5 Things The Ashley’s Grateful For This Thanksgiving

I mean…is it even Thanksgiving if The Ashley doesn’t badly photostop Farrah’s mug onto a turkey body?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of The Ashley‘s American readers! As we prepare to shovel an obscene amount of food into our gullets, let us also be thankful for the cornucopia of trashy scandals that reality TV brings into lives!

From Reunion brawls to random social media squabbles, the stars of our favorite reality TV shows never take a day off from the drama, which The Ashley is very, very thankful for! (#JobSecurity) 

Each year on Thanksgiving, The Ashley takes the time to reflect on the things that she is grateful for. You can check out this year’s list below!

Recapping the Duggars 

“I’ll go wraaastle up something for Jana to cook up for Thanksgiving dinner!”

While plenty of people are tired of hearing about Jim-Bob and Michelle (and their never-ending parade of crotch fruit) The Ashley adores recapping their show, ‘Counting On.’ Of all the shows The Ashley breaks down for you each week, the Duggars’ is her all-time favorite.

From making fun of Michelle’s pilgrim-esque shoes (she’s ready for Thanksgiving all year long!) to being able to capture the Kodak moments in screenshots, the Duggar Family is truly the recapping gift that keeps on giving!

(If you want to read some of The Ashley’s ‘Counting On’ recaps, click here!) 

Microsoft Paint

Farrah Abraham thanksgiving
This masterpiece was made possible by Microsoft Paint. Peep those crisp edit lines, y’all!

All hail Microsoft Paint, which allows The Ashley to do her sick photo edits. Who needs high-tech Photoshop software when you can swing it back to the 1990s and edit your photos using neon pink lines and whatnot? The Ashley has been relying on The “MP” for to make her funnies for years, and has no intention of stopping anytime soon! 

‘Teen Mom’ Beauty Products

“Dude. Buy your eyebrow kit now, before David starts using them to jack up the house to escape the swamp water!”

The girls from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise are always hawking one thing or another on The Interwebs. From weird clothing lines to waist training belts, there is never a shortage of ‘Teen Mom’-endorsed products available to spend your money on. However, over the last few years, the gals have started creating their own products to shill to their followers. There’s Kail Lowry’s Pothead hair care products (which, according to her nemesis Jenelle Evans are “lit”), and Jenelle’s eyebrow kit line (which failed harder than Kieffer Delp at a drug testing center).

In addition, Chelsea Houska is busy hawking plaid shirts and sunglasses. Vee Torres just launched her very own beauty line as well. Fingers crossed Leah Messer starts her own line of press-on witch nails in 2020!

Jinger Duggar Vuolo

“No more crunchy curls— or antiquated rules–for this girl!”

Jinger has managed to do what no female Duggar has done before: live a life she wants that doesn’t include spewing a baby from her loins every 10-14 months for the rest of her childbearing years. Jinger escaped the Duggar Compound, married a (semi) wordly guy, seems to actively plan her reproduction and has ditched that hillbilly Dug life for a life of sophisticated wonder (and pants!) in Los Angeles.

Kudos to Jinger for not staying in Arkansas with the first man her father found for her, and then shooting out kids on the regular. She’s living her own life, her way, and The Ashley is grateful to see it! 

Her Readers!

The Ashley is so grateful that you come to her website, read her stories and enjoy chatting with other reality TV lovers on this site! It’s because of you that The Ashley is able to share her love/hate of reality TV every day, and bring her strangeness to the world! 

The Ashley wishes all of her U.S. readers a very happy holiday! To all of her international readers…um, happy Thursday! And, remember: if you’re going out shopping for Black Friday… try not to be the person who ends up on the news!

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(Photos: JC Olivera/Getty Images; Instagram; MTV; TLC) 


  1. Thank you Ashley I look forward to reading all your recaps of the shows ! You are always spot-on with comments under the photos. Always a good laugh !

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from Australia, Ashley! I love your articles. So many laughs. Even your commenters are great!

    Go Jinger! I wonder if any of her sisters watch her life wistfully wishing they had the balls to do what she does……?

  3. I’ve never watched a complete episode of any of these shows, but can hold a water cooler conversation with the best of them because of The Ashley’s wildly entertaining recaps.

    So a big thank you from one grateful reader!

      1. No lol, it’s an homage to Regina Phalange. I hail from London, Ontario.

        Also why did my comment get 2 downvotes? What is possibly downvotable about it? Jeez.

  4. Love you The Ashley! I have never watch that Duggar show because they are the opposite of everything I stand for (and to be honest, I’ve always wondered why they are even featured on this site), but after hearing about your enthusiasm for it, I’m going to start reading the recaps. Happy Thursday! Stay lit, coryandtrevor.

    1. I’ve only ever caught a few episodes on cable in the past when I used to live with my mom (the old folk still have cable guys – and I miss it desperately) and believe me, they are the opposite of everything I stand for as well, however, they might be some of my favourite recaps of The Ashley’s! The last one was absolutely hilarious.

  5. I love the recaps! The Duggar ones never fail to make me laugh the most. Cheers to Jinger. I gotta what kind of gross mess Jill is cooking up today lol.

    I also love the exclusive interviews you get on this site.

  6. I am grateful for all the different euphemisms you come up with for vagina, especially during the Counting On recaps. They make me laugh out loud on my way to work every morning

    1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve cried tears from laughing over her alliterative euphemisms, like gentleman greeter and pickle pocket. The Ashley, stay lit.

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