Mama June & Geno Doak Kicked Out of Another Hotel; Reportedly Unable to Pay $2,000 Bill

“Can you believe these people want us to PAY for sleepin’ in their hotel! We’re ding-dang celebrities!”

It’s time for this week’s installment of Mama June‘s Hotel Hi-jinks! 

Mama June Shannon and her sobriety-challenged beau Geno Doak continue to terrorize the hotels in Georgia. Just one week after it was reported that the Mama June: From Not to Hot stars left a (literal) bloody mess at a FairBridge Inn & Suites hotel near Atlanta, TMZ is reporting that the trash-tastic twosome was booted from yet another hotel, this time for refusing to pay their $2,000 hotel bill!

According to TMZ, June has been renting rooms for her, Geno and some friends at the Residence Inn Marriott in McDonough, Georgia, since November. On Saturday, hotel staff confronted June about paying her $2,000 hotel bill. June reportedly told the hotel staff that she didn’t have the funds. 

“We’re told she couldn’t pay it off in full … coming up shy a few hundred bucks,” TMZ reported.

“I’m a little short on cash. Whatdya say I give you some autographed crack pipes and we call it even?”

June & Co. were kicked out of the Residence Inn, but reportedly headed to another hotel nearby. The rooms they had been occupying were reportedly left “a mess” but were able to be cleaned. 

Of course, this mirrors their behavior at the Fairbridge Inn & Suites, where June and Geno reportedly left over $1,000 in damages to a room they had been staying in. Cops were called to the scene after the couple got into a fight and trashed the room, leaving torn-up money, trash and even blood scattered around the room. 

It was later reported that June and Geno were hit with $1,000 in fines for the damages they caused. It’s unknown if they’ve paid those fines though. 

June’s money troubles seem to have started after her and Geno were arrested in March 2019. After that, she sold her Georgia home for way below market value, and she and Geno hawked nearly everything June owned before starting their Hotel Tour of Terror. They currently have no stable residence, and have been bouncing around from hotel to hotel for months.

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(Photos: WEtv)

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  2. Hello everyone,
    Good morning to you all from Nashville Tennessee,
    When I was reading this I think the police station should get them for damaging every where they go, and Mama June wants attention so she thing’s, Mama June if you are reading this you are missing the real Love from your family, your family is getting stronger cause they have Love and you don’t have Love or Care as for you Mama June think about this no man in the world is going to happy but man the up stairs is what you call heaven, your boyfriend wants you I feel the cops should catch you and boyfriend keep running like chickens LoL

  3. Never let her back on TV, she and Geno are white trash. They are two troubled people, that we don’t want to see on TV. They are not worth it. He’s with her, helping spending her $100.000. Dollars, after all the money is gone, he’s gonna dump her! And she’s gonna be looking to go back on TV to make more money. I hope she gets booted out.

    1. Never let her back on her program she is trash and they both live like trash. She will never get her life back in order until she leaves him. Any mother that would give up their child for a man and live the way she is living doesn’t deserve to have a show making money. She has been given too much and doesn’t appreciate what God provided for her. There are to many good people out there that need help and. Haven’t got what was given to her. Can’t stand her!!!

  4. Even if it’s legal to force someone into rehab where she lives, it most likely won’t matter. If someone doesn’t want help, they won’t do what they need to in order to recover. She has literally lost everything. She has some serious daddy issues to be allowing the “men” into her life that she does. I hope Alana sees how terrible drugs are and stays away from them. For those saying she will likely be dead, if she is only doing crack, which is the only drug I’ve seen mentioned, it’s unlikely. People don’t OD on crack very often. If anything, she will get killed by someone she owes money to or trying to get money. Now, if she was on Meth, Heroin or Benzos, she would be at a much higher risk.

  5. June is no class act to be very very clear. As a mom, you should always put your kids first. No child should have to host an intervention for their mother. You would think Geno was some prize. Apart from his failure in the looks department, he is abusive. I know because I was a DV survivor. Took my kids & left. And, I had no money, no car, no job, no phone, no resources. She HAD the money to get rid of this loser and capitalize on it…DUMB for sooooo many reasons.

    1. Gemma, bless you sweet lady! What you did was for yourself and your precious babies was the best thing ever. I wish you nothing but the best as you deserve it!! Hugs

    2. I’m glad that you left,Gemma. My mom left my dad because he was abusive. I know how hard she struggled to take care of me. I know what that situation is like.

  6. I think it’s time or should I say way past time that Family step in and get court ordered care for June.I’m not gonna be nasty about she or Geno but they need help soon .

  7. She’ll be turning tricks soon, if she isn’t already. Dead by summer most likely. Glad Alana has her older sister to look after her.

  8. I know you can’t help anyone that doesn’t want help but I think her sister could ask her to be committed forcibly to rehab by a judge. She is clearly impaired and will end up dead soon enough. Her daughters have enough on their plates right now but maybe her sister could do something like that. For her daughters’ sake I don’t want to hear that June ODed o Geno killed her in some sleazy motel room.

    1. Yeah it’s like the Marchman Act or something.. Is it it varies from state to state, but I’ve seen it on Intervention before

  9. If either of them stay alive long enough to make it half way through this year, I’ll be really surprised.

    I feel really bad for her daughters. She has miserably failed every single on of them.

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