Former Star of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Camila Nakagawa Welcomes First Child

“I gave birth to a mini Camilanator!”

It’s a boy for Camila Nakagawa!

The former star of The Challenge just announced that she welcomed her first child via emergency C-section.

Camila— who won three seasons of the MTV reality show over the course of her ‘Challenge’ career—- told E! News that she has named her son Kai Aiden, and that he weighed in at 7 lbs., 4 oz. and measured 20 inches long.

“[He] is the most perfect little human I have ever met,” Camila told the site on Wednesday. “It was love at first sight and I cannot wait to get to know him and for all of the unforgettable memories we will create together.”


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He’s here. ? meet baby Kai Aiden, the love of my life.

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Camila announced her pregnancy back in February but has yet to reveal who the father is. At the time of her pregnancy announcement, she would only say that the baby’s father “is someone that is in my life and that I admire and care for very much and he will make a great father.” She admitted that the pregnancy was unplanned.

Baby Kai’s delivery was also unplanned, according to Camila. She told the site that she had wanted to have a natural delivery but her son had other plans.

“Even though it was not a natural birth as I had planned and I had to have an emergency c-section after my water broke,” she said. “I feel very happy that baby got to choose his own birthday.

“I never thought life could be this complete,” she added. “Hearing his little cry when he came out was the best moment of my entire life and then seeing his little face just changed my life forever. It feels like nothing can ever go wrong again, life is simply perfect.”

Camila’s life has changed dramatically in the three years since she’s been on ‘The Challenge.’ The last couple of times fans of ‘The Challenge’ saw Camila on TV, she was verbally attacking cast mate Leroy Garrett in a racist tirade on Dirty 30 only to then have a breakdown while filming Champs vs. Stars that consisted of “The Camilinator” stealing a golf cart, punching a crew member and leaving the set in handcuffs. Back in 2017, ‘The Challenge’ insiders told The Ashley that Camila would not be allowed back on the show following her ‘Champs vs. Stars’ incident, and she has yet to be cast on any more seasons.

Her last full appearance on ‘The Challenge’ was during “Dirty 30.” She went on to win the season alongside Jordan Wiseley, with each of them taking home $450,000 in prize money.

Since then, Camila has kept a relatively low profile, but was very active in posting photos to Instagram throughout her pregnancy.


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counting the days ?? #38weekspregnant #thirdtrimester #preggo

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“Even though it has been such an unpredictable time in our world, I am so blessed to have had a wonderful pregnancy and a safe and healthy delivery,” she told E! News.

Camila received plenty of well wishes from her former ‘Challenge’ cast mates.

“Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyy god congrats Camila and baby Kai!!! What a perfect name,” Tori Deal wrote in the comment section of Camila’s announcement Instagram post.

“I trust he’ll have a Tik Tok in no time,” Susie Meister joked. “Welcome to the world, Kai! Happy birthday!!”

Camila is just one of several former ‘Challenge’ competitors who have welcomed babies in 2020. Last month, Melissa Reeves welcomed a baby girl, and in April, Cory Wharton became the father of a second little girl. In February, Faith Stowers gave birth to her first child, a son. That same month, Amanda Garcia also welcomed her first child, a baby boy she named Avonni.

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4 Responses

  1. Camilla is one of the most vile people they ever had on the Challenge. MTV excused her nasty behavior season after season and just kept bringing her back. The cast gave her the stupid nickname “The Camilinator” which was code for Camilla got drunk and was now going to be a irrational abusive asshole to everyone around her. It wasn’t cute, it was disgusting. Then, she attacked Leroy for absolutely no reason whatsoever calling him racial slurs among other things. MTV STILL brought her back the next season. The ONLY reason she was banned from the Challenge was instead of violently attacking her fellow cast mates like she usually does, she attacked someone in production. I say all of this because I hope this sweet, innocent baby doesn’t have “The Camilinator” as a nurturer and role model. I truly hope for the child’s sake that she has grown up & changed for the better because that’s what the baby deserves. Wish I could have just said a Congratulations & called it a day.

    1. Not to mention threats “you’re going to die, Johnny!” (Look, I don’t like Bananas either but drunk saying he will die is uncalled for) and throwing furniture in the pool. You are also forgetting the blackface she did with Emily Schroom while mocking the relationship between Paula and Ty, Emily’s ex who is black. So yeah, I hope she got therapy before she got knocked up. From what she tells us though, she and the father are not together (might be a friends with benefits situation) but she knows him so I hope he will be in this baby’s life. Because if she’s the same as she was back then, this boy will be a crazy person just like she is.

      And I also wonder why it took them for her to punch someone from the crew to finally realize she needs to be banned.

      1. I remember the Johnny comment, it was completely over the top (I’m not a bananas fan I had no idea she did any blackface…what a piece of shit! I just looked it up & I’m floored! WTF? How did Emily & Camila think this was ok? Camila knew it was racist and was laughing the whole time! I don’t know how someone didn’t beat the shit out of her on one of these shows. I agree that the father aka friends with benefits situation is this kids only hope. Hopefully he has some sense. Of course, he did sleep with Camilla so that’s not saying much.

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