‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Slams Jenelle Evans After Jenelle Claims Amber is Scared of Her: “Hillbilly Trash!”

“If this were gel, I’d be whoopin’ up on some hillbilly ass right now, guys!”

Amber Portwood was not happy after finding out that her former Teen Mom nemesis, Jenelle Evans, had decided to fire up their old feud again.

The Teen Mom OG star took to her trusty Instagram Live on Saturday to discuss Teen Mom Family Reunion, a gig that– as you may remember— Jenelle lost out on due to her reluctance to leave the 300-lb. ball of hair and anger that is her husband David Eason back home on The Land. Amber also gave her thoughts on comments Jenelle recently posted to TikTok about her, stating that she feels Amber is “scared of” her.

(Jenelle also made a crack about Amber’s machete.)

“I don’t really want to say their name, they know who they are,” Amber said in regard to Jenelle and David. “Hillbilly trash, f**king disgusting, weirdos…”

She also shaded the Easons for both getting booted from ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“I can say right now, I still got a job!” Amber said.

“I ain’t much for the workin’ and such…I’m more of a trophy husband!”

In case you’re not one of the dozen or so people watching ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion,’ allow The Ashley to explain how the microscopic mention of Jenelle went down on last week’s episode. 

Ashley Jones speculated that Jenelle may appear, given that her fellow fired former ‘Teen Mom’er, Farrah Abraham, had just been sprung upon them. 

“She should stay, just away from me,” Amber says of Jenelle in the episode. 

Despite the mention being incredibly brief, Jenelle was still upset that anyone on the show dared to bring up her name, given that she was not invited to appear on the show herself.

She posted a TikTok showing the clip, adding, “You know what’s crazy? They still wanna talk about me too.”

@jenellelevans Reply to @jasmyneelee #annoying ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

When someone commented that “as much as you hate MTV you sure do talk about them a lot,” Jenelle responded, “They sure do talk about me a lot too.” 

In her Instagram Live on Saturday, Amber stated that Jenelle needs to let the feud between them go.

“Like, it’s been years, and I just want to say: cut the crap out, ya know?” Amber– who infamously screamed on Instagram Live at Jenelle on multiple occasions in the past– said.

“The little comments, though, the little jabs at me, about being scared and stuff. Jenelle, honey; what are you talking about, sweetie? Grow up. What are you writing and why is this s**t getting sent to me? Why is my name in your mouth?”

Amber stated that, while she’s not scared of Jenelle, she is kind of afraid of David. 

“I can’t imagine why!”

“Because I said I didn’t want you [at the Reunion] because of your crazy husband? Sitting there saying crazy stuff and he’s just weird,” Amber said. “He just does too much. He’s ridiculous. It’s too much of a trigger.”

Amber went on to clarify that she really wouldn’t have cared if Jenelle had come to the Reunion by herself. 

Um…good luck with that…

“I didn’t mean you. But if you want to take it like that, whatever. I meant your dude; your dude is on the level,” Amber said, hilariously adding, “He’s on a level I’m not even on! So don’t take it personally. I wouldn’t.”

Amber then realized that she, too, has been offended when someone said something about her man. (Who could forget Amber charging the Reunion stage at Simon Saran and Farrah after they bashed Ambie’s then-fiancé Matt Baier?) 

#NeverForget #StandUpForMyManEvenIfThatManIsMatt

“You’d probably take it personally if I was talking about your guy, but I don’t want you to feel like that, honestly. I don’t have any ill feelings towards him either. He’s just one to speak of me. I just never say anything back, but man, this has gotta stop.”

UPDATE! Shortly after The Ashley posted this story, Jenelle and David responded to what Amber said about them. 

David gave his thoughts on being called a hillbilly, and advised Amber to go get some help from MTV’s favorite doc, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

“I’m a hillbilly but I’m from the coast?” David wrote. “It pretty flat round here. Sorry I trigger you [Amber], maybe you should seek some help for that…Dr. Drew.”

In the comment section of David’s post, Jenelle “pulled an Amber” by standing up for her man, defending him when someone commented that David was picking on Amber for no reason.

“He’s commenting in the first place cuz she went live about us on IG…it isn’t for ‘no reason,'” Jenelle wrote. 


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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; TikTok)

28 Responses

  1. Why Amber is even still on the show especially with the violence they already caught on camera is beyond me. MTV is enabling. On the other hand, how it seems none of the girls on or off the show can quit running their mouthes off about each other…. Is pretty sad and they need to grow up and move on.

  2. It appears , with the down votes, that Janelle is trolling on here again. Lol. She is so brave on her social media, I challenge you Janelle to come on here, as yourself, not a fake name, and have an actual dialog with the public. Let’s see how brave you are, You want to be open, Here is your chance. We all know you read our posts, so be honest, sign in, and let’s all talk…..or do you not have that much liquid courage yet? We are all waiting…..

  3. Has Jenelle lost her damn mind?!! She may have been scrappy with her skinny little friends in high school, but Amber would pound her into the ground, easily. Girl is an experienced fighter and a hell of a lot stronger than Jenelle.

    1. She was either high on crack or drunk when she said this. Crack is one hell a drug just saying. But yes Jenelle has lost her marbles, then again has she ever been sane?

  4. not a fan of either of them but i believe amber way more than jenelle ?? i definitely believe amber can beat jenelles ass anyday and who ISN’T scared of david?? whole reason they didn’t film jenelle at her house anymore was because david would lock up his guns! ambers not the best either though don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she has another reliable source of income other than the show

    1. And you wonder why no one likes you, or will hire you. The gravy train has left the station, but Walmart is hiring, Maybe your mom can put in a good word for you? Oh yeah, She doesn’t like you either.. That’s why she is raising your kid,

    2. The best part about this is: NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT YOU JANELE!

      NO ONE!


      The ONLY reason your name even came up was because they were discussing FIRED TRASH they want NOTHING TO DO WITH!

      Pretty simple concept for EVERYONE to see except those desperate to consider themselves relevant.
      Give it up. It’s over. You’re LONG AGO DONE!
      WM Deli is hiring!! (But probably won’t hire you so.
      — – my bad)

  5. Yikes – Lurch keeps getting scarier and more in-bred looking.

    And both Jenelle and Amber need to STFU and go away.

  6. STFU already Duhnelle. No one there wanted you, no one at home wanted to watch you on the show. They have every right to speak your name, get over your ass. We all have! I am not a fan of Amber,s, but I would welcome the opportunity to watch her shut your mouth. Go have a white claw, and chill. No one here wants to hear a damn thing you have to say. Save your lies for your husbands upcoming court date. Hope he serves time. Thank your lucky stars he didn’t,t kill someone drinking and driving. Everyone telling you to leave him are wrong, you are a friggin match made in heaven, or hell.

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