EXCLUSIVE! Assault with Deadly Weapon Charge Dropped Against Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad David Eason: Get the Court Details!

“No court? I reckon I don’t know what to do with myself if I don’t gotta go to court!”

David Eason has one less court case to worry about!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that the Assault with a Deadly Weapon charge, as well as the Communicating Threats charge, have been dropped against the former Teen Mom 2 dad. Both of the charges stem from the confrontation David had with James Spivey, a (now former) friend of his wife Jenelle Evans, during one of his and Jenelle’s many breakups. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Mr. Jenelle Evans was charged and arrested after James claimed David threatened his life and pistol-whipped him while he and his partner were trying to help Jenelle remove some of her belongings from The Land. David eventually claimed that James whacked him with a railroad spike coat rack (as you do), and filed an Assault with a Deadly Weapon charge on James, too.

Court records confirm that James’ charges have been dropped as well.

An insider gave The Ashley more details about went down in court.

“For the [rescheduled] court date, David’s lawyer appeared on his behalf and David wasn’t present,” the source tells The Ashley. “Both parties agreed to drop the charges against each other, and also agreed that they would have no contact at all. There was no official ‘no contact’ order placed through the court, though, just a verbal agreement was made.”

“I ain’t got time to contact him anyways, what with all the hair bleachin’ and jugglin’ I’ve been doing lately…”

“A new court date was scheduled but has since been cancelled, since both parties agreed to the terms and the papers have been filed with the court. The judge signed off on it,” the source continued. “That next court date was scheduled in case either party backed out of the agreement, but since neither did, the date has been cancelled.” 

While David’s charges related to this case are dropped, he still has plenty of courtin’ to attend to in the next few months. He is scheduled to go to court on August 31 to answer to the charges he incurred in 2018 in which David “self-towed” a stranger’s truck that he felt had parked too close to his boat.) He is also due in court on October 30 to answer to face charges incurred in July of speeding and driving on a revoked license.

“I can’t wait to tell the judge…”

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  1. Idk, did you see his comment on his fb page (a couple weeks ago) about how he lost his court case in the towing debacle bc he was at court in Tennessee for a different charge? what was the Tennessee issue?? Why is it so hard to stay out of trouble?

  2. street justice
    An act or state where a Person A does something minorly offensive to Person B, and Person B retaliates by doing something much worse in degree to Person B so that Person A will never choose to mess around again with Person B.

    In other words: when someone wrongs you and you do something way worse back to make sure they don’t fuck with you again.

    stay lit

  3. Unreal! They really need to file a against Jenelle and David in civil court. She was their friend , called them crying, needed help and they did what any good friend would do by helping her. I’d say I assumed she called the police with as bad as it sounded because she told them she’s filing an order of protection in the AM ( I believe I read on the Ashley that Jenelle said she was filing one the next morning) it is normal protocol for the police to say “ go down and file in the morning”
    David probably called them every nasty name he could with his hate for gay men. I’d blame every headache and eye twitch on David!
    There’s no way they would have a victory in criminal court , that’s of no benefit to them anyway other than David being punished. Civil is different and doesn’t cost a fortune to file . Jenelle set them up in harms way , they’re lucky to be alive .
    I completely missed the part that James was gay, if it was mentioned. She’s a real selfish bitch for doing that.

  4. Is this dude ever going to actually do time for being such a law-breaking asshat?? I seriously have never seen one person get out of so much crap in all my life.

    1. Speaking as someone who grew up in North Carolina…no, he’s not. He isn’t gonna do time until he actually kills someone.

  5. At this point he could walk up to someone in broad daylight and blow their head off, and get away with it. Karma isn’t working fast enough on this loser.

  6. I knew this wasn’t going to be anything. David was in his home. He’s word against James. Jenelle would take up for DAVID. I don’t know why they let it go that far. David will eventually be locked up for not paying child support. He will get what’s coming. The swamp trailer isn’t far from being repoed. Poor Kaiser failing kindergarten because of the swamp people.

    1. How is he never held accountable for literally anything? They abuse their children? Not accountable. They assault others? Not accountable. Kill a dog? Not accountable. There is no hope for the self towing charge.

      I’ve never seen anything like it. We have people rotting in prison for years because they possessed marijuana, but this abusive criminal can’t be held accountable for an assault!

    2. You know it? This is all I was trying to say the first time this was posted … good luck with those charges being in David’s house and you never bothered to call for help to meet you there . As I also said, Jenelle’s friends got hurt and it’s Jenelle’s fault, she’s the one that brought him there. The original story didn’t say Jenelle was with him, doesn’t matter though. This guy could have non visible injuries that will last forever, he can thank Jenelle.
      You’re most likely right about the support landing him in jail, that’s what sticks out to me the most as far as him doing any solid time.

  7. Saddest part was the children were there and witnessed this. His partner admitted this during a live interview. He was chugging quite a few beers during this live. At first he said he did not want to speak of the children. After a few beers and interview was almost over he admitted he took all the children out the back door and drove the kids off to safety when David assaulted his partner. This YouTube live video has since been taken down. You can still find it on Twitter. It saddens me he didn’t report this or why YT creator didn’t use her interview to report this to CPS. Seems like everyone has failed these innocent children

    1. I forgot to add the full interview is not on Twitter. Just clips. If it was, I personally would have reported it to CPS

      1. What do you mean by his partner? Jenelle brought 2 gay men to her house??? That really gets me! She knows how he feels about the gay community! Those guys need to throw a civil case against Jenelle!

        1. She sure did!
          All while in the middle of a swamp throw down.
          She ran away to provoke DE, called her only friend left who happens to be gay, they came to her rescue by going to swamp WITH JE “to get things and kids” where raging DE was. As if JE didn’t know what was going to happen…

          She has now officially burnt through every friend she ever had. No wonder no one wants to be her friend with how she treated Josh, James (& Tori by association) Right after dragging Katrina through the mud after she went well out of her way to help her when she was in TN.
          JE is pure trash. Period.

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