EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee Gives Update On Her Split from Husband Josh: “He Is Not My Husband”

“When I said I needed space, I only meant about this much of it.”

Mackenzie McKee says she and husband Josh are not back together– and they may not ever be reuniting.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, the Teen Mom OG newbie says that while she and Josh have been able to stay on relatively good terms since their split last month, they are still separated, despite the fact that they are currently living in the same house. (Many ‘Teen Mom’ fans assumed the couple was back together after Josh appeared in some of Mackenzie’s recent Instagram Stories.)

“Josh is not my husband,” Mackenzie told The Ashley. “I’m not sure I ever want to be with him again. [I’m] glad we can be friends for the kids though.”


Mackenzie recently posted about Josh on social media, tweeting on Tuesday that, “Only an idiot like you will wait until I’ve fallen completely out of love with you to be everything you were supposed to be this entire time.”

Mackenzie told The Ashley that, right now, she is working on bettering herself.

“Me and Josh are friends and are on good terms,” she said. “I’m still taking this time for myself. I’m doing counseling, just so an outside eye looking in can give me guidance. I just had so much piling up all at once, I just need time and structure.”

Among those things “piling up” are rumors that Josh was unfaithful to Mackenzie, which ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans briefly saw this season, as well as Mackenzie’s mom Angie Douthit’s battle with terminal cancer.

“Me and Josh do love one another, that will never change,” Mackenzie continued. “God will guide me where I belong and I’m trusting in him right now and focusing on being there for my mom.

“I don’t want to look back one day and say I spent her last days being angry or miserable. I think I got so caught up in life I stopped loving myself. If I can’t love myself first, I can’t give it to anyone else.”

Mackenzie confirmed that she and Josh are not wearing their wedding rings at the moment, and that she believes their relationship “will end up how it was supposed to be.” As for whether or not the two are currently living under the same roof along with their three children, Mackenzie says they are “for the most part.”

“In other words, I’m not wrangling all these youngins’ running around here by myself.”

“The home is ours, so it was kind of tough to say who leaves and who stays, because whoever leaves is pretty much homeless,” she said. “But we have a left wing on the opposite side of the house with a bedroom and bathroom. [Josh] left for 2 weeks and when we decided to be civil he moved back in for the most part.”

On Tuesday night, Mackenzie posted some of her feelings to her Instagram account.

“Posting at midnight because insomnia…. so much of my life right now I’m confused, I’m broken, I’m sad,” she captioned a selfie she posted. “I just don’t understand, but I’m learning. Everyday through this dark tunnel I am learning.”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

51 Responses

  1. I’ve wondered about her since she was on 16& Pregnant when her Mom asked her why she didn’t take the birth control pills that she had? She replied “I heard they make you fat.”- while standing there with her 9 month pregnant belly.

    1. Don’t Know why you were down voted, it’s true she did that to her dog, whilst the floor was covered in dog shit

  2. This two have been on/off so many times I can’t even count them! And brought at least two fixer babies in the marriage. DIVORCE for crying out loud, I only feel bad for the kids.

    And Angie because Mack thinks it’s more important for media to report about her crumbling marriage than her dying mother.

  3. I honestly can’t stand her, She tweeted something the other day about her being a 10 and him being a 2 and when people called her out for being a bully she responded “he’s my husband, I’m allowed to say whatever I want”…he was your husband then…what changed? I don’t see divorce papers. So is he only your husband when you want to talk shit about him?

    Also, I get freedom of speech and all but marriage does not give you license to be a petty mean bitch to your husband. I hope he leaves your ass and finds a girl he actually loves who actually loves him back and doesn’t treat him like shit and use him for publicity stunts and drama.

    (also…in what world are you a 10?)

  4. Mackenzie will always be the back up, in regards to josh and mtv.
    I can’t stand this woman, I will never watch again.
    Between this fuckwit, jenelle, amber, Brianna, the franchise list of entitled lazy cunts is endless.
    Every single one on teen mom of and teen mom 2 needs to be fired.
    They are all smart mouthed enabled and in need of real 9-5 jobs.

    Exploited their kids for far to long, all whining about edits etc, yet happy to collect the $$$.
    The whole shit show has overrun its course.

