Jenelle Evans & Husband David Eason Trash Each Other in Online Fight: David Calls Jenelle a Liar & Jenelle Says She’s “Stuck” in the Relationship (Recap of Events)

‘Teen Mom’s most-famous swamp dwellers are going head-to-head on social media…and taking all of us along for the ride!

Words (and probably swamp moss) are flying all over The Land, the lil’ piece of North Carolina heaven that fired Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason call home.

Jenelle and her husband decided to let the public in on their fight when both took to Facebook to argue and bash each other (as you do). From there, Mr. and Mrs. Jenelle Evans got into a full-fledged online fight, with Jenelle accusing David of living off of her, being “mean as f**k” and being a “true a**hole.” She even revealed that she’s not sure she loves her oft-raking, never-working husband anymore.

The Ashley is going to attempt to recap the On-The-Land social media sparring match for ya! (File this under: “Things we shouldn’t care about but we kind of do.”) 

David, describe this marriage using only one facial expression…

The first sign that Jenelle and David’s marriage was a little swampy came on Thursday, when David posted about being lectured.

“When you’re not allowed to speak during a conversation it’s called a lecture,” he wrote on Facebook in a post that has since been deleted. 

Jenelle seemed to follow up David’s post with one of her own on Friday.

“Being around negative energy everyday all day is getting exhausting. I need to force myself to have friends because at this point I’m making myself introverted.
#MorningThoughts,” she wrote.

David took some time off from working … going to school… raking to get all up in the comment section of Jenelle’s post. From there, it was an online back-and-forth, with Jenelle expressing her frustration with David’s refusal to work and his constant habit of trying to offend people online.

In the comment section of David’s post, Jenelle wrote, “You’re always offending everyone on purpose…and sit here beside me to laugh about it.”

(As fans know, many of David’s offensive comments/actions and attacks on others have torpedoed many of Jenelle’s endeavors, and greatly contributed to her losing her job on ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

When David accused Jenelle of lying, Jenelle made it clear that she’s had enough of Davey’s online ha-ha’s. She pointed to David’s most-recent Facebook post (in which he states that singer Tyler Childers is now doing “gay s**t.”)

“You constantly try to bring a rise out of anyone and I’m sick of it!” Jenelle wrote.

In the comment section of her own post, Jenelle claimed that she chooses not to have friends, mainly because she is worried how someone will react.

“In otha words, she’s talkin’ about the David!”

The swampland sparrers continued to tear each other apart in the comment section.

“Yes, get friends! Give me space! I like to be alone!” David wrote in response to Jenelle’s post about needing friends.

Jenelle responded quite “dramastically,” (with her signature poor grammar).

“I have gave you space when I went alone to the beach this weekend, doing my errands alone. It’s been amazing!” she wrote.

“Yeah and when I give you space all hell breaks loose!” David replied.

“If you like to be alone stop begging me to be around me,” Jenelle responded.

“We’re basically the swampland’s Romeo & Juliet…when we aren’t fighting.”

When one of Jenelle’s followers asked her why she continues to stay with her employment-challenged other half, Jenelle replied, “Cuz I’m stuck.” 

Jenelle claimed that she has people asking her to hang out “all the time,” to which David laughed and said it’s people she doesn’t know from the Internet. Jenelle insisted it is people she actually knew in real life.

“Friends from middle school actually who care about my mental health, unlike you,” Jenelle replied.

“Maybe you should go back to middle school then,” David responded.

“I’d be happy to hold your wallet for you if you go!”

Things on The Land sunk even lower (pun very much intended) when a fan asked Jenelle if she still loves David.

“I did but idk anymore,” Jenelle replied, telling another person David is “just mean as faq.”

Next, someone suggested to Jenelle that she go try to find her old soulmate, Kieffer Delp.

“Hit up Kiefer he had good vibes,” the guy wrote.

“He’s homeless and on drugs,” Jenelle replied.

“Being homeless and on drugs ain’t illegal! And, I still might be a better option than David!” 

David did not appreciate the person who told Jenelle to look up her old soulmate.

“So you go around and encourage married women to cheat on their spouse?” David wrote. “Not a good look.”

Also not a good look? Davey’s man pigtails…

Next, Jenelle struck out at David for his refusal to get a job.

“We both own everything,” Jenelle stated.

“How does he own anything if he doesn’t work?” one person asked Jenelle. “…stop paying his child support, buying him things. You’ve given him permission to not work…”

When someone else suggested that Jenelle leave The Land and get a place of her own, Jenelle responded, “So yeah let me just leave and pay for 2 houses now and let a man live rent free? Nah.”

Again, David got upset that Jenelle told people she supports them both.

“Oh so now you’re gonna act like I don’t make money or pay for anything? Nice, you prove my point repeatedly,” he wrote.

“Unless you count him trying to show his ding-a-ling on the OnlyFans. To be fair, two people did pay him to put his clothes back on.” 

On Friday afternoon, Jenelle hopped on TikTok to discuss her “marital issues” a bit more.

“Things have not been going my way in my life. Not like they would, ha ha, why would they?” she said. “Having a little marital issues, bickering back and forth a lot lately for like a straight week and I am really exhausted about it.

