EXCLUSIVE! Debra Danielsen Responds To Disturbing Online Video Of Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia Dancing Sexually


Teen Mom fans weren’t the only ones who were appalled by a video that Farrah Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, recently posted to her Musical.ly account. The nine-year-old’s grandmother, Debra Danielsen, tells The Ashley she was “shocked” and “appalled” by the video, which features Sophia lip-syncing to the New Boyz’ song “Bunz” while wearing tight leather pants and shaking her “bunz” for the camera.

“I can’t believe what I’m witnessing,” Debra told The Ashley about the video. “I just can’t.”

The video, in which Sophia lip-syncs lyrics such as, “She had an apple bottom, skinny waist/Shake them buns all in my face,” before twerking for the camera, was posted to Sophia’s social media accounts on Wednesday, causing Debra– and some of Sophia’s adult followers– to become alarmed.

“This is inappropriate!” one person wrote in the comments on Facebook. “She’s acting much too sexual for a little girl.”

“She should be into sports, dancing, games, etc. NOT BABY TWERKING LURING GROWN MEN!” another person wrote on Facebook.

Debra agreed.

“This is not appropriate at all. She’s nine years old!” Deb said. “She should be in spelling bees and dressing up like a fairy princess with her friends, not doing things like this!”

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Debra told The Ashley that she feels Sophia should be in a “good accredited school” instead of the homeschooling online program Farrah has stated she uses for Sophia’s education.

“She needs to be with kids her own age, doing age-appropriate things,” Debra said. “Education should be the main focus for Sophia, not all this other craziness going on in her life. My granddaughter should not be subjected to all of this very adult stuff happening in her life.”

“Farrahs world is different from what Sophia needs,” Debra added. “She doesn’t have Sophia’s best interest at heart.”

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Debra said that she has not seen Sophia or Farrah for a long time, and neither has other members of their family.

“The whole family is shaken up about it,” Debra said. “My mom, Farrah’s sister Ashley, all of us. My mother is heartbroken that she never gets to talk to Sophia. She hasn’t seen or talked to her in almost a year. Last August, Farah brought Sophia to Council Bluffs, [Iowa], for my mom’s birthday. MTV came and filmed it. That was the last time my mother saw her great-grandchild. Farrah has cut us all off.”

It was recently revealed that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has filed two charges against Farrah, stemming from her June arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Should she be convicted of both misdemeanor charges, she reportedly faces up to 18 months in jail.

Debra says that some time behind bars may do Farrah some good.

“She needs to go to jail.” Debra said. “Just like Amber [Portwood] needed it. Farrah needs it.

“I’m not out here trying to ruin Farrah,” Debra said. “I have kept my mouth closed a lot of the times when I could have said something. But at this point, I don’t know what to do for my granddaughter. She deserves a real shot at life, without all the craziness. She deserves to be a normal kid.”

You can see the video in question below:

A video posted by Sophia on Friday shows her using the app while wearing a towel. In another post she told a follower she just got out of the shower. (Don’t worry— the video is safe for work.)

(Photos: Musical.ly, MTV)


  1. She is 9 years old,If she wants to sing after her shower she can,if she wants to sing in her bedroom, she can, Sophia you are good, you got some talent

  2. Omg she’s gonna be a psycho only being around Farrah honestly she does not have a chance in hell im afraid already but especially if her mom is really the only person she’s around. So sad. I hate to say that about a child but Farrah is sick in the head. Now with the dog thing that happened. Awful. So scary. Damn. Get her away from Farrah!! (And I was a teen mom once too so I don’t wanna hear BS about it being hard. No kidding. But she’s mentally disturbed.)

  3. I commented recently on a Daily Mail article that Sophia would probably have her first vagina mold done by the age of 10. Sadly, it looks like that was a good call.

  4. What the fuck, I’m 28 and haven’t had any social media for about 9 year, for very good reason.
    My kids don’t even had iPads etc. My 4yo boy plays outside and rides his 4 wheeler, normal kid stuff. My 2mo daughter will be under the same rules. This is disgusting and ridiculous. Someone save Soph

  5. CPS needs to investigate Farrah and remove Sophia before something horrible happens to her.

  6. up until just a couple years ago she was literally barking out words and growling at people. She never had a normal conversation in any scene.

    I can’t say I’m surprised, since the only constant adult presence in her life can barely put together an intelligible English sentence.

  7. My god what the hell is happening to this child? Did she kill her dog? There’s some screen grab making the rounds that says she had no choice other than to toss the dog on the balcony. Fucking sociopath.

    1. There is no way Sophia actually wrote that post. Doesn’t sound like a 9 year old. I think Farrah wrote it as if she was Sophia. But, a 5 year old dog does not just go into shock and drop dead. They did something to that poor dog for sure.

  8. I really like how Debra stopped being blind for Farrah’s sh*t. I hope one day Michael will realize it too.

    And yes, jail would serve her well. After her it’s Jenelle’s turn.

  9. Unfortunately.
    I’m not surprised at all.
    It’s pretty disgusting and very sad….
    But not the least bit surprising.
    Look at her mother? For Sophia, it’s normal, when the shouldn’t be…

    1. They don’t have any rights. Only Derek would and he’s gone. The rest are just grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – they can’t do anything. And we all know that anyone that disagrees with any little thing Farrah says or does gets screamed at and cut off completely – they wouldn’t even be able to get 2 sentences out before she yelled that she didn’t need their negativity and stormed off.