  5. Makenzie was a stand out on teen mom.She is a go getter!Does she still have her in-home hair salon?Praying everything works out in the end.Relationships/marriage are hard.#Stayblessed,#ButGod.Thank you.Sincerely.Casey Grimes-Finley,Chicago,Illinois

  6. This is what happens when you harass someone into marriage. He never was “in”. This chick is so thirsty, she will do ANYTHING to get back on Non-Teen Mom, again. She is dumb, boring and a total FAKE!

  7. Who cares. Please take this show off the air or rename it. No one is a teenager anymore. Stopped watching this long ago.

  8. Something about this girl has always bugged me. Can’t quite put my finger on it…desperation, whiney, annoying? No, not exactly it……Maybe because she thinks the world revolves around her and her dried out piece of toast boring ass husband? I find her mother way more interesting and more likable.

  9. He never seemed like he was in love with her in the slightest. I don’t think she ever was in love with him either- it seemed like she was desperate to create this little family and it didn’t matter with who. It’s sad that she chose to have 4 babies (they had late term miscarriage before Gannon) with a guy who was so ambivalent towards her and now three kids will be raised in a broken home. I hope she’s right about coparenting from a good place.

  10. I never believe what she says regarding her marriage. I think she wants a secured spot on Teen Mom so she is pretending they may divorce so MTV will stay interested in her. Amber’s on her way out so I’m sure Mackenzie is definitely on her way in.

    1. Please. MTV allowed Bristol Palin to do the same thing – pretend things were ok, then went downhill, when all of the time they were separated but living in the same house for the paycheck MTV would give. Bristol was allowing her marriage to fall out on television so her husband would look bad, because he inevitably would. The guy seems crackers. The way I see it, Mackenzie learned from Bristol.

    1. Jealous cows? Please tell me what any decent woman could possibly be jealous of Mackenzie for? A husband who she roped into marriage who never showed the slightest interest in her? Neglected kids? She’s so self centered that her children run around filthy dirty like wild savages, one who takes a shit on the front porch. Neglected animals & allowing her kids to play with a dead puppy? A foul disgusting dirty house that looks like it hasn’t seen a proper cleaning in ages. I could literally go on & on. But instead, I’ll wait while you come up with some legit reasons why we’re jealous cows! ??

  11. Nobody cares. Hopefully they cancel this show. Shes just another thirsty animal abuser. I feel bad for her mom but that’s about it. This girl is very unlikeable

    1. Proud of a fame hungry animal abuser!!!! Says a lot about you then.

      She’s a stupid idiot, who has only ever craved fame

    2. @abra.

      Proud of a fame hungry animal abuser!!!! Says a lot about you then.

      She’s a stupid idiot, who has only ever craved fame.
      Her kids are feral and her house is filthy.

      1. I am literally ONLY proud of her for FINALLY separating from that mumbling bumbling idiot she was married to, and NOTHING ELSE. Maybe now she can concentrate on her mom, kids and bodybuilding career (in that order) without having to constantly be concerned with what he’s doing behind her back.

        1. Well she’s not been
          Concentrating on them so far has she, using her moms cancer to get on mtv and now this break up, to secure a permanent gig in a failing show, your entitled to your opinion, as am I.
          I think this girl is a fame hungry lazy, unhygienic lazy excuse for a human.
          Celebrating 12 months since she last washed her face Gross.
          Her home is filthy, and her kids are dirty and feral, yep she sure concentrated on her kids.

          1. You’re right, she hasn’t concentrated herself with them (or anything that should require her full attention), but hopefully now that she doesn’t have to be concerned with Josh she will be.

      2. And btw, the definition of feral is “untamed, wild, salvage and fierce.” That is the honest to God true definition of a child. I have honestly never met a child who wasn’t “untamed, wild, salvage or fierce” (to some degree). Unless they are one of those Duggar cult kids.

        1. I’m not the only commenter to refer to them as feral.

          And stop taking it to heart,
          It’s doesn’t affect you

          1. I’m not taking it to heart. I just commented as I would if I read it from someone else.

            I know it doesn’t affect me. None of these articles affect anybody but who the article is about. But people can still comment. It didn’t stop you (as well as it shouldn’t have).

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