Dog the Bounty Hunter Asks for Prayers After His Wife Beth Chapman Is Placed in Medically Induced Coma

Beth Chapman, who starred with her husband, Dog, on the A&E reality TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, is currently in a medical-induced coma in the ICU of a Hawaii hospital, her family confirmed in a statement on Sunday.

Beth has been battling cancer for years and, after a long remission, she was diagnosed with throat cancer in November after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a tumor from her throat. Since then, she has been undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. 

In a statement, Duane said that he and his family “humbly ask everyone to please pray for Beth.” He also sent his “sincere thanks to everyone for their prayers throughout Beth’s battle with cancer.”

No further details regarding Beth’s condition have been released. On Sunday afternoon, Leland Chapman posted a series of photos to Instagram of Beth and the family. He did not, however, give any updates on Beth’s condition.


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In January, it was announced that Dog and Beth would star in a new reality show for WGN called Dog’s Most Wanted. In promo videos for the show posted to Dog’s Instagram account earlier this month, Dog sent a message to criminals.

“My wife, the love of my life, is fighting for her life,” he says. “Instead of being at home helping her, I’m out here looking for you! So I’m warning you in advance: may God have mercy on you when I catch you…’cause I won’t.”

“You’ve been warned,” Beth says in the video. 


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Posted @withrepost • @wgnamerica #DogBountyHunter has a big warning for all the criminals out there. @dogWGNA – coming soon only on @WGNAmerica.

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The show’s premiere date has reportedly been pushed back to next year, but WGN has not released any additional details.

Earlier this month, Beth posted a photo of herself, back at work at their business, Da Kine Bail Bonds.

“Get up dress up show up! #cancerwillnotbeatme,” she captioned the photo.


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Get up dress up show up ! #cancerwillnotbeatme #dogsmostwanted #dogandbeth #dogpound #wgnamerica

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UPDATE! According to Perez Hilton, Beth has been in the hospital all weekend. The site’s sources say someone in Beth’s Hawaii home called 911 and reported a “chocking emergency,” due to a breathing problem Beth was reportedly having. She was rushed to the hospital. 

“Family sources say the choking problems are linked to the throat cancer she has been suffering; she suffered a similar breathing problem back in April,” Perez Hilton reported. “As of Sunday afternoon, Beth is still in a coma. Members of her family who aren’t already on the island are rushing to be by her side.”

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  1. Prayers for Dog and family. Beth was such a devoted wife and mother!!! I lost my mom to cancer in 2002 so I know how terrible they must feel!!!

  2. Beth gets a lot of flack/haters due to her outspokenness and her innate ability to speak up and not take crap from anyone. I for one LOVE that about her and feel that there should be more people like her in this world!!!! Here’s to Beth!!! Prayers for you and your family!!!

  3. Poor Beth isn’t in good condition according to another site they don’t see her coming out of the coma. Praying she does! Praying ? for the family

  4. Very sorry for the trying times you and your family are going through. May god keep her safe and bring her through this so Beth can be with her family. They still need her to be here. May God bless all of you, my prayers are with you all.


  5. idk why anyone would down vote someone sending prayers or kind words to someone who’s basically dying but clearly they have no experience with such things, have unresolved feelings, or are just an A-hole. PRAYERS and POSITIVITY to the Chapmans.

  6. Hoooo dearrrrr.

    I hope that someone’s talked about hospice w them and that she’s had that care available behind the scenes before this happened.

  7. I used to watch thier show back in the day until all of Dog’s racist stuff got exposed. I still remember his daughter dying right before or on thier wedding day and I still hurt for them. The irony is I hadn’t seen the show in years until it was on in the hospital when I was going in for a surgical procedure for my cancer… this really hits the heart. Thier poor kids and 51 is way too young… Godspeed Beth

      1. It’s a mad hatter! The ash had to delete the nasty comments she made a couple days ago. Sad…. she’s dying and someone is that disgusting to hate on her!

  8. I have real affection for this family, and Dog and Beth as a couple. They are so great together. Beth is an incredible woman, the kind the world could do with a lot more of, and Dog obviously adores her.

    I truly hope the best for them. I’m not sure how Dog would cope without Beth.

  9. Cancer is a terrible disease which affects almost all of us at some point, but prayers will do absolutely nothing and are a complete and utter waste of time. He should spend what time he has left in private with his wife, rather than contacting publicists. …

    1. God bless you Beth and your family God’s got you in his loving arms and, there’s not a better place you can be, my prayers are with you and your

  10. Praying for Beth! She’s a strong beautiful woman! Thank you to the Ashley for getting rid of the trash on here!

  11. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Mr. And Mrs Chapman my prayers to you and your family here from Michigan, may the love of God oh mighty be with you and your family

  12. For the record the very first comment I saw was from “Zerofu**sgiven” who I said was a child. I wish The Ashley would ban his/her comment. If it was any other topic like “Jersey Shore” or “Janelle” I wouldn’t care. But this is about a LIFE.

  13. So very sad to hear this, my thoughts and prayers are with the chapman family.

    I hate cancer.

  14. Very sad! Figures there are always simple minded people who down vote any of the comments here with the exception of the very first comment who is obviously a child.

    I really like her and this is very hard on the family right now.

      1. Cassie…..NOT you….the first comment that I saw was “Zerofuc**given”!! I just did not want to acknowledge the name!!

    1. Your a piece of disgusting crap! If you have ever watched dog and his wife you would see how much they care for and try to help criminals! she’s no whore…. I pray for her. She’s a beautiful person with a big ❤️. It doesn’t sound good but she’s a fighter! ?

    2. Why would you come on this gossip site to hate on someone who could die from cancer?? Come the f on…. your jealous or just CRAZY my guess is BOTH! ?

  15. That is heartbreaking to hear that another person might lose the battle with cancer. She looks amazing in those photos. You could always tell that he loves his wife dearly.

    Hope everything turns out ok and if it doesn’t I hope the family can find peace someday. It will be hard for all I’m sure.

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