‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Jenelle Evans’ OnlyFans Content Reportedly Mortifies Her Teens; Cheyenne Floyd Says She Wants To Adopt A Black Teen & More

Jace, every time Jenelle posts a new “Spicy Dump” of pics on OnlyFans…probably…

From embarrassing their teens to (possibly) adopting one, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace & Stepdaughter Maryssa Are Reportedly Mortified By Her OnlyFans Content

“Hurry up and take this pitcher so I can throw on my Fashion Nova goods and turn my She Shed into a She Spread.”

Jenelle Evans has been hawking “spicy” NSFW photos of her tooter ‘n’ cooter (and other assorted body parts) on OnlyFans for over a year now, and it’s reportedly left her teenage children completely mortified. 

According to The Sun, Jenelle’s 14-year-old son Jace and her 16-year-old stepdaughter Maryssa are “so embarrassed” by what Jenelle posts on the subscription site. In fact, it’s even led to the kids being bullied by their classmates over the situation. 

“At first it was just [photos of Jenelle in] lingerie, but now, it’s so much more,” the source said. “It’s upsetting that Jenelle could do this to her kids.” 

(For health and safety purposes, The Ashley refuses to go on Jenelle’s OnlyFans site, so she can’t confirm what Jenelle is actually posting on there.) 

“Ya gotta dump ya spicy dumps, Juh-nelle! Think of the children!” 

The source went on to blame Jenelle’s willingness to let it all hang out on her unwavering dedication to David, pending child abuse charge and all. 

“Everything is all about David and making money and showing her a** on OnlyFans, and the kids are suffering over there,” the source stated. 

As fans know, Jace is no longer living on The Land with Jenelle and David following an incident in September in which he told police he was allegedly assaulted by David. While Jace is once again living with his grandma, Barbara Evans, and currently has no contact with Mr. and Mrs. Jenelle Evans, Jenelle’s latest business venture was reportedly “a major problem” for the Jace at his previous school.

“I’m sure your classmates would love an autograph, right?” 

Fortunately, Jace is now enrolled in a new school. Meanwhile, Maryssa is allegedly “beyond over it” and had even considered changing schools herself to escape the backlash, according to The Sun. 

“ … but she knows the OnlyFans thing is going to follow her wherever she goes,” another source claimed. “She’s now looking at early college admissions to get out of town. 

“Ya got room for two more?! I’ll bring tha dough boys!”

Maryssa’s mom, Whitney Rich, recently assured fans that her daughter is not currently in any danger– nor is she “being abused”– amid David and Jenelle’s latest legal debacle, though she did not confirm whether or not Maryssa is still living on The Land. 

“She’s safe, that’s all I can say at the moment,” Whitney said. “She is safe. We are concerned for all of the kids.


Cheyenne Floyd Slams Rumors Saying She’s Pregnant; States That She & Zach Davis Are Considering Adopting an Older Black Boy 

“Think of all the adoption-related theme parties we can throw!” 

Cheyenne Floyd is always down to throw a wildly over-the-top party, but she won’t be planning a baby shower for herself anytime soon-– despite what some fans online have speculated. She may, however, be expanding her family in another way, though.

The ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ star, who shares daughter Ryder with Cory Wharton and son Ace with husband Zach Davis, recently told The Messenger that she’s tired of seeing fans speculate that she’s pregnant, adding that the baby rumors were particularly hurtful in the past when she was “dealing with [her] weight.”  

“People would ask me if I’m pregnant and I’d be like, ‘Okay, I look pregnant,’” she said. “It bothered me and it kind of brought my self-esteem down. It kind of made me really feel uncomfortable about my body.” 

“Zach, get Dr. Miami on the line– stat!” 

While Cheyenne and Zach aren’t currently expecting, she said the family may expand in the near future. 

“We toy with the idea of having a baby or adopting and fostering and I don’t know what we’re going to do,” she said. “I think in this next year, we’re trying to make some big life-changing decisions.” 

Cheyenne said that, if she and Zach do decide to adopt, they want to take in an older boy who is Black.

“I think it’s important because as a Black male in America, it’s just tough especially if you’re in the foster system,” Cheyenne told The Messenger. “Once you hit that age, you fall into the system, you fall victim to it and you’re stuck in it. We want to give somebody an opportunity to get out of it.

“…We would specifically seek out, which sounds weird, but we would want an older Black male because who’s gonna give him a chance?”

Cheyenne said that she and Zach have the resources to do an adoption, as well as plenty of family support.

