Former ‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis Gives Update on Lawsuits Between Himself & Ex Gage Edward; Tells Gage He’s “Done Messing Around”

This will not end well

The ongoing battle between former Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis and his ex Gage Edward marches on as Jeff declares he’s “done messing around” and the exes move forward with their (multiple) lawsuits against one another.   

Jeff made the announcement this week during an episode of his SiriusXM Radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, revealing that Gage – with whom Jeff shares daughter Monroe – contacted Jeff to say he planned to drop one of the lawsuits against him; however, Jeff believes Gage was only bluffing. 

“Who, me?!”

“ … I never believe anything he says anymore,” Jeff stated. “ … I honestly think he was just checking my temperature to see if I would drop the lawsuits against him.” 

Jeff briefly explained his and Gage’s ongoing lawsuits, beginning with the family lawsuit, “which is attorney fees and custody and child support – that’s one lawsuit.” 

In August of last year, the former couple/co-stars were able to put aside their differences and come to a temporary custody agreement but by October, the two were at odds once again and their custody agreement was off. In February, Jeff revealed on his radio show that Gage filed a lawsuit against him requesting legal support, 50/50 shared custody and that their daughter’s name be changed to include Gage’s last name.

“Okay, then we have the other lawsuit where … I’ve taken out the alleged loan from him for [$125,000],” Jeff continued. “He’s suing me for that, okay?”

This particular lawsuit was filed in March for an alleged breach of oral contract that the two reached in December 2018. At the time, Jeff said he believed Gage filed the lawsuit “as a way of taking a swing” at him. 

As he continued to list his ongoing lawsuits, Jeff revealed he’s now suing Gage for half of the surrogacy costs ($100,000) that he claims Gage never paid him, despite Gage agreeing “to be financially responsible.”

“Then I’m also suing him for $1,250,000 for violating his non-compete clause and poaching my clients,” Jeff added. “Those are all the lawsuits.” 

According to Jeff, Gage claimed he wanted to drop his lawsuit because he didn’t want to fight anymore, but Jeff said it’s actually because Gage “must think [he’s] gonna lose.” 

“So I said, ‘I don’t believe you and I don’t really give a s**t if you drop it or don’t drop it, we’ve got 14 other lawsuits, it doesn’t really matter,’” he said. “What’s one more?”

“Other than something else for me to talk about on my radio show, that is.”

Jeff claims to have offered Gage the money for a down payment on a house “to be done with all of this,” but instead, Gage “wanted to fight.” 

During his phone conversation with Gage, Jeff claims to have gotten so angry that he “blacked out” and could not recall what all he said to his ex. What he does remember, however, is Gage telling him to find his happy place, which only angered the former ‘Flipping Out’ star more. 

“I’m like, f**k you and your happy place! Click,” Jeff said. 

“Also, what is this ‘happy’ word that you keep using?”

Jeff told Gage he would not be dropping his lawsuit, nor would he pay Gage’s attorney’s fees unless court ordered to do so. 

“I said … I fully expect you to reimburse me for the $100,000 for the surrogacy costs and I said I will be suing your for that $1.2 million and I’m gonna win and you’re gonna be spending the rest of your life paying me,” Jeff continued. “So I’m done. I’m done messing around.” 

Listen to the full Jeff Lewis Live clip below. 

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9 Responses

  1. “Love your child more than you hate your ex” should be tattooed to the hand they fondle themselves. Or is some other body part more effective? ?

  2. Jeff is a vindictive, angry little man. He always has been. This isn’t even about Monroe anymore, this is about Jeff winning. That’s what means the most to Jeff is to win at all costs. Second to that, is to get on Sirius and shit talk his ex constantly. At some point Monroe will be old enough to hear all of this.

    Do I think Gage needs to pay half of the surrogacy costs, yes I do. But, but, if half of the surrogacy costs are $100,000 and Gage says Jeff owes him $125,000 then technically if both of those things were true, Jeff would still owe Gage $25,000 and both debts would be paid. In the 2 of their 14 lawsuits anyway.?

  3. Jeff is a classic narcissist. He will never stop torturing Gage and everyone else in his life. It’s what he lives for. Hos flying monkeys put up with him because money. Gage knew what he was like and never should have agreed to have/buy a child with him. She will suffer because of him.

  4. Regardless of who you prefer, Jeff v Gage…..

    I feel like if Gage wants to claim Monroe as his child, get 50% custody and get paid child support,then he should pony up half the IVF/surrogacy costs.

    Gage was not a married spouse, never a stay at home parent etc. For him to request support for a child he claims is 50% his, then doesn’t want to pay 50% of her costs seems hypocritical.

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