Mike Sorrentino Says He Tried to Convince Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to Stay on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’; Mike & Vinny Guadagnino Say Nicole is “Doing a Good Job” of Handling Haters

“Umm… thanks but no thanks, Sitch!”

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may have already made up her mind on departing from Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but it doesn’t mean her co-stars have completely given up on the possibility of her making a return to the show.

According to Us Weekly, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino said not only did he initially try to talk Nicole into staying on the show, but he remains hopeful she’ll eventually “have a change of heart.”

“I didn’t agree with it, but I have to support my sister,” Mike said. “I had texted her, called her and tried to convince her to reconsider but she has to do what’s right for her and we have to support her as a family. Maybe she’ll come back and revisit, maybe she’ll have a change of heart. Who knows? I’m hopeful for the future.” 

Vinny Guadagnino seemed hopeful for a possible return as well, adding that Nicole “quits every day” because of the difficulties she’s faced from having to leave her husband and three children at home to film for the show.

“It’s like, you want to do this thing so bad but you get pulled back into your newborn baby and stuff,” he said. “So hopefully she can find a way — if there is one out there — to balance both. But right now, the scale, I think, was kind of tipping toward it wasn’t working out.” 

In January, a month after her announcement, Nicole opened up more about the struggles of having to leave her kids to film for ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ in Miami.

“My son is 7. So when we came back from Miami, I was gone for two weeks, then I came home for a night and then left for another two weeks. That literally scarred him,” she told Us Weekly.

“So anytime I say, ‘Mommy’s going to work,’ he’s like, ‘Mom, you cannot leave me again like you did. I was so upset. I don’t want you leaving.’ So now every time I say I’m leaving for work, he goes, ‘How long are you leaving?’ It kind of gives him anxiety now. I can’t do that anymore. They are definitely happy that I’m not going to be leaving for days on end now.” 

While the concern for her own family’s wellbeing was the main reason Nicole gave for wanting to leave her fist-pumping TV family, she also noted that she wasn’t comfortable with “the direction” the show was moving in and that she needs some time for herself.

Though she didn’t specify at the time, Nicole’s comments may have been referencing the drama that occurred at Angelina Pivarnick‘s November wedding to Chris Larangeira… The drama that ensued after Nicole, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese decided to roast Angelina during their bridesmaids toast at the couple’s wedding reception. 

The trio of roasters bridesmaids received a lot of backlash online after audio of the incident was released, with many online jumping to Angelina’s defense and calling the group “mean girls.”

In addition to the occasional “mean girl” comments, Nicole is also prone to getting “mom shamed” from trolls on the internet. However, Vinny and Mike told In Touch Weekly that Nicole actually handles the haters really well and is “doing a good job.”

“She’s like, ‘Calm down, Carol.’ … It just shows she knows it’s a joke,” Vinny said. “[Nicole] knows these people are sick people … She doesn’t really care.” 

“The kings don’t pay attention to peasants throwing stones at the castle,” he continued, while Mike added, “A successful man or woman is one that can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that are thrown at them.” 

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  1. WHO IS WATCHING THIS?? I’ll admit the first season it came back on I wanted to see how it was going to be… And it was incredibly boring. They are grown with families of their own now- pushing 40. The going out clubbing and get wasted is old now. Jersey Shore has run its course….

  2. I like the show but I feel like it’s run it’s course. I think spin offs might make more sense. What does t make sense us seeing all these ADULTS come together and hang out fir a week in some rental. What’s the point??

    1. Exactly! When Mike “said” in his ET interview (with Snooki at his side) that he feels that the Jersey shore cast is the “reality version of FRIENDS” that was a major leap into deception. FRIENDS and JERSEY SHORE couldn’t be more far apart if they tried. Professional actors vs Reality gigs are nothing in comparison except in the delusional thinking of “The Situation.” Comparing rotten apples to black diamonds.

  3. So she’s like any mother that has to travel for work. Actors and actresses do this regularly for work, and make it work. Hope she saved her jersey shore money good, and invested it we’ll because she won’t ever find another job that requires a month of filming in a luxurious mansion for millions of dollars.

  4. Snookie and Jenni are both bullies. And alcoholics. I really felt for Angelina and how awful and humiliating it was for her at her own wedding.

  5. Haters: /haterzzs/

    Def: 1. A fact that a person does not like or want to hear. Often used by “instagrammers” , reality participants, or people disconnected from real life or reality. Often used by Teen Moms, Real Housewives, or anyone who can’t constructive criticism or the truth.

  6. Lets be real, she only left because of being called out for being a mean girl (bully), using her children as the reason is just a convenient excuse. Had the reaction been different to what they did at the wedding, I’d bet my last dollar she would be on the next season. It is also major bs that she didn’t like the direction the show was going, the only difference in the show is that they are older. Its still them getting wasted every night & fighting over petty nonsense just like the beginning.

    1. She was willing to leave her kids when she was popular and well-liked, now that people are calling her out for being awful, it’s suddenly not worth it. Using her son’s anxiety as an excuse is gross.

  7. I like snooki on the show. She will be missed. Maybe these haters are new/ younger viewers but the original fans remember and love her always.

  8. Vinny and Mike…please don’t go there. I actually like you as people and don’t defend her just because you are friends. Even your friends make mistakes! And what those three did was a horrible mistake. And as much as you don’t believe it, we are actually glad she’s gone.

    I love all her “poor me” talk. Snooks, you went partying, not actually working so don’t make it seem like you were actually struggling going to film. You only cared about the money so that’s why you left your kids and newborn home while getting drunk with your friends! You weren’t searching for a cure, you weren’t even working as a waitress…stop making it sound like it was hard when you did that CONSCIOUSLY! And never EVER call what you did a “job”, it’s degrading to people who actually work!

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        Mike and Vinny are calling themselves Kings? And the people calling out Snooki (for being mean) are peasants? GTFO as they would say, they are old and embarrassing. It will never be like the original run again because they were young, unattached and allowed to make terrible life decisions. Now it is just like pathetic.

    1. I did like snooki and jwow till the wedding thing they all backlashed and shamed angelina for the very shit they just did yet on a pedestal they go once again there always a reaction to an action

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