      The only people Farrah has left in her life are Michael, because he backs up everything she says and does, Sophia, because she has no choice, and a few porn star fake friends who just use her for air time. She has pushed everyone else away.

  10. My 13 y.o. daughter also uses this app so I have an account on my phone in order to monitor her post. I went to check Sophia’s page and it is disturbing. More than one video features her in just a towel, her hair wet and she notes she is just out of the shower. Very inappropriate in my opinion.
    Also can we discuss their dog suddenly dying this week? I saw on another site and it’s quite disturbing. Many are concerned she hurt the dog or possibly Farah. It wouldn’t shock me as I am of the belief Sophia may truly be a psychopath. What do ya’ll think?

    1. I don’t think she’s a psychopath. I think she’s developmentally stunted because of how Farrah has raised her. She’s clearly behind her age group emotionally, mentally, developmentally…up until just a couple years ago she was literally barking out words and growling at people. She never had a normal conversation in any scene. She just spit out 2 or 3 word phrases here and there.

      The sad part is that specialists at school could have helped her catch up. I have 2 children of my own that are incapable of catching up with their peers. But Sophia could have. She’s healthy and does not appear to have any mental disabilities like my children. She could have caught up with some help. But I’m sure the school recommended it and Farrah threw a fit, putting her pride before Sophia’s well-being. That’s probably a good part of the reason why she pulled Soph out of school. That and so she could use her as an Instagram prop for her world travels.

      1. I saw that post on Farrah’s Instagram and I was so disturbed by what I saw… both Farrah and Sophia were in the vet’s office, crying over their (dead) dog, and literally all Farrah was focused on was the camera in between sobs, whilst SOPHIA was the one actually comforting her mother and rubbing her arm which makes me think there is still hope for Sophia. Farrah, however, is a lost cause and it makes me sick that she was more focused on sharing what should have been a private moment with the world instead of comforting her daughter.

  11. How long before Farrah wins the “Who will be first to be the Teen Grandmom?” She will probably sell her daughters virginity to the highest bidder any day now.

  12. Such a shame Sophia will go to manipulating Michael when Farrah would go to jail.
    Sophia needs a good and normal foster family.

  13. This is disgusting. Farrah is so out of touch reality, does she really think it’s okay to sexualize her daughter? Gross.
    I know that Sophia is just a kid and can’t help that her mother is a horrible parent and person, but I would so love to smack that little brat, she is a feral monster.

    1. Farrah probably encourages this behavior. She probably thinks a talent agent will see all this crap and make Sophia, “top female star” (Farrah speak.) Sophia really creeps me out. She has a look in her eyes that is just off. It’s really not her fault though. So, I do feel bad for her. She should have been placed in an adoptive home at birth.

  14. From what I hear. This is not the first inappropriate video she has done. She needs to delete all her Social Media.
    Clearly she is imitating her mom. No boundaries with Farrah and Sophia. She needs to stop treating her like a best friend… But then again, emotionally and cognitively they are close in age.
    Farrah doesn’t get that her life is inappropriate for a child (Heck for majority of adults too!)
    Unfortunately, I think the damage is done. Not to be mean..but Sophia creeps a lot of adults out.

  15. I still remember the episode when Sophia’s school told Farrah it wasn’t appropriate for Sophia to be wearing all that make-up. Debra sat there and blamed the school and defended Farrah’s decisions. Stating that the school doesn’t “understand their lifestyle”. As far as I’m concerned, Debra helped create this monster. She is not innocent here!

  16. It’s not like Sophia’s situation is new – it’s been like it is for a long time. Where was Deb’s concern when she was part of the madness (i.e. not cut off from Farrah and MTV money)?

  17. They have to have a teacher on set legally for the kids. What about a damn social worker?! This is sexualization of a child to the extreme. Kaiser is being abused physically. What the hell? People acted out more when Jenelle was abusing dogs and Farrah had a horse in a small yard.

  18. Sophia has ZERO chance at having a normal and sane life.

    No education. No friends. No good role models. No limits or boundaries. Misguided set of values and morals.

    Good job Farrah!

    1. Her paternal grandmother is a normal wonderful human being.

      that nasty ass farrah’s butt (hole) cut her off from day one.

      She would be so much better off with that grandmother and her paternal family if the damage is not already done.

      They are truly wonderful normal loving people.

      This poor child. Its a crime

  19. I can’t believe that this was posted this viedo. Once it’s posted online. It’s done and you cannot do that. The video was not good

  20. Holy Cow! I have seen so much worse from the girls cheering during recess at school. And they making more aggressive moves than Sophia. Because of who her mother is everything she does is going to be criticized or seen through critical eyes.

    1. This is absolutely horrific and if you endorse this on anyway shame on you. If other girls do worse than that shame on them And their parents but don’t endorse this shit and act like just because you seem worse this is nothing . Is horrifying

    2. Uhh, no. Today Sophia made a video of herself soaking wet in nothing but a towel. This is not normal behavior for a child. Emotionally healthy children do not act like this and normal parents do not allow it.

    3. Cheerleaders at recess don’t have 500 pedophiles watching them and sending them sick messages while they’re doing their dance though. They’re on a school playground with teachers there to protect them.

  21. Her previous videos on that site were even worse than this one – you could clearly see Farrah’s stripper moves rubbing off on Sophia. It’s disgusting. Farrah needs the biggest reality check of all time.

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