Derick Dillard Reveals Honest Reason Duggar Kids Marry So Young; Derick & Jill Announce Partnership with Sexy Time App

“This one will really get Jim Bob‘s blood boiling!”

Since distancing themselves from the Duggar family, Jill and Derick Dillard have continued pushing the envelope (by Duggar standards, that is) addressing a number of topics including birth control, tattoos, the LGBTQ community and more. 

The Dillards continued shocking longtime fans of Counting On by revealing why the Duggars get married so young.

Derick’s brutally honest answer came this week after Jill congratulated her younger brother Justin Duggar on his engagement to Claire Spivey, which was announced one day after Justin’s 18th birthday.

After Jill received a comment from someone questioning the Duggar family’s “rush to marry life,” Derick responded quite candidly. 

“Because we want to have sex,” he wrote. 

Derick’s comment humored many of Jill’s followers and Jill herself seemed amused – even after one person joked that Derick was “getting in trouble” with his in-laws for the candid response.

Staying on theme, Jill and Derick went on to announce a giveaway they are doing on social media with an app called “Intimately Us.” Jill described it as a “fun and sexy app for your marriage with fun bedroom games and tons of ideas to make intimacy and sex in your relationship fun and alive.” 

Jim Bob and Michelle absolutely losing their minds at The Compound right now.

The announcement of the giveaway basket – promoted by Jill and Derick on social media – was met with many supportive comments from fans praising the two for being so “open and honest.” 

However, others questioned if the posts were shared as a joke and some criticized the couple for partnering with the company. 

“There is a lot more to marriage than sex,” one person commented, to which Jill replied, “Yes. There is. But sex is a big part of it too.” 

Whether or not fans support Jill and Derick’s new partnership with this “fun and sexy app,” I think everyone can agree that getting to see Derick talk about massage candles, lingerie and twinkle lights in the bedroom (all while trying to play it cool) feels like the real giveaway here. 

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12 Responses

  1. How about you stop talking about the Duggars and worry about the Dillards?

    The Duggars are one of the last families I would stick up for but this dude has a hardon for them.

    In order to pedal their latest gimmick, he and she have to bring up that family.

  2. Justin…how is it at 17 you are thinking of marriage. Waited till 18 to get engaged? You have no clue what marriage and life is all about. Get married…travel, get an education, start a career, buy s home, get a puppy. Live your life instead of just pumping out children every year.

  3. I went to Christian school where a lot of them went on to marry young. “To have sex” is fairly valid in my opinion. The other thing is the fact that in groups like this the girls are taught that their lives consist of high school, getting married, have babies and bake bread. No further education because they’ll be homemakers and stay at home mothers (no hate to women who choose to be stay at home moms. You chose to do that it wasn’t indoctrinated in you). My mom was one who was married at 18. She decided to take piano lessons in her spare time however and ended up getting all her credentials to be a registered music teacher. She lucked out because my dad is a pos and needed to go. So she was able to have a career rather than being forced into a minimum wage job once they split.

  4. I think he was just being sarcastic even though there is always some truth in jokes. Also I can’t get over how you cropped that Instagram story, at message candles Derick has this look I would rather not imagine when he uses.

  5. Yeah it doesn’t a genius to figure out why this clan gets married to quickly.. that’s what happens when your grow up in a sexually repressed situation. You’ll marry the first person who gives your loins a little tingle, then you’re stuck being married to someone awful for the rest of your life (Hi Anna Duggar!)

    On another note, is it just me or does Derrick not look well? He always looks ill or like he’s on the verge of death.

    1. He really does! Although he’s been looking that way for years now. Remember when they were courting – he was really cute. And much healthier looking. I remember the first picture we saw of him after his jaw surgery, he looked like a different person. But I figured he wasn’t eating much w/ the surgery. But now it’s been years and he still looks sickly and SO different.

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