“If you’re wondering about my marital issues, I can not stand being around negative energy all day,” Jenelle continued. “I’m sick and tired of arguing, bickering. Maybe we’re together too often? I don’t know. It’s time for me to do what I need to do for me.

She then took her TikTok viewers on her David-less jaunt to the beach. 

Less than an hour after Jenelle posted the video, David commented on Facebook.

“You ARE the negative energy,” he wrote. 

“Well…that’s fifteen minutes ya are neva gonna get back…”

UPDATE! To read about the latest social media posts made by Jenelle, click here!


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(Photos: Instagram; E! News; MTV) 

38 Responses

  1. She lost my respect (a tiny shred that was left) when she stayed with him after he murdered that poor dog

  2. Janelle i know exactly what you’re going thru ive been you. Its easy for us to say just leave him bcuz were not emotionally invested all we see is a lot of disfunction. What I learned is that I was teaching men how to treat me and doing a real shi$$y job of it. He treats you like he does bcuz you allow it. You’re relationship is a viscous cycle of love hate love hate and you have become comfortable in chaos. Its hard it sucks but you need to break the cycle and learn to love yourself first and that will give you the power to teach someone how to love you the way you deserve. Its not the end of the world to be on your own for a while. You need time to heal b4 you drag your hot mess into another relationship.

  3. She got exactly what she wanted – attention and clicks. Which means more money.. they’re doing this on purpose. She has to stay relevant and support their lifestyle somehow..
    Getting a job would be too hard..

  4. I’m not buying it until I see divorce papers signed by Jenelle, followed by them not relighting their fire for at least two years and Jenelle moving on to someone better. Can’t be hard.

  5. He will be around until the money pit run dries then he will go and find his next victim to manipulate and drain money from, he been known to never work with his exes.

  6. Some how me burning breakfast bacon is so much more less tragic now. All of those poor kids.

  7. I love how Jenelle’s response to hitting up Kiefer was that he’s homeless and on drugs….girl that wasn’t a NO ?. And if he moved in with her that solves one of those problems lmao.

    On a serious note though Jenelle and David are BOTH negative energy but David is more volatile and will probably end up killing someone someday. I seriously worry about those kids when their fights spill over to social media, I can’t imagine what those kids are seeing and hearing during that.

      1. My bf’s nephew has been raised very similar, he hates the step dad but resents his mother so much for his childhood, he wouldn’t defend her. I wonder about jace, especially in light of all the running away

    1. Janelle would prob do ok with someone normal. The prob is, she’s made herself such trash, nobody normal is going to want her. She’ll only ever be with f@ck ups

  8. Heads up, this will seem rambly. Way better at shorter sentences than paragraphs lol.

    his is probably the longest relationship she has, at least that is what it seems to me. This is the longest she has lived in a house in a relationship with this many kids too. Maybe this life is getting on her nerves. She doesn’t stick with things this long.

    Side observation, she seems to cling onto what the new bf or husband does. When she was with the first few guys it was fist fights and drugs. Then with nathan she was talking about how she works out. Now with david she like the outdoors and is obsessed with finding her illnesses. David had that throat thing going on and a skin condition, she kinda jumped on wanting some stuff to call her own. Even though his wasn’t major it was something but real.

    She just wants people to like her but the people she chose did her dirty. She already wasn’t all there with how she was raised. She doesn’t know who she is. And tbh I don’t think she ever will. Unless she moves away from literally everyone and stays at another rehab.

    It’s sad but she kept making the same mistakes. Having children when she shouldn’t have. Don’t forget she even had an abortion with a different one. So if she had have done that she would have another child with another guy. Idr which one that was but she is just a hot mess.

    David is a piece os crap, no doubt. He is probably a dad who is strict. Do I think he seriously abuses the kids, no, but he is strict. Without a doubt he doesn’t like animals, but not all do. I mean he hunts and fishes. Let gim do that just don’t own animals.

    If they quit their arguing and stop onlyfans and one of them, or both get a real job maybe this coukd work. Jenelle needs a stable relationship. Those kids need stability in their life.

    It just sucks all around for them. I am only this invested because I have watched this show since I was a teen. I loved the drama. I knew what mistakes not to make from this show. And some if these girls keep making their same mistakes. I’m sure hey have all the resources they need to fix these issues. Leah, amber, jenelle, farrah and so on. So many people ctap on them and tell them where they are doing wrong and they don’t take the hint. After what? Almost 15 years. Seems like most of them are full of themselves to see how wrong they are.

    1. You said Janelle needs a stable relationship. I strongly believe that I’d not david. These two will.not be able to build together successfully unless they both did a 360, rehab, therapy, parenting classes etc.
      My ex husband and I had a viotile relationship and my ex reminds me so much of David. I’m so glad I got away, quit drinking, got into therapy and parenting classes.
      We sedated seven years ago, I struggled for 2 years before really trying, and now 3 years sober and stronger person than ever and I would I’m a good mom thanks to the therapy, rehab, groups, meetings, classes etc.

