Deadline for Josh Duggar to Accept Plea Deal Has Passed; Judge Rules Videos Found on Former “19 Kids & Counting” Star’s Phone Can Be Used at His Trial

“Um…Dad? Help!”

Despite the possibility of being sentenced to 20 years in prison for charges of possessing and receiving child p0rnography, Josh Duggar is reportedly choosing not to take a plea deal. 

The 33-year-old, who was charged in April 2021 for his crimes, had until October 18 to accept a plea, according to the court’s Pretrial Scheduling Order; however, The Sun reports a change of plea has yet to be filed. 

If a change of plea was filed by October 18, it would have changed the disgraced former 19 Kids and Counting star’s current “not guilty” plea. If he files a change of plea at this point, he will enter what is called an open plea, meaning he will plead guilty to his crimes without the benefit of a plea agreement. 

According to Emily D. Baker, a lawyer and former prosecutor who discusses legal cases on her YouTube channel, although Josh’s change of plea needed to be advised to the court by October 18, it “doesn’t mean we would see it in the court filings.” Josh’s team could have filed the change of plea via email, in which case that email would need to be submitted to the court “no later than October 20.” 

Josh’s April smugshot…

The court could grant an exception to this October 18 deadline if Josh’s legal team is able to show good cause up to 10 days before his trial. As The Ashley previously reported, Josh’s trial was set to begin in July, though it was delayed at the request of the defense and is now set to begin November 30. 

Josh was previously offered a plea deal back in March, (prior to his arrest) which he also refused to accept. 

His latest decision comes on the heels of a judge denying a motion to suppress video evidence obtained from electronic devices (seized from his now-closed car lot) for several reasons. Josh’s legal team claimed that “it took investigators too long to perform their forensic analysis” on the videos, resulting in the evidence becoming “stale.”

A federal judge ruled Monday against the timeline claims, stating that evidence in child sex abuse material cases does not become “stale,” despite Josh’s attorneys claim. 

“Back to the drawing board, Jimbo!” 

Also denied was Josh’s request for a Franks Hearing. If granted, Josh reportedly planned to go after “the methods used by law enforcement to obtain the search warrant for his business,” arguing “there was no probable cause to support the issuance of the warrant.”

Just last month, a judge denied several motions filed in August by Josh’s legal team, including a motion to suppress photos of Josh’s hands taken during booking, which his legal team claimed were taken without a warrant. A Motion to Suppress Statements, Request for Evidentiary Hearing, and Dismiss Indictment for Violation of the Appointments Clause were denied as well. 

As mentioned above, Josh’s trial is set for November 30. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. 

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21 Responses

  1. Lord willing, he’ll be put in general pop and the inmates will make sure justice is served. They love getting their hands on a chomo.

  2. Please put him general pop, he should never ever see the light of day again, hes a danger to children.

  3. This might be one of the rare instances were a wealthy person actually might be found guilty of their crimes and actually serve jail time.

    He deserved this and more.

  4. Josh is f*cked and that gives me life.
    I hope with all my heart that he never got to molest his daughters or nieces. And I can’t wait to see his parents faces when he’s convicted LMAO

    1. Jim Bob and Michelle will make him out to be a martyr, and compare him to Jesus. The Duggars will never actually admit that Josh did anything wrong. They will claim he’s a victim of a corrupt system that went after their family because of their religious beliefs and their fame (which has now become infamy).

      1. Yep and then say it was the kids faults for not being modestly dressed. They’ll say that it’s the internet fault for giving him access. They’re disturbed people

  5. Oh Josh, I hope you are ready for 20 years in solitary confinement (even though your pedo ass doesn’t deserve protection from other inmates)

  6. The only way his children will be safe is if his perverted ass is locked up! His wife sure won’t protect them, she needs to be in jail for child endangerment. She knew he was a molester of his own sisters as well as other children before she got married to him. Yet her dumbass married him anyway and got pregnant 7 times with a pedophile and allows her children to be around him.

  7. “he faces up to 20 years in prison.” This chomo deserves life without parole. But I hope he gets the maximum amount sentence. His disgusting enabling parents should be cancelled along with his wife, and the kids need to be at least looked at by CPS.

  8. After his trail and conviction, I hope they will start an investigation on his wife.
    She knew, she enabled him and exposed their children to a known pedophile. Girl needs prison time.

  9. Good. Let the arrogant SOB go to trial and hopefully they’ll give him the maximum. Then get CPS in there to check on those kids.

  10. They had to notify count, which could just be an email. As long as court is notified the filing could happen at a later date, possibly next week.

  11. HAH!!!

    The only thing STALE here, is all the excuses Josh Duggar has used to try and wiggle out of the charges against him.

    Sorry buddy….You are one dumb phone clicking bunny to have not taken the plea deal. I cant wait to eat my Thanksgiving leftovers and watch your trial.

    Josh, better enjoy Halloween, because it’s gonna be the last holiday you enjoy for a long time.


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