Former ‘Little Women: LA’ Star Briana Renee Marries Fiancé Tim Manning

“OK guys, I think I got it right this time!”

Briana Renee is once again a married woman! 

A month after the former Little Women: LA star announced that her boyfriend Tim Manning had popped the question during a surprise family photoshoot on the beach, Briana shared on Facebook that she and Tim officially tied the knot over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

As The Ashley previously told you, Briana revealed that she and Tim were engaged just one week after her divorce from Matt Grundhoffer was finalized. The pair reportedly split in November 2017, and Briana filed for a domestic violence restraining order against Matt, citing verbal abuse, Matt’s frequent drinking and an incident in which he allegedly threatened to kill himself and everyone in the house. 

Additionally, Briana claimed at the time to have discovered graphic sexual messages between Matt and another woman, allegedly involving bestiality and “the proposals of sex acts with minor children, including the proposal of involving sex acts with [Matt’s] minor child, age 12, from a previous relationship,” according to Radar Online

Briana was ultimately granted a restraining order in place for five years, requiring that Matt stay 100 yards away from her, as well as their son Maverick. 

As a result of her tumultuous first marriage and subsequent divorce, Briana announced in 2018 that she was leaving ‘Little Women: LA’ and would not return for the show’s seventh season in order to focus on her children as she Matt’s split played out. 

Following her surprise engagement in October, Renee called Tim her best friend, greatest supporter and the most incredible father. 

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(Photos: Facebook; Lifetime; Instagram)


    1. Congratulations to you!!I hope you are really happy this time.You have been through so much over the past few years.I really miss seeing you and your children on the show LWLA. Please come back, you were my favorite one. And I met you in San Diego and took a picture with you and Matt at Belmont Park. You probably don’t remember.Well Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

  1. Brianna is still a desperate person and dumb as all hell! It’s like she’s afraid to have to be a single parent/be single for awhile? She’s the type of female who thinks having a man defines her whole existence, that’s not a good state of mind for men or women to have especially Brianna because she’s a mother and although she’s not old, she’s way too old not to know better. I already knew she’d regret staying with Matt after she found out he’s a sex-addict and that sometimes they don’t just stop with adults, and then next it’s onto innocent children and animals. Brianna’s that sorry ass selfish type of chick who will get tons of red flags thrown at them, but will still hold onto a POS like Matt until after something horrible happens. All she’s doing is raising her daughter to be weak, selfish and foolish when it comes to men.

  2. I’m so so very happy for you. After everything I watched play out on the many shows I watch of little women you deserve all the happiness in the world. I love you sweetheart now go be happy. Your awesome

  3. congratulations to you glad that you left Matt. Hope you go back onto the show we love seeing you and the children.

  4. She stay single for a while that’s a children get used to him and then get married so she knows she did it right this time I like Little Women LA good luck

  5. Why in the world is this gal in such a rush to marry any guy that shows her a little attention? She needs to focus on her kids and quit acting like some teenager that thinks everything is roses and daffodils once you get married. SMH those poor kids.

  6. Why do people feel the need to get married? Especially after numerous failed relationships/marriages. I hope this guy is better than Matt & the relationship lasts.

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