“1000 Lb. Sisters” Star Tammy Slaton Is Getting Married Next Week; Her Sister Amy Slaton & Family Not Planning to Attend Wedding

“Cheers, biotches!”

Tammy Slaton of TLC’s 1000 Lb. Sisters is getting hitched next week! 

As The Ashley reported last week, the reality star— who has been in an Ohio treatment facility for nearly a year-– accepted a proposal from her boyfriend, Caleb, last month. The pair met at the weight loss treatment center (where they are both patients) and got engaged in the parking lot of the facility. 

According to The Sun, Tammy and Caleb are moving ahead with their plans to tie the knot in a private ceremony on November 19, and have already applied for a marriage license. 

While close friends of the couple are expected to attend the celebration, Tammy’s younger sister and “1000 Lb. Sisters” co-star, Amy Slaton Halterman, will not be one of them. 

A source told The Sun that Amy will not be traveling from Kentucky to Ohio for the wedding–- nor will the rest of Tammy’s family–- due to the distance between the two places.  

What Amy and the rest of the family will be missing out on next week…

Tammy is currently recovering after having undergoing bariatric surgery at the end of the summer. Tammy’s procedure was done in Lexington, Kentucky, and Tammy claims it went smoothly with few complications. 

After surgery was complete, Tammy returned to the weight loss center in Ohio, where medical staff continue to monitor her health and ensure that she is staying on her diet post-surgery. Nurses are also continuing to monitor Tammy’s trach. (Tammy previously underwent surgery to shrink the size of her tracheostomy tube.) 

“She has been adjusting well and [her body] hasn’t rejected her medications,” a source told the outlet.

Tammy was slated to return home for a month after her surgery, and at one point, her release date was planned for September 1; however, the date kept getting pushed back. Tammy is now expected to be released at the end of 2022. While Caleb’s release day is unknown, he will reportedly be moving into Tammy’s Kentucky apartment when that time comes. 

“I got me a replacement roomie!”

Prior to entering the rehab facility, Tammy had been residing in the duplex she once shared with her sister. Amy shared in February that Tammy was no longer able to pay rent on the home because Tammy has been putting all of her money towards her rehab stint, as she is covering the costs herself. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

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  1. Good luck to tammy and her man life is short so I wish you both a happy and healthy future you were a lovely mum to little bit hope Amy and Mike wish you well

  2. I’m sorry but how are they going to maintain? They both are severely overweight… Tammy can hardly see because her cheeks squish her eyes shut. She also hasn’t even been a year sober… This is all bad.

  3. I sincerely doubt the family won’t be attending because of “the distance.” I’m quite sure they are staying as FAR away from this toxic woman as possible!!

    1. First of all CONGRATULATIONS to the beautiful couple on your engagement and your upcoming wedding!!! I’m so happy for you both!!

      Secondly Tammy, I am so sorry that your family will not be there I hope that this is just media lies and that they in fact will be there because as I recall a certain sister of yours got married and it meant the world to her that you were there for her and that you did so much for her including that little Bachelorette party ? I pray someone there does one good for you, cuz girl you deserve the best! I know alot of people blame you because for the last few years you didn’t do what you were supposed to do by exercising and eating right but it’s also a mental thing if you have poor mental health that needs to be taken care of first then you have to overcome that to overcome the other stuff and clearly you have made the biggest step and f8nallybgot your surgery and I’m so happy for you!!! I hope there will be a season 4 because I can’t wait too see how FABULOUS you look and as for new man Caleb (he looks like a cute teddy bear btw) I pray that he continues his hardworking and that you can both be successful and show the world just how wrong they are because so many people do believe in you and love you girl!!! So keep on fighting and keep on smiling ? and may the good lord bless you on your upcoming nuptials and give you a lifetime of love and happiness ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Why doesn’t she wait until after she is out of rehab. Like actually live independently with this man for a couple of months to see if you like each other before getting married to him.

    I just worry that she is so lonely and thinks this is the first man my family hasn’t actively hated so I should marry him quickly before he gets to know her.

  5. I can’t stand her, for all kinds of reasons, the main one being that she continues to claim she’