnerable in a situation got me to throw logic and everything out the window, and people’s feelings and Ariana’s feelings. I regret it, hardcore. I really do. I can’t do anything about it.”

Sandoval added that he has learned a lot from his affair with Rachel. However, when Nick pressed him to tell us what he learned, Sandoval was left bumbling.

“Um…for one, don’t try out a new mustache right before you get exposed as a lying cheater!” 

“I don’t know, man, I’m just trying to be a better person. I swear to God, I really am,” he said, almost getting angry with Nick for asking him that question. 

“What have I learned? What have I learned!? To not ever do that again. To not be in a nine-year f**king relationship and end it that way. To not ever, like, cheat that way,” he said. 

Nick, unmoved by Sandoval’s anger, asked Sandoval to explain what he meant by “cheat that way.”

“Soooo…cheating’s still OK, just not in that way? Got it.”

Later in the podcast, Sandoval stated that Ariana was the first person he was ever in a relationship with whom he truly respected and held in high regard.

“It was not reciprocated in any way,” he added. “And putting her on a pedestal and looking at who she is as a person, I think that moving forward [into my next relationship], I want to have the same respect [given to me]…having respect for them and them having the same kind of respect for me.” 

On how bad his relationship with Ariana was:

Sandoval claimed that he didn’t want to speak about a lot of things involving Ariana because he didn’t “want to dishonor her.” However, he then began to speak about those things, stating that Ariana treated him horribly during their nine-year relationship.

“If you want me to be f**king honest, I love Ariana,” he said. “I really do care about her. But, like, this person, throughout our relationship, talked to me like I was down here, all the f**king time!” 

Schwartz’s actual face as he realized Sandoval was about to blame Ariana for him having to boink Rachel…

“Just getting belittled, belittled, belittled [by Ariana], all the f**king time!” Sandoval yelled. “I hate to say it, but I acted out because I had such low self-worth. And having somebody like Raquel— someone who’s in their twenties— [come on to me], I was like, ‘Really? Oh my God, I’m attractive to someone?'”

Schwartz informed Sandoval that he was making it sound like Ariana made him cheat, but Sandoval insisted that wasn’t the case.

“She wouldn’t have sex with me for f**king a year!” Sandoval said of Ariana. “But I loved Ariana. I really f**king did!”

He went on to say that he should have broken up with Ariana a year before Scandoval caused their breakup.  

“I instigated the happiness in the relationship, always. I was the f**king only one, man,” Sandoval said, adding that he didn’t know how to break up with Ariana after nine years together, so he kept putting it off. 

On the lawsuit filed by Ariana to get Sandoval to sell their shared home:

Sandoval insisted that Ariana is not suing him, despite reports saying otherwise.

“So Ariana is trying to make it out that I am a psychopath for wanting to keep the house that we have [together],” he said, pointing out that Ariana said something about it in the Season 11 trailer for ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ 

Sandoval also disputed Ariana’s claim that Sandoval gave her a poor offer to buy the house.

“I gave her an offer of $3.1 million!” he said. “We bought our house for $2.05 million….”

“Do you even UNDERSTAND how many pairs of pleather pants that kind of money can buy?!”

Sandoval then went on to accuse Ariana of not paying “a single bill for this house” in eight months.

“She hasn’t paid the mortgage [but] she hasn’t lived there in two or three months,” he said. “All her s**t is in the master bedroom. She comes and goes, shows up, whatever.

On his intense feelings for Rachel:

Sandoval insisted that he was so taken with Rachel that he “threw logic out the window.”

“I was a slave to my emotions,” he said, adding that he had never experienced that “overwhelming feeling that I had [for Rachel] at that time.

“Alexa, add ‘I’m a Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears to my Scandoval playlist!” 

Later, Sandoval compared himself to a “drug addict” when it came to his intense feelings toward Rachel.

“I was not myself,” he said.

On what to expect from Season 11:

The podcast episode was filmed several weeks before the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 premiere this week, but Schwartz promised that the season would be “raw.” 

“I feel like I’ve reconnected with a lot of people that I’ve been on the outs with this past season and it felt really good,” Schwartz said. “I had some major breakthroughs with some people that I sort of lost communication with.”

You can watch Sandoval and Schwartz’s full interview with The Viall Files podcast below!

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(Photos: Bravo) 


  1. This man is so egotistical he cannot grasp that no one has any sympathy for him. Every time he opens his mouth he’s basically saying “she deserved this”

  2. You know, it was fascinating to watch Sandoval on Worlds Toughest Test. Dude seems like a straight up sociopath. He’s emotionally and morally dead inside. He was legit kicked off the show at the end for being dead inside and mentally unstable. It was bananas to hear these military heroes, who are trained to evaluate the mental stability of soldiers before sending them to war (obvs not sending these reality stars to war, but you know what I’m saying) say that Sandoval puts on a mask of being human with emotion and morals but is so unstable and bankrupt. Many of us who watch VPR have thought the same for some time.

    I’m not wishing bad things on him but he has received his karmic payback and for a narcissist, having their “good guy” mask removed is the worst punishment of all. And yet he will never be truly sorry for his actions. His actions will always be the fault of someone else.

    What a sad way to live.

  3. IF (and that’s a big if) indeed he offered her 3.1 mill (hard to believe he offered her that much) I can’t understand why she won’t take the money and run. If they bought it 4 yrs ago for 2.1 then the house may not even be worth that much yet in such a short amt. of time. If it were me no matter how hurt I was I’d snap that deal up in a second. Am I missing something here????

    1. Didn’t last year he said he had to borrow his mom’s for retirement money to open up the bar?! How can he now afford to give her $3.1 million?

    2. Housing prices have gone up significantly over the last 4 years. I think we can also safely assume he’s lying and not actually trying to give Ariana her fair share, which might be what you’re missing here

  4. Some young girl gave him attention and as a middle aged man with a big ego he ate that up and didn’t care about hurting his partner of almost 10 years. Ariana didn’t make him, he’s just a narcissist whose trying to spin what an awful human he is.

  5. He’s not a good person. We just didn’t see it until this season, when we got to see him for who he is.

    Now when I rewatch, I see what a bad actor/narcisist he is.

    Karma is beautiful tho.

  6. What a douche. What was his excuse for cheating on Kristin? We know that he cheated on Ariana who he claims to respect at the very beginning of their relationship. He hasn’t changed. He will always be a serial cheater and any girl that gets with him now after knowing this is on notice. I never got the attraction anyway. Physically he isn’t attractive. Maybe it’s his boring personality I can’t see past.

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