“Just make sure you adopt a boy who likes over-the-top theme parties, obvs.” 

“I just feel like we’re fortunate. We’re blessed enough to do that,” Cheyenne said. “We have a platform and the means to do so. So it’s like why not? It’s a big difference from us bringing in a third biological child, but we can make that child our child.”

Jade Cline Is Planning For a Post-‘Teen Mom’ Career In Real Estate

“I feel like I might use that as my slogan on my real estate agent cards!”

Leah Messer isn’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ star who is fixin’ to start sellin’ houses! Her co-star Jade recently revealed that she, too, is planning to get into the real estate industry.

During an Instagram Q&A session this week, Jade stated that she plans to eventually leave the beauty industry behind and try her hand at selling and flipping houses. 

(As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Jade is currently a hairdresser who owns her own salon in Indiana.) 

“Being an entrepreneur was always the dream,” Jade told one of her fans. “I love hair but won’t do it forever.”

Christy, after she realized her days of getting free haircuts are numbered…

She then revealed that she is finishing up realtor school.

“I want to get into real estate more and also property investments,” Jade said. “I had a great time flipping my last house and would love to do it more!” 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jade recently sold her Indianapolis home and she and her husband Sean Austin purchased a slightly larger home. The couple paid in full for their new house, according to Jade’s social media posts back in June. 

“I’m sure I’ll gradually go into real estate full time and transition out of doing hair,” Jade wrote.

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(Photos: TikTok; Instagram; MTV) 

32 Responses

  1. Desperately waiting for David’s court date! Some time this month I think…
    What a fricking shit show its gonna be!
    Are they selling tickets? I would pay good money to be there.
    And I would sell my soul to be on a jury !!!!!

  2. Does anyone know what Zach does for a living–if anything? showing a teen child that getting pregnant as a teen then using it to make a living is not exactly a way to help anyone–seriously! and janelle–no words–who on God’s green earth would pay real money to see her nude???? and asking how the kids know–the internet my friends, they are teens and I am sure they get bombarded with stuff about their parents!

    1. I think Zach does illegal activities of some sort. Last season, he provided Cheyenne with a storyline about their vehicle getting shot up with both kids inside by “friends”. That isn’t normal…

  3. Cheyenne was struggling when Ryder wasn’t sleeping in her own bed. How is she going to handle a child who most likely will have emotional issues among other issues? Please do that child a favor and stick with what you know which is very little Cheyenne.

    1. She won’t handle it. She’ll likely pick a 17 year old so she can parade them around for a few months saying ‘look at me I’m so great I saved this kid’ and then set them up in an apartment or off to college as soon as they graduate. Don’t get me wrong college would be great if that’s what she does but ideally it should be deeper than that and she sounds like she’s just trying to be a hero and isn’t actually invested in making that child/teen a part of her family and building them up.

  4. I have no words for Jenelle’s only fans other than I hope those kids get some serious counseling for her life choices.. As for Cheyenne and fostering /adopting, just like it’s been said, with Zach’s criminal record, I don’t think that’s an option. Especially with the televised car shooting incident. They won’t put another child in potential danger unless “money talks” unfortunately

  5. People who pay money for Jenelle’s OF are just as delusional as her.

    Cheyenne annoys the shit out of me. She wants to be some kind of humanitarian when she is generally the most self centered person on the show. She even rivals Farrah in that area!!! And, as much as she says that she isn’t, she’s racist. I can imagine that her comments about killing white babies and her very public disdain and intolerance of white people in general won’t help her case for becoming a foster parent. Not to mention her half a moron husband’s criminal record.

    And what in the actual f**k is with these Teen Mom girls wanting to “get into real estate”??? First, Jade is a hairdresser/cosmetologist, now she’s wanting to be a real estate agent, what’s next??? She wants to go to law school??? She’s some weird Farrah/Kim Kardashian/Briana De Jesus mashup, and she’s starting to become just as annoying as Cheyenne.

    1. Thank you! It drives me crazy how hypocritical Cheyenne is with acting like everybody else is racist when she’s a huge racist and there’s proof! Taylor got fired for awhile and Cheyenne had that dramatic talk with her because of some old tweets that were more ignorant than racist, but nothing was done to Cheyenne for her absolutely disgusting and violently racist tweets about killing white babies. Make it make sense, MTV…

      I rolled my eyes so hard when she went to rural Florida and was surprised traumatized by seeing Confederate flags.

