‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Fires Back After Fan Asks Him to Forgive Estranged Brother Matt; Explains Why Matt’s Estranged From Their Family

“We refuse to howl with you, Matt! You’re outta the wolfpack!”

Bear Brown took to social media this week touting the message of how important family is to the Browns, which resulted in fans pleading with the Alaskan Bush People star to extend this positivity to brother Matt Brown, who has not appeared on the Brown family’s show since 2018 and is estranged from most of the Browns. 

In his video, Bear described ‘Alaskan Bush People’ as a show depicting a “family coming together in adversity” and “supporting one another.”

In the comment section of Bear’s post, a fan of the show pleaded Bear to “bring back” his “stray brother,” Matt. In response, Bear insisted that Matt doesn’t want be part of the family and that his brother is the one to blame for the estrangement. 

“I’m getting tired of people acting like it’s us!” Bear wrote. “Why take his word over the whole family[‘s]? It makes no sense!” 

Bear went on to accuse Matt of spreading lies about their late father, Billy Brown and other members of the family. 

“You talk about someone who has not ever apologized for the things he’s done! Someone who spoke lies about his own dad after he died a dad that was ALWAYS there for him,” Bear continued.

“Someone who continues to speak lies about his family, his mother, his brothers and sisters! If you knew the truth about him I guarantee you would not support him! He abandoned his family NOT the other way around!” 

As The Ashley reported in April 2021, Matt accused his parents Ami and the late Billy Brown of not compensating him for appearing on the Discovery Channel show, claiming his parents stole $360,000 from him. 

“We made a lot of money off the show, and because my dad controlled everything, all the money went to him… I didn’t have any money or anything,” Matt said. “My dad kept that all.” 

Matt also accused producers of making the Brown family act as though they lived by candlelight, without any modern conveniences, despite the family having a television, as well as a generator that they “carried around in the middle of nowhere all over the place.” 

Matt, who previously struggled with addiction, also made a shocking claim that the show’s production crew gave his parents cocaine. Matt said it’s where he got drugs, too, and that it’s what ultimately led him to “acting really weird” and going to rehab. 

He went on to allege that this culminated in him drinking heavily, becoming an alcoholic, and having an affair with a married woman.  (In 2020, two women came forward claiming Matt raped them before he went to rehab in 2018. The District Attorney in Los Angeles declined to prosecute those charges, however.)

In response to Matt’s 2021 claims, Bear insisted to his followers that none of what his brother alleged on social media was true. He also criticized Matt for speaking ill of their father. 

“It’s heartbreaking that he would say such horrible lies about Da just a few months after he passed away,” Bear said. “I pray that he can find the peace and serenity in his life that he needs.” 

While Matt hasn’t responded to Bear’s comments, he is active on social media. According to his Instagram, Matt currently lives off-the-grid in Washington in a wood cabin. He is working and has stated that he’s remained sober. He posts videos about his life on his YouTube account and Instagram. 

Matt, chillin’ in his cabin a few days ago…

Season 14 of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ is currently airing Sunday nights on Discovery Channel. 

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(Photos: Discovery; Instagram) 

18 Responses

  1. I don’t believe a word this guy ( Bear ) say’s. he’s got a big mouth, and is always telling us how extreme and great he is, I think he’s not all there, and I feel sorry for Matt, he’s been accused of using coke ,but so has Bear, I like most of this family, but can’t stand Bear, and I don’t understand why people can’t see through him.

  2. Well the father and their brother Bam Bam were convicted of tax fraud. So theft allegations are believable and not completely out of left field.

  3. Wow I love the show, we are in UK Wales, and well behind last I saw last week was Matt almost Having His head blown off, Family were saying Matt’s mind was all mixed up,he didn’t know What he was doing, putting gunpowder in fridge, naughty, They weren’t there,film crew weren’t there, that Man was on his own I’m 70yrs of age,and listening to all family comments They put it out as if he was either drunk or drugged up, no one was there naughty surmising as their giving Him bad publicity. Come on life’s to short, your dad proved that, Get your brother Back, if he says no,in public then all get on with Your lives,??

    1. Matt’s alcoholism was outed the first season. Remember when Matt and Dad Billy went to a bar and ordered soda? Billy didn’t come right out and say it but he hinted that he couldn’t order alcohol drinks because he was with Matt.

  4. I like all the Bush. Family love the show I only wish people would leave them alone let the family work out their own problems its none of our business the show is great love the family

  5. I think that Matt is the smartest one of the Brown’s. At least he got away from the control of Billy (R.I.P.). He was the one who did the most work with the least acknowledgement. I only watched the show because of Matt. Now that Billy is gone and Matt is no longer on the show, I no longer have any desire to watch the show. And now that I know how Matt was mistreated, I am glad that he is standing up for himself! Stay strong, Matt! God has GREAT things in store for you!

  6. Personally I don’t believe a hoot what I hear either, but I will say the reason the kids are what they are is the PARENTS were either lazy welfare stoners who had kids to feed them..why did it take the old man 30 plus years to have a house in Brown town? And guess what he didn’t give his wife a home THE KIDS DID FROM START TO FINISH evening WASHINGTON

  7. Oh I believe that dad dearest kept the money and I know for a fact the show was and is super faked.
    I even doubt whether moms was really on her deathbed holding a rose, she was doing much better all of a sudden. From a few percent chance to live to “were sure she’s going to heal” in a few weeks. The exaggerated things and that’s very sickening.

    The black sheep is often the one that sees through the toxic crap and says “no more”.

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