Jen Harley Says She’s Been “Bullied & Abused” on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ Accuses Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of Cheating & More

“Annnnd here we go again.. .”

The messiest couple to come out of the Jersey Shore— and possibly reality TV in general– is once again at each other’s throats, after a few months of playing nice! 

According to Us Weekly, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is again on the outs with his on-again, off-again girlfriend/sparring partner/baby mama Jen Harley and, as per usual, the couple’s drama has spilled over to social media for the whole world to see !

On Thursday, Jen—with whom Ron shares his 17-month old daughter Ariana—posted a photo to her Instagram Story of what appeared to be Ron with a mystery brunette on a boat. 

“Is this love?? Or is this a mistake?” Jen captioned the photo, adding in another post that the photo was taken this weekend. While Jen was quick to jump to conclusions that Ron was “with another girl again,” a source told Us Weekly the boating brunette is just a friend.

“Ronnie did not cheat,” the source claims. “That girl is a friend of his and that was from a boat party on Monday with a bunch of people. She was there for him because [Jen and Ron] broke up middle of last week and she was being that friend consoling him. He was really upset.” 

Well, this Instagram drama certainly puts a wrench in that plan.

In addition to Jen’s post of Ron on the boat, she also shared screenshots of some of Ron’s less-than flattering moments on ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’, including when he brought another girl back to the house (and possibly banged her in the bathroom) as well as the time he went into the hot tub with another girl. Jen also shared a post about addiction. 

“Addiction not only hurts the addict. It hurts the family, kids, friends and the people who try to help them,” her post read. (Earlier this year, Ronnie admitted he had an addiction to alcohol, and even revealed that he spent time in rehab to try to get control of his issues.) 

Jen went on to blame not only Ron, but also the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast and MTV for “the abuse” she’s endured, insisting her innocence in the longstanding drama between herself and Ron. 

“I hated to post this tonight but I can’t keep taking the abuse by MTV and Ron and the cast,” she wrote. “Everyone always apologize[s] to me for saying the things they have to say about me but I can’t take the abuse anymore. It’s not me, I can prove everything!! 

“I’m the one bullied and abused by everyone. Just because I don’t post the things that happen to me doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen!!” 

Jen finished up her IG-Story rant by posting a photo of herself next to Robin, the alleged boating woman, wearing the same swimsuit. Accompanying the photos was a poll asking followers to vote for “who wore it better” with the options being “the groupie” or “baby mama.” 

As you may recall, this isn’t the first time Jen and Ron have come for each other on social media, nor is it the first time the couple have had issues. In April 2018, the two went head-to-head while broadcasting on Instagram Live (as you do), only to come to blows again that summer when Jen showed up unannounced during the filming on ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.’ That summer Jen was also arrested on charges of domestic violence for allegedly hitting and dragging Ron with her car. 

In October, Ron accused Jen of giving him a black eye and of attempting to extort him, to which Jen responded by publicly accusing Ron of being a drug addict. The couple went on to kick off the New Year by going at it yet again, when Jen allegedly threw an ashtray at Ron’s head—– an incident that resulted in her May arrest on an outstanding warrant for domestic violence.  

In February, Ron revealed that he had completed a stint in rehab for alcohol addiction and depression and was attempting to turn his life around, with or without Jen. 

While the couple both attended the recent MTV Video Music Awards, they did not walk the red carpet together. 

So far, Ronnie has not responded publicly to Jen’s posts. However, it should go without saying when it comes to these two that there will be an update to this story…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

31 Responses

  1. If you are being abused and bullied go far away from him! Why do you keep going back? I wonder if she is getting paid by MTV???

  2. I find Jen seductive and sexy. I would teach her the meaning of the word respect”. I’m also pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to take a dump for about a week when I’m done.

  3. When is he going to admit that his problem is with cocaine? (in addition to alcohol) Its painfully obvious. And i think its probably safe to say they both use… probably how their “whirlwind romance” began. In Vegas.

  4. Why is she making it seem like she’s the only victim here?! You know who is the real victim here?! (of bad parenting who are in each other’s throats constantly?!) YOUR DAUGHTER! Because she has one of the most immature, insane parents who constantly bicker with each other and seek attention on social media. WE KNOW you are staying with him just for the attention, Jen, you don’t love him but you love the media presence it gives because you know when one day you call it quits for good, no one will remember you and you will only be known as a chick Ronnie had a kid with.

    Meanwhile Sammi is happily engaged and probably laughing in the background at all this drama.

  5. That post she made was painful to read. It sounds like she’s getting language lessons from Farrah and aiming to make herself sound like an uneducated, narcissistic, unhinged, haughty bimbo. She’s not Farrah level yet, but I’ll be damned if she’s not trying to become the top female celebrity in our nation.

  6. I was so happy when I saw that he was with a girl that’s not Jen. I pray it’s love and that these two (Ronnie and Jen) finally stop this tumultuous relationship they have together. I hated seeing how she was pressuring him to drink on Thursdays episode when he was 4 months sober. They are just no good for each other. He deserves better, she deserves better, lord knows the baby deserves better please let this be an end once and for all.

    1. Seriously! Who TF takes shot at a 1 their 1 year old’s birthday party. I get the margarita machine for festiveness and fun but the shot taking was too much. It irked the hell out of me. That chick is awful. Run Ronnie!

  7. Jen is crazy. Ron is crazy. Yes we all know this but the bigger question is if those are knee pads built into Ron’s red pants and if so, why?

    1. Sorry Jen. Ima have to pick the groupie. Since her photo is actually legit and yours is practically a cartoon (that looks nothing like you) with the level of filters you got going on. I think her and Ron are both awful, but she seems too prone for violence for me to have sympathy.

  8. Why do people abuse her? That is so unfair. Like when Ron tries to slow down her car with his face or when his eye punched her in the hand.

  9. Dear Rob: You don’t know me and I don’t know you but just hear me out on this. NEVER wear those red pants again. Now, carry on.

  10. that girl is crazy as fuck, you can see it in her face. theres a reason why she wont leave him. they both have met their match in each other.

  11. While a small part of me wants to feel bad for Ron, this is his karma for how badly he treated Sammi for YEARS! Cheating on her on national tv, verbally and emotionally abusing her constantly, destroying all of her stuff at one point after they had the huge and scary fight. I honestly think he deserves this. He lost a good woman who was really down for him who is now happily engaged while he and his bm look like completely white trash psychos. Karma’s a bitch Ron ??‍♀️

  12. I am no fan of Ronnie but she is mentally unhinged and imagine referring to yourself as a baby momma. Keeping it classy I see ??‍♀️

  13. I mean… we saw Jen ask her fresh from rehab boyfriend to 1. Hire a bartender for their daughter’s 1st bday party, 2. Ask him to set up the bar at the party since he wouldn’t hire a bartender, and 3. Ask him to make her a margarita at the party. But sure bitch, keep posting addiction memes like you’re so fucking supportive and innocent.

  14. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    She keeps coming on the show, soooo don’t really feel bad. If your that bullied, then why let them film you? Keep sucking that mtv teet.

  15. I’m so tired of these two!! They either need to live their lives separately or don’t post your shit ! Starting not to like either one of them !! Get a life and just co parent your daughter

    1. Best thing Ronnie can do is to not say anything at all. He doesn’t need to reply… Let her have her moment. Let her look stupid and unstable on her own… Misery loves company and some battles are not worth fighting…
      Plus, The Groupie wore it better… She’s actually on the water… Not laying in bed with a million filters that still can’t hide how ugly Jen is…

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