    2. I’m not gonna say anything about Cheyenne potentially adopting a teenager. It is a good thing. You don’t have to love her personally, but even the intention of getting a kid out of the system and giving them a better life is not a bad thing at all.

  6. Maryssa’s 16 years old, so hopefully she can graduate early and leave in about a year. I can’t imagine everything she’s been through, including bullying over being associated with parents with Only Fans.

  7. and how do kids know what’s being shown on OF beside it’s not like she’s the only parent doing it. Not saying it’s a good thing but don’t act like no one’s doing it. Was hoping to see more content about the other joke mom Kail

  8. Honest question but, are you allowed to show straight vageeen on OF? Because I can totally see her showing off the Pee and vagee there

  9. “…We would specifically seek out, which sounds weird, but we would want an older Black male because who’s gonna give him a chance?”.
    The savior complex is strong with Cheyenne ? she’ll do whatever for a storyline, doesn’t matter if that means involving an innocent child and exposing his issues

  10. Props to Chey and Zach. I think that’s a wonderfully positive thing to do and wish more people thought like this. I don’t have the resources but would do the same if I could.

    1. I would agree if it didn’t feel so self-serving. If you’re (in general, not you specifically) going to do it, then do it—why does there have to be an announcement?

      1. The most miserable people are the first ones to judge others based on the perceived narratives in the miserable person’s head. Just because you think it, doesn’t make it true.

  11. I am sure the children are embarrassed but in the recesses of my mind, I recall one of Mrs Eason’s many previous soulmates posted her nudes on the internet. It’s not like it’s anything new.

  12. I hope somebody tells Cheyenne you can’t simply ‘love’ away the issues some of these kids in the foster system have. It takes a legitimate chunk of time and patience to parent an older foster child, not to mention behavioral health treatment if they were abused or have mental health issues.

    1. I currently have a black older child from the foster care system in my home and it has been extremely challenging and we have been loving on him for over three years. Cheyenne doesn’t realize that being a foster parent will absolutely disrupt her family lifestyle. You also can’t film them while fostering, travel with them when and where you want, do what you want, etc…. I do hope she does foster though. We need more foster families and I think it would be eye opening for her in a good way.

      1. Let me say that I do agree with you, wholeheartedly, that we need more fosters (seriously people, look into it, please!). We absolutely do NOT need people like her, or Zach, though, the system is full of them.

        What this country (the world really) needs is GOOD foster parents, not people trying to stroke their own ego because they have some kind of weird savior and/or martyr complex. That would be better served in some other type of volunteer work, honestly.

        Those are the people that make it hard to find good foster homes, or a good family fit with a child who’s been rejected (sorry, it’s blunt, but that’s what happens) by people like that. They aren’t all terrible human beings, but they are very misguided and not suited for fostering. This happens over 85% of the time when someone with that kind of mindset gets a “difficult” child (hate that phrase, ugh) though. It’s not at all eye opening for them, unfortunately.

        Not saying she’s some heinous monster not fit to parent ever, but, as a foster, she would fail.

        1. I am not sure what state you live in but my state needs clean homes that aren’t in it for the money that can offer a family environment. She fits the bill. Currently, we have children sleeping in the DSS office floors so I think a warm bed at Cheyenne’s would be better than this. I do think it would be extremely hard for her though and most likely she would fail. Majority of people do fail.

  13. Is Zack going to be cleared to be a foster parent? Because he’s had some very recent and serious convictions and other charges. He’s not exactly a great candidate for adoption…

    1. In some states, you won’t be approved if you have a felony on record of any sort. In some it depends on the type of felony, but in no state are you allowed to have a violent felony and be a foster parent (even in states with lax enforcement, this is supposed to be the case).

      If you look at all of his legal troubles, the state would be wise to not approve him as a foster. Regardless of anything else, his legal history shows a serious contempt for the law and courts (this is what the state will say if they reject his application, it’s very blunt and to the point).

      People bitch about it being hard to become a foster parent, but, it SHOULD be a difficult, lengthy and extremely thorough process. You’re not picking the prettiest flowers in the bed for the vase on your coffee table. This isn’t Burger King, you shouldn’t get it your way.

      But I could rant about fostering and what states get wrong for hours, lmao.

      1. I know that in my state you can’t even foster a kid if you been arrested.

        I was friends with a couple that wanted to become foster parents but because the husband had been arrested for speeding when he wad 18 they got denied…and I thought it was kinda dumb.

        I mean, yeah speeding is dangerous but it was something he did as a dumb kid and he never did it again….or anything else illegal for that matter.

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