UPDATED! Farrah Abraham’s Father Michael Gets Hitched! Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Grandpa Marries Longtime Fiance Amy Blake (Exclusive Details!)

“Hey, MTV, there’s still time to capture the Kodak moment! Get down here!”

Farrah Abraham flew back to Austin, Texas, to watch her father, Michael Abraham, get married!

Michael— who appeared on Teen Mom OG for the bulk of Farrah’s run on the show— is set to marry his longtime fiance, Amy Blake, on Saturday, The Ashley can confirm. The blessed event will take place at a llama ranch in Austin. 

Sophia– Farrah’s daughter– posted Instagram video of her and Farrah on an airplane, presumably on their way to Michael’s wedding.

Much like the 2017 wedding of his ex-wife, Debra Danielsen, Michael’s wedding will have some unique touches. While Michael (probably?) won’t rap at his nuptials like Debz OG did (#NeverForget), he did make it more interesting by adding a theme to it. The wedding and reception are apparently a giant toga party. 

Debz OG will not attend Michael and Amy’s wedding, just as Michael did not attend Deb’s wedding to Dr. David Merz. However, she tells The Ashley that she sent her ex and Amy  “blessings and best wishes from David and I.”

“Family should always stick together and rejoice,” Deb told The Ashley on Saturday.


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The one the only my Father my Dad Happy Father’s Day there is so so much I’m thankful for having you as my father, so many funny and crazy times & “can’t believe it” moments but I’m overwhelmed with love for you and how we’ve come such a long way from the days of 16&Pregnant, then to life changes in Teen Mom & worked on our relationship on Family Boot Camp and to a point where you ride or die, your up for my adventures, & to girl who really appreciates having an amazing father, understanding, communicating & trying your best that’s meant the world to me through all of my life phases. Blessed to have you in my life and thank you for being a great grandpa to @sophialabraham it means the world. #happyfathersday #blessed #ilovemydad #ilovemylife #sunday #mtv #teenmom #wetv #familybootcamp #family

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Michael proposed to Amy back in September 2017, while he and Amy were on vacation in Italy with Farrah, Sophia, Debra and the MTV film crew. (Farrah was still on ‘Teen Mom OG’ at the time, and footage of the trip eventually aired on the show.)

On Wednesday, Michael teased his Facebook friends that an “amazing world event” was about to happen, but wouldn’t reveal what it was.

“Oh My Gosh! This weekend an amazing world event is about to happen! Sophia is doing her dance she is so happy!” he wrote in the caption of a video of Sophia dancing. “No I can’t give you any hints! Ok a few! You saw it start on MTV’s Teen Mom OG! It’s something millions of people congratulated our family about! It’s been in the making for years! Lol!”

UPDATE! Check out the photos from Michael and Amy’s wedding, which was apparently complete with a zebra-print cake (naturally), Sophia and Farrah in togas and more! 


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Happy Wedding Day with my new cousins to my grandpa & new grandma Amy #weddingbells #wedding #texaswedding #sophiaabraham

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Check out the video below, which was apparently filmed right before Michael and Amy said “I do.”

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(Photos: Facebook; Instagram; Snapchat)


  1. What kind of dive was that “world event” held in? 😂😂😂😂 They didn’t even wear real togas. You don’t put bed sheets over your clothes. That was more like an elementary school pageant. Your not famous Michael.

  2. If I had to watch them (which I’m glad I don’t have to anymore), I’d pick Weird Michael or Psychotic Deb any day.

    And I remember the whole “don’t play hide and seek with Grandpa” thing too, and correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t her explanation have something to do with his absent-mindedness?

  3. So… narcissistic personality disorder runs in this family? I wonder if any of Farrah’s johns were in attendance? If I was Michael I’d be more worried about my daughter being a hooker than planning a wedding. BUT I’ve ALWAYS thought Farrah and Michael’s relationship was very similar to Trump and Ivanka’s. Daughter wife all the way. Who calls their dad by his first name? My dad would have gotten me mental health HELP as opposed to HELPING me release my “sex tape”. Was he on set too? Gross. This whole family.

    1. A person calls a parent by their first name out of platant disrespect.

      If I had done that, I would have gotten the shit knocked out of me. Hell, I damn near got it knocked out of me when I called him “Father” instead of “Dad” or “Daddy” (even when I did it as a joke).

  4. Don’t forget what Farrah told Sophia, don’t play hide & seek with grandpa.
    I’m pretty sure we all understand the meaning of that, even in Farrah speak.

    1. Wow. I never saw that. There is really only one way to take that comment. I’ve NEVER had to warn my kids about anything with either grandparents. We have date night twice a month. One Saturday with my dad and stepmom and the other with my in-laws. Two sleepovers a month where mommy and daddy get a night out and kids bond with grandparents. Poor Sophia. She has no idea what a healthy family looks like. My heart breaks for her. Did she really kill a dog? That’s what my sister was telling me but…I love her but she’s a drama queen. Just curious.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I don’t recall her saying that but please educate me on what that means.

    3. If I recall, on “Marriage Boot Camp:Family Edition”, Michael tried to flub with the lie detector test. That’s pretty suspicious. Debz may have been gone away during this time to have an impromptu engagement in the middle of this as well (I dont recall how long she was gone for this and didn’t even tell her family). All three of them are so effed up.

    1. I’ve always suspected he’s the source of Farrahs insanity. I think he did something to her, but she thinks it was consensual (and maybe it became that way as she got older) so she’s too ashamed to admit and get help for it. Something is very very wrong there. The way she calls him by his first name…the animosity towards her mother. They’re all creepy and crazy, and not in a fun or watchable way.

  5. Good luck, Amy. You get to deal with an insane, narcissistic step-daughter, and a husband who comes across as extremely creepy. I wouldn’t wish the Abraham family on my worst enemy.

  6. World event? Millions of people congratulated you? LMFAO I see the Abraham apple didn’t fall far from the tree XD

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