Jon Gosselin Claims His Kids in Kate Gosselin’s Custody Are “Shunning” Their Siblings Who Live With Him; Reveals What Happened on the Day His Son Collin Accused Him of Abuse

“Spoiler alert, Doc: I’ll literally never run out of nice things to say about my ex-wife.”

Jon Gosselin is speaking out and he’s encouraging his kids to do the same. 

During his recent interview with Dr. Oz, the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star reveals he hasn’t spoken to six of the eight children he shares with ex-wife Kate Gosselin in two years. He also revealed that the two children who live with him— Collin and Hannah— are now being ignored by their siblings who live with Kate.

When asked by Dr. Oz why he doesn’t have a relationship with six of his children, Jon blamed “parent alienation,” adding that “sibling alienation” is also occurring in the family. 

“ … Now they’re shunning Hannah and Collin,” he said, claiming that Kate’s intervening was to blame for the strained sibling relationship. 

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(Previously, Jon claimed Collin wasn’t on speaking terms with his siblings, but Hannah was.)

Jon also revealed there were some hard feelings after it was announced in October that Kate was selling her Wernersville, Pennsylvania, home – the home featured on ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ – because Kate “didn’t even notify Hannah that she was moving.” 

“What? Don’t they have Google alerts?!”

Jon went on to reveal he learned the house was being listed through a text message (not from Kate or one of the kids) and he was the one who shared the news with Hannah and Collin. 

At the time, it was reported that Kate was selling the $1.2 million home for $815,000 due to alleged financial issues. 

“I told Hannah and she was super upset,” Jon said. “She was pretty much upset that was her childhood home, her mother is selling it, didn’t even call her to say, ‘Hey, do you want any of your stuff or anything? Hey, I need to sell this house.’ There is no contact.” 

“I’m sure Heather won’t mind if I sell her stuff on eBay! Wait, what? Her name is Hannah? Oh crap I better change that on the listing!”

While all of Jon’s kids are not speaking to him, he encourages them to speak to one another and speak up for themselves. 

Jon told Dr. Oz he would like to see his other children speak out amid allegations that he physically abused Collin because they are in the public and “have every opportunity to do these things.” 

“I think the kids need to talk,” Jon said. “I mean, I’m giving them the outlet of, ‘If you want to talk to the public because you’re public [people], you have every opportunity to do these things.’” 

The abuse allegations were made in September by Collin in a social media post, prompting an investigation by the Berks County Children & Youths Services. 

Collin’s quickly-deleted Instagram post in which he accused Jon of physical abuse.

Jon denied the abuse claims and was cleared of abuse allegations. Hannah backed her father at the time, denying her brother’s claims. 

“My dad has been there for me and Collin no matter what,” she told Daily Mail. ” … My dad loves us and has never been abusive to us in any way.” 

Following Collin’s allegations, Kate spoke out about the incident, calling Jon a “violent and abusive person,” resulting in Jon threatening to press charges against Kate if she did not cease the malicious accusations. 

Jon told Dr. Oz what really went down on the day Collin accused him of abuse. He stated that things started when Hannah and Collin were arguing in the car, and Collin went into a “manic state.”

“Collin got out of the car, Hannah was yelling. I was like, come on, I gotta get back to work, can you guys calm down? Collin got upset and he threw…a piece of plastic or something at my car,” Jon said. “That elevated me a little because I was already in a hurry. It dented the car. He got in my face and said upsetting words and stuff like that. He tried to push past me and we got entangled and I had to do a restraint on him.”

Jon said the “therapeutic restraint” he did on Collin is used to prevent him from hurting himself or others.

“I’ve done this in the past. I knew it was coming, but it’s nothing you want to do as a parent because the emotions afterward are like…why am I doing this? You second guess yourself, but it’s already done,” Jon said.

Jon said he then left for work, but got a call from Hannah a few minutes later. She told him that Collin had called the police and accused Jon of “punching and kicking” him. Jon said that when the police arrived, Hannah provided witness testimony stating that Jon did not abuse Collin. 

“I didn’t confront him then because he was in a manic state,” Jon said. “And you don’t want to keep rising that temperature. So I waited, he went to my brother’s. The police mandated a reporter and it went to CYS [Child & Youth Services].”

Jon was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, and again denied ever abusing any of his kids.

“I’ve only done these physical restraints and they’re the hardest thing because I’m not that kind of person,” Jon told Dr. Oz. “And I physically have to touch someone and touch someone I love to protect me and anyone else around in case things get out of hand.”

