‘Counting On’ Stars Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Break Their Silence on Jill & Derick Dillard’s Feud with the Duggar Family

“We don’t hate you…but don’t tell Ma and Pa Duggar we said that!”

Jill Dillard‘s siblings are beginning to break their silence about Jill’s feud with her parents.

While promoting their upcoming book, The Hope We Hold, Jill’s sister Jinger Vuolo and her husband Jeremy told Us Weekly they have “connected” with Jill and her husband Derick, despite the Dillards’ ongoing drama with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. 

In the past, Jill has stated that some of her siblings are less supportive of her lifestyle choices than others, and Jinger made it clear that she is one of the Duggar kids who is still on Team Jill.

“I love Jill and Derick and so I talk to Jill on FaceTime and yeah, we’ve connected,” Jinger said. “We just really love them.”

Are you two hoping that talking about family drama will increase your book sales?

As ‘Counting On’ fans may recall, Derick has been very outspoken over the years about his issues with the Duggars, particularly Jill’s dad Jim Bob, whom Derick claims kept the profits from the family’s TV shows for himself. According to Derick, he and Jill were never compensated for their involvement in ‘Counting On,’ nor the show’s predecessor, 19 Kids and Counting. Only after “getting an attorney involved,” were the Dillards able to recover a portion “of what Jill should have been paid” for her participation on the TLC shows. 

Although Jim Bob and Michelle have publicly acknowledged the Duggar vs. Dillard feud, none of Jill’s siblings have spoken publicly about it until the Vuolos’ interview.

Jeremy stated that Jill and Derick are “working through some things” and he and Jinger are “giving them their time to do that, with whatever they’re working through.” 

“Don’t plan to see them at any Duggar Family Fun Nights any time soon…”

Jeremy added that, although all families “go through different issues,” the Duggars have gone through issues while also being in the public eye, but still, he and Jinger hope “things are sorted out” eventually. 

“You always hope that families are united and, you know, family is strong – there’s going to be difficulties in every family,” Jeremy said. “I think that’s part of being in the public eye … So many families go through different issues, especially as children, and this family happens to be in the public spotlight.

” … and even more if you’re a Duggar.”

“We’re definitely hoping things are sorted out well,” he continued. “We love them very much and I know they love the family.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, last month, Jill and Derick revealed that they hadn’t visited “The Big House” (aka The Duggar Compound) in a few years. Previously, Derick stated that Jim Bob does not allow them at the house unless he is present, as he feels they could be a negative influence on the other Duggar kids. 

“We like to keep it all positive vibes and positive pregnancy tests around here!”

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(Photos: Us Weekly; YouTube; TLC) 



  1. I feel like they are all acting like Derick and Jill are two big baddies but all they did is stand their ground and didn’t want to swallow JB’s shit anymore. I’m pretty sure he was shocked when he learned they are using birth control now and honestly, I see them only having one more kid which is good because she had big problems when she gave birth to Sam. Jill has matured and honestly I expected the last person to mature is Derick but he did. Maybe meeting ‘wordly’ people in law school did this to him. Either way, props for them for not listening to the Duggar patriarch, poor Jana needs to leave FAST.

  2. Jim Bob and Michelle are multi millionaires and have been for a long time. Like you said, they have big money.

  3. So the Duggar parents and the Plath parents hold their children’s relationships over each other’s heads. “If you don’t follow MY rules, you can’t have a relationship with your brothers & sisters.” That’s alienation and it’s abuse

  4. Jim Boob and Michelle full-on used and ripped off their kids for their OWN enrichment! And don’t forget they tried to cover up the child-molesting brother! Jill and Jinger and all the kids should cut off Ma and Pa Duggar! They are VILE.

  5. Rumor has it, Jim Bob has some investment that is worth “beaucoup de bucks”. For the life of me I cant remember what hes involved in, but dude has money. Long money. For him to be stingy with the kids totally meshes but isnt right, ofc.

    Ofc he wants to supervise and dorect all conversations. He doesnt want the rest of the brood trying to dip in his pockets.

    1. Jim Bob and Michelle are multi millionaires and have been for a long time. Like you said, they have big money.

    2. The Duggar money is no secret. He made his money in real estate, mostly commercial but has investments in many businesses and properties now. A number of his sons have taken a page from his money making book and have made property and business investments since they were teens. IMO, they’re no dummies.

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