Former ‘Counting On’ Star Jill Dillard Talks About How She & Husband Derick Would Feel If One of Their Kids Was Gay or Transgender

“CLEARLY we would just tell them not to be gay. DUH.”

Jill Duggar Dillard has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years— from bucking her family’s strict rules to leaving the Duggars‘ show Counting On. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is how she and her husband Derick feel about those who are part of the LGBTQ community.

Derick— who was fired back in 2017 from ‘Counting On’ after he made transphobic comments about transgender TLC reality star Jazz Jennings—shares sons Israel and Samuel with Jill. In a new tell-all interview with People magazine, Jill was asked how they would feel if one of their sons told them they were gay or transgender.

“Don’t get any ideas, kid.”

“As far as our views on the LGBTQ+ community, we do hold to our faith that that lifestyle is not condoned, and we believe it to be a sinful thing,” Jill told the magazine, later adding that she and Derick do have friends and family who are LGBTQ. “Just because we don’t agree with someone or their lifestyle doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends.” 

Being friends with someone who is gay or transgender is one thing, but Jill stated that if one of their children are LGBTQ, they would not be allowed to live as such if they are living at home with Jill and Derick.

“We would of course love our kids just the same but couldn’t condone their lifestyle,” Jill—who still insists that being LGBTQ+ is more of a choice rather than a biological trait. “But if they are an adult and not under our roof, then they could make their own decisions.”

When asked by the magazine what she would do if one of her kids came out as LGBTQ while still living at home, Jill declined to answer. She did offer a rather confusing quote, though.

“We realize that change is usually hard, and we wouldn’t expect a changing relationship with our children to be any easier, but we hope that we’d both be able to acknowledge that too and still love each other.” 

Derick— who in 2017 famously wrote that “transgender is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God” and refused to address Jazz with a feminine pronoun— did not talk about the topic with People. He did address his current feelings on the LGBTQ community in a recent Q&A video posted to he and Jill’s YouTube channel, though.

In that video, he stated that he would now be willing to use whatever pronoun a person preferred.

“Like if a friend invites you over to their house and they’re transgender or something – that’s just a hypothetical – and someone were to invite me over, I’m gonna use whatever pronoun they want me to,” he said, adding that he and Jill would, however, still “talk about our faith” if the topic were to come up in that setting. 

“Yes, we have lots of non-Christian friends, we have friends who are part of the LGBTQ+ community,” Derick said. “I think it’s a misconception that just because you disagree with someone that you can’t be friends … .” 

In the same tell-all interview with People, Jill also addressed the reasons she and Derick now use birth control, despite the Duggars being against it. You can read about that by clicking here

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  1. I don’t think Jill I breaking free I think Derick got mad when they got fired and decided they lash out against Jimboob. Both Jill and Derick are very unattractive therefore I hate hearing about their s x life 24/7 ?

    1. I totally agree. Jill and Derrick are as awful as the rest of the Duggar liars/cheaters/thieves and bigots to boot!

  2. My mom has the same views and I’m so grateful that my siblings and I are straight, because living with someone with those views who will not accept you would be an absolute living hell. I would NEVER treat my kids differently or tell them they have to pretend to be someone they aren’t while they’re living under my roof. Love and ACCEPT your kids as they are! Why is that so hard for some people?

  3. “We have lots of LGBTQ+ friends” … you don’t! If you won’t “allow” your kids to be gay there is no freaking way you are friends with any LGBTQ+ and allow your kids to be around them!!!
    Those poor kids will just grow up to be Christian sheep anyway.
    Also, why would anyone care enough about the opinions of two former tv personalities to spend time interviewing them?

  4. Why I’m earth would anyone want to be friends with someone who didn’t accept them for who they were? Knowing that they didnt “approve” of their relationship, wouldn’t exactly make you feel comfortable. If my children were straight, gay or anything inbetween, I KNOW my love for them would be exactly as it is now. Their children will grow up in a different world than them, so imagine them being attracted to someone of the same sex, and knowing they wouldn’t ever feel able to tell their parents. It’s so sad, and what idiots jill and Derrick are for sharing their ridiculous thoughts for all to read, so their children will see what morons their parents are.

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