      Not saying it’s impossible cuz it’s possible, but you have to truly want the change in order to change. People usually just complain without being proactive, much like David and Janelle

    2. David is not “strict”, he’s abusive. He abused Kaiser, we all saw pics of that poor kid’s buttocks. He abused his former bf even while pregnant and that’s why he can’t even see his kid. He abused (and probably still abuses) Jenelle. We all heard her phone call to emergency were she told them he broke her collarbone. You can’t make it work with an abusive person unless you just want to submit yourself and your kids to being abused

    3. You’re making too many excuses for them. Everything they are, everything they do and everything they’ve created, is 100% on them. No one else made them be who and what they are.

      They are grown adults. They are not teenagers or even young adults just getting away from a bad life (childhood even) and still figuring life out. The “mistakes” are a little more excusable when you’re a teenager or a young adult, because you really do have a lot to learn if you’re not taught. At this stage in their lives, though, they have no one and nothing to blame but themselves. At some point you have to stop blaming your “childhood” or how you “were raised” and start taking responsibility. They have all the resources they need to do better and be better, but they choose not to.

      Jenelle shouldn’t be in a relationship with anyone, neither should David. Neither one should be around animals or have children either. They are a danger to each other, themselves, animals and most importantly, their own children. David absolutely DOES abuse them, he verbally assaults them all the time, causes constant psychological damage and he has laid his hands on them in anger. It was literally on the show. Now we know what we all saw, imagine what goes on when there are no cameras.

      If the state of North Carolina actually gave a shit about kids, they would have removed them years ago. Sadly, they did not, as is so often the case there. I’ve dealt with them myself and it took 5 YEARS to get them to remove children from an unsafe environment and unfit parents.

  9. “I never saw this coming.” said no one ever. I bet they will divorce soon enough, have a nasty custody battle (that Jenelle will win for some weird reason) and then she will find a completely similar guy because she can’t find a decent one to save her life. STAY SINGLE AND FOCUS ON YOUR KIDS! (not that she did anytime in her life though)

  10. I have zero sympathy for Jenelle. She’s not stuck, she helped create this whole mess she pretends she’s in. She’s as guilty of everything as David is. The two are together because they’re both the same person, one just happens to be male and one female. People act as if Jenelle is somehow stuck in a bad situation, when in reality she IS the bad situation. She was the same long before she met David (and he the same as well).

    The only reason they do this shit online is because anything and everything keeps them relevant and earns them money. They’re both complete and utter trash and deserve one another.

    The only ones stuck are the kids, because no one ever actually advocates for them. If they lived in a state that actually made any effort to protect children, none of them would be in their care at all. Ensley would’ve been taken at birth when she tested positive for drugs (and likely with FAS). NC is notoriously NOT child friendly and the family courts, along with CPS there, absolutely sucks.

  11. “Romeo and Juliet: Swampland White Trash Edition”.

    People have been telling Jenelle this sh*t for years…she’s too busy “seeing molecules”, Dr shopping, making cringey tiktok videos, on social media, buying lunchables, and doing whatever substances in the she-shed.

  12. I actually started feeling bad for her because it seems like she tries. Putting this bs on the internet though….this is why people call CPS on you….this is why people talk shit. Keep your arguments PRIVATE.

  13. Two stay at home parents that have enough time to notice “gunk in my coffee when it’s sitting around too long” and get freaked out about what it’s doing to her health- then feeds the kids absolute cr*p for lunch???
    If you’re at home doing nothing you have time to make healthy lunches. No excuses

  14. Her friends from middle school???? Isn’t she in her 30’s now?! I hate to be mean, but mentally she’s never grown up and is stuck thinking like she’s still in high school

    1. Her emotional growth stopped in middle school. Hell, she was having babies and being addicted before high school. She’s looking for the last/only comfort and friendship she ever had.

      Not that I feel for her. I just hope her dumb ass actually sticks with her gut and gets out this time.

      1. I am wondering if this is another one of those attention posts. Hasn’t her and davis done those before and then everything ends up ok. Unless they just try to say that to make it seem like their relationship is ok when it isn’t.

    2. Those “friends” are only trying to get in on the fame or drama too and she doesn’t even realize that they don’t really care about her. She doesn’t even know them anymore. Calling them out too, what a bunch of fake a$$ people if that’s true.

  15. Princess Jenelle, you keep choosing THINGS instead of yourself and your kids.

    You’re a young woman, you still have time to start over, even if you have to start from square one — It’s still better than the toxic nightmare you’re living in now.

    You are feeding your kids with money you make showing your bits and pieces, banging and feeding a guy who hits your kids and kills small dogs, and lonely because you don’t get to control who you hang with and what you do.

    You want a change Princess?? MAKE ONE.

  16. So they are sitting in the same house on their phones bickering? That’s so stupid. Like get up and talk to each other. The internet doesn’t need to see your drama.

  17. They’ve been doing this shit from day one. And the next post will be Jenelle defending her dumbass husband. Why do I feel like they are on opposite ends of da land and this is how they communicate? The only true victims are the kids and animals that have to be around these two dysfunctional assholes.

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