Kyle Chrisley Reveals His Recent Mysterious Hospitalization was Due to Suicide Attempt; Discusses What Happened on Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Podcast

Two weeks after Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley shared on social media that his oldest son Kyle had been hospitalized, the family is opening up about what actually happened. 

According to People, Kyle joined Todd and Todd’s wife Julie on Thursday’s episode of their Chrisley Confessions podcast, where he revealed that he was hospitalized in August for a suicide attempt. 

“I take my medication and I had a bad side effect to it and I tried to take my own life,” Kyle said. “With the meds, I got all kinds of crazy thinking going on.” 

Todd pointed out that a side effect of one of Kyle’s medications was “suicidal tendencies,” though he noted that Kyle was no longer taking that particular medication.

“Yes, we’re off of that,” Kyle confirmed. 

During the podcast, Kyle also said he was getting “one shot a month”; however, he didn’t go into detail as to what the shot is for. He also claimed to be feeling “a lot better.” 

The news of Kyle’s suicide attempt comes a week after Todd shared a photo of the family surrounding Kyle in a hospital bed, along with a caption proclaiming, “not today Satan.” 

“NOT TODAY SATAN, NOT TODAY… God shows up and shows out, now won’t he do it? Kyle is great and we are back to the grind,” the caption read. 

While Todd’s photo showed Kyle surrounded by his brother Chase, sister Savannah, grandmother and other people, his sister Lindsie is noticeably absent.

At the time, a spokesperson for the Chrisley family told People that Kyle’s hospitalization was related to his medication. 

“Kyle is fine. He had an adverse reaction to his medication, but as you can see from the photo his father posted on Instagram, he is doing great.” 

While this description was truthful, it did omit the part about Kyle’s suicide attempt.

Two weeks before Kyle was hospitalized, Todd and Julie were indicted for tax evasion and a number of other financial crimes, all of which they are denying. 

Kyle, who had previously been estranged from his father, was quick to come to his family’s defense following the indictment. In an Instagram post, Kyle claimed that he had lied in the past about his father’s financial wrongdoings and he went on to praise Todd and Julie for always forgiving him despite his problems with drug addiction and that fact that he hasn’t “been the best dad to Chloe”—his daughter, whom Todd and Julie are raising.

Kyle went on in the post to encourage his sister Lindsie, who is estranged from the family herself, to follow in his footsteps in mending things with their father, however, he also blamed her and their biological mother Teresa Terry for being the ones who reached out to authorities, leading to Todd and Julie’s indictment. 

Lindsie not only denied the claims made by her brother, but she went on to accuse Todd and her younger brother Chase of attempting to extort her with an alleged sex tape between herself and former Bachelorette star Robby Hayes. Robby has since revealed that the “sex tape” was not intentionally filmed, but rather captured by way of a puppy camera in Lindsie’s friend’s home. 

When contacted by FBI agents, the owner of the alleged puppy cam denied that such tape exists and despite Todd’s 2017 tweets referencing both puppy cams and cheating, he and Chase have denied that any extortion occurred. 

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(Photos: Instagram) 

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  1. What happened to Kyle’s wife? I swear I read something a year or so ago about him being married & had another daughter. The family was not included for that event.

    My daughter attempted suicide, it’s not a photo op time! It’s very stressful. When the hospital released her she was immediately Baker Acted for 72 hours.

    Was Kyle Baker Acted? Regardless of the drug side effects.

  2. In no way am I trivializing the struggle people face with suicide but this photo is disturbing. Since about season 2 of Chrisley Knows Best Kyle has accused Todd of being gay, cheating on taxes, lying about finances and several other things. All of a sudden Kyle is saying everything he accused Todd of were lies. This seems incredibly convienient for Todd considering the legal issues he is now facing. Maybe Todd is helping Kyle out, $$$, if Kyle helps Todd out. It wouldn’t surprise me since Todd allegedly tried to blackmail his oldest daughter, Lindsey, to keep her silent about her knowledge of Todd’s finances. That photo would make a great family Christmas card.

  3. Ssris can cause suicidal tendencies without drinking and it’s actually VERY common. Much more common than they want you to believe as a consumer. A lot of them can also bring out mania, even in people without bipolar. Look up involuntary intoxication and serotonin syndrome. Imagine having depression and/or anxiety and having to fight your meds on top of it. It’s the scariest thing to witness or to go through.

    1. As someone who has battled with anxiety/depression since age 8 (yes, first anxiety attack at 8 years old) Drs should warn you any med for treating anxiety and/or depression can exacerbate either symptom, thus making suicide more likely if you are not being monitored properly. However, I’m very suspect of this family… yes, it’s great he’s ok, but posing for a family pic after suicide attempt that you’re sharing for national consumption? Just… these people are creepy and fake.

    2. I have dysthymia, and was once prescribed something that caused me to go manic. I didn’t even see the changes that other people were seeing until after I stopped that Rx. It was nuts! It didn’t make me suicidal, but I know people who have become suicidal when they were put on certain meds. It’s scary, especially when you need to be medicated to function like a normal human being ?

  4. That picture was solely for the purpose of letting the world know they are just fine-nothing to see here pr stunt. The medicine could be a large contributing factor but he could also be covering up like so many depressed people do. I can’t imagine saying “back to the grind” if this happened to one of my children. These people are just straight up bizarre and living in the tiny bubble they created for themselves.

  5. Well this news just makes this photo disturbing. Who goes to the hospital to visit a family member that just attempted suicide and takes a family pic with everyone smiling?

  6. The pop up ads…. ? (and I mean the square one that was Jenelle now it’s about amber and they don’t go away)?

    1. If he’s an addict, it could also be naltrexone. I know next to nothing about this family, I just noticed he said he was an addict and naltrexone is also a possibility for a monthly injection.

    2. That monthly shot against psychosis had a friend of mine attempt suicide too. She jumped off a building and is paralyzed. Kyle is lucky to be alive and I hope he will never have to live through it again. Wish them all the best.

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