EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Renewed Despite Ratings Sinking Below 200k Viewers: Get the Details

“OK ladies, one of us is gonna have to do something crazy in order to save this show!”

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant isn’t going anywhere.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the “little sister” of the Teen Mom Franchise has been picked up for more episodes, even though the ratings of the current season are absolutely dismal.

According to The Ashley’s sources, MTV has ordered at least 12 more episodes of the show, which currently stars Brianna JaramilloKayla SesslerRachel Beaver, and Kiaya Elliott, as well as “guests” Madisen Beith and Kayla Jones.

However, it appears that only some of the show’s existing cast will stay on for the next round of filming.

“The show has been renewed for additional episodes, but the word behind the scenes is that only four girls have been asked back so far for the new episodes,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her, adding that official contracts have not been signed by anyone yet as of press time.

The show’s renewal is surprising, considering Season 3 has been plagued by terrible ratings. As The Ashley previously reported, Season 3 did not start off well, with the premiere episode receiving only 260,000 live/same day viewers. (No ‘Teen Mom’ episode has ever had ratings that low.. except for the last episode of Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, MTV’s pathetic, cancelled-after-six-episodes attempt at another spinoff.)

Raise your hand if you think this show is doomed…

Unfortunately, the show’s numbers have continued to plummet, with last week’s episode bringing in an insanely low number of only 160,000 viewers.  (To put that in perspective, the episode of Teen Mom OG that aired the same night had 523,000 viewers, which would be considered low for that show.)

The numbers for the previous week’s episode were slightly higher. That episode, which aired on September 28, had 262,000 viewers.

“Those ratings stink worse than my kid’s diaper pail, y’all!”

At least some of the ‘Young and Pregnant’ veterans are currently filming. The Ashley’s production source tells her that a crew was filming at a birthday party for Kayla’s son Izaiah last weekend. (The Ashley is unsure which other girls are currently filming for the new episodes.)

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available! Stay tuned…

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  1. I don’t feel as positive about this segment of Teen Mom. The moms are all unlikeable, entitled, and lacking any star quality. Seems they don’t even brush their hair for their scenes, the scenes are filmed on or in a bed for some reason and the storylines are as interesting as watching paint dry. Plus they rarely show the kids and the moms seem to be too busy being in a bad mood to pay much attention to their kids.

    Unless you are a die-hard Teen Mom fan, I think it would be hard to get involved in this show. There is not enough going on, the moms for some reason look similar as do their partners and it is not charming, compelling, or even salacious. Sorry Teen Mom.

  2. I tried to watch TM , the 30 year olds.
    They’re unwatchable!!!
    But I like the new girls, and the show.
    Anyone know how much they make ?
    ? ?

  3. I love young and pregnant. The ratings are plummeting as MTV has done such a shit job of advertising it lol. It’s 10000x more interesting than anything the older girls have going on right now and I feel like people need to give it a fair chance. Y&P and Floribama Shore are two of MTV’s best recent shows and for some reason they don’t give them the love they deserve lol

  4. If they followed the model of other channels with reality shows do, like Bravo for example..Showing marathons all the time, of past seasons all day once in a while and on weekends, they would bring in new viewers and maybe bring back old ones. It’s the reason Bravo shows Below Deck constantly. Annoying? Yes. But it works. Same with all the Housewives marathons they throw at you. People put it on in the background, and pretty soon they are sitting on the couch with popcorn watching. MTV puts NOTHING into advertising these shows and helping them get viewership. They literally show ONE trailer the two weeks before the season starts, and thats it.

    1. I’m also one of the few males here. I’m a big fan of Rachael Beaver and Cheyenne (the other show). I love these shows and disappointed with the ratings. Y&P is fire!

  5. I feel like the Young and Pregnant show, or really any show with new girls, won’t do well with the TMOG and TM2 still on. But I feel like the show would maybe even perform better than those shows do currently. People always complain about the new casts on shows like Love After Lockup, 90DF, etc. for the first few episodes. But after they get into the season they forget. The next season there’s a new cast and viewers start to complain about missing the people they used to complain about.

  6. I’m honestly surprised by the low viewers, this show is way better than any of the other Teen Mom shows. The girls are still real and actually share their struggles instead of whole episodes of them throwing tantrums at the producers and refusing to film. Then again, I never watch it while it’s airing, I always watch it the next day on the MTV app.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I only watch this out of all the TM shows. The Beavers bring back the good old trashy Jenelle days, Madisen’s story is real and relatable as she’s struggling with finances etc. and not with where to go on a lavish vacation. Ironically, the reason why these girls are still more interesting is because they aren’t that famous and fame has not gone to their heads (yet).

      1. I was actually thinking this same thing while I was watching an episode a few weeks back. This show is way more entertaining and relatable than both OG and 2. Not to mention, the girls, to me, are way more likable!! I can barely stomach an episode of OG anymore!! Those girls are way past being teen moms and all the struggles that come with it. The problem is, I think, very few people watch shows in real time anymore. I know there’s a few shows I watch faithfully every week but they’re all set to my DVR… this doesn’t help their ratings at all!! I’d, personally, be upset if they cut Y&P but kept the other train wrecks! Although, I will say, Brianna from Y&P has got to go!! Im so sick of hearing about her and her mom’s petty fights… it’s a total snooze fest !! They cut that girl Lexi from Season 1 & her storyline was 10000% better!

    2. THANK YOU! I watch the next day on amazon. We are in a world of streaming now, almost everybody I know has cut the cord with cable and fully moved over to streaming. I get so frustrated when websites like this try to compare viewership numbers to the height of everyone having cable lol. Like just because people are watching something later that day or later in the week doesn’t mean they’re not invested!

      1. I’m done!! Watched my last episode!! I’m sorry I don’t want to watch entitled little bitches scream at their mothers for no reason. They want to be on their own? Let them be. Rachel bragging how much money she’s entitled to from that state, bitching about her daughters Halloween costume because her mom bought it but wants to go party instead of taking her trick or treating? Both of them telling their moms how stupid they are and cussing them out in every episode!!
        I’m done!! As for the rest? It’s like watching paint dry.

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