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(Photos: Dr. Oz; TLC; Instagram) 


  1. She left.take your crap with you.its common sense.she knew what she was doing. She knew she would my be seeing or talking to her mom again.she planned to leave.he is so dramatic.he left the kids with her.traveled. wearing those ugly shirts.he has never paid child support. He lived his life without the kids til they were teens and easy.he is such a pig.if she was so bad whylet her have custody ?

  2. I wonder if Kate sent Colin to one of those schools Paris Hilton has been talking about, and trying to get shut down…if so I can see why he’s an angry kid. Those schools sound traumatic. That being said…why is Jon publicly telling his other kids business?? Almost trying to shame them into talking to their siblings. Talk about Kate all you want, but drag your other kids into it.

  3. I have been in a very similar situation with my child that has emotional issues and bi-polar. You are trained to physically restrain. I believe Jon on this one.

    1. Im sorry for you and your child, that must be hard. I wish things were different for your child.

      However, I don’t think Jon’s story adds up.

      Would you leave immediately for work when your child is manic and you just had to restrain him or her?
      Would you leave him or her alone at home with an also young sibling in that state?
      That wouldn’t be safe for any of them.

      When Colin was really that manic and physical, why on earth did Jon leave him alone unsupervised?

      Wouldn’t he be afraid he would damage more property? Wouldn’t he be afraid he would do something stupid?

  4. You know, this guy for years said how all Kate did was exploit those kids for money. He wanted custody to protect them from that. But as soon as any law contracts were over and he was able to talk to the media, he hasn’t shut the f up about it all. He’s just as bad as she did. Worse, if you ask me. She had 8 kids to care for and a husband who didn’t help. She found a way to raise them in a nice home with plenty of food and opportunities for them including college funds. He can say what he wants, but she was responsible for taking care of those kids even if some of us think she was strict. But him? He’s a tool. He took the first opportunity to get the hell out of that house. And I’m betting it wasn’t all to get away from her. I’m betting it was to get away from 8 kids, a wife, and responsibilities he couldn’t handle. That’s HIS fault. Not hers. He’s just as shitty as everyone thinks she is.

    1. Jon and Kate were a match made in hell to start with. They both display narc, controlling, manipulative behaviour.
      Becoming famous added fuel to the fire that was already burning.

    2. I agree.He left.he wasn’t around.if she was that bad why leave the kids with her? He hasn’t paid any child support.He has said ! Then fusses because she is on t.v.
      Remember all the pictures of him in those ugly ed hardy shirts with his girlfriend traveling ? No kids on those trips.he is just a whinner.

    3. Kate had nothing to do with the college funds. They were given to all the children by someone when the sextuplets were born.

    4. Read the book about Kate and you will have an entirely different view of her. She’s a monster. Yes, Jon was wrong to behave the way he did after the marriage ended but why did the marriage end? According to the book its because Jon felt guilty taking money from “love offerings” collected by groups who hosted Kate’s speaking engagements when they were making millions from TLC AND getting paid to speak. Jon wanted the show to end and Kate kicked him to the curb. That big house that Kate is currently selling—Jon wasn’t allowed to live in the house. He had an apartment over the garage, all while filming a vow renewal in Hawaii.

      When Jon wanted to end the show, Kate and Discovery (who own TLC) filed horrendous lawsuits against him that they knew he couldn’t pay so he would permit the kids to continue to film. Kate has defamed Jon for YEARS and Jon couldn’t say a word thanks to the contracts he signed with Discovery. If he wants to pull back the curtain and take back his name and character, I say go for it. It may not be the best course of action in regards to winning back the affections of your children but when you have been a joke and punching bag for years and can finally defend yourself—I can understand why he is speaking out.

      The book is called Kate Gosselin: How she fooled the world. By Robert Hoffman.

      It’s heartbreaking but very eye-opening.

  5. They’re 16 and only freshmen in high school? Did Kate have them held back or something? IIRC, you turn 16 your sophomore year. At this rate, they’ll be 20 when they graduate!

    1. That’s an old photo and being 16 in 9th grade actually isn’t that abnormal depending when your birthday is. OR maybe they did have to be held back a year. Is that your business? Is it some reason for you to be given the right to judge a couple kids or imply they’ll be 20 in high school? Maybe they have learning disorders? I’d just maybe watch the judgment lest people think you’re not a nice person. Don’t talk shit about kids.

    2. They are juniors. Collin might be different depending on his education when he was in the program Kate put him in but they are in 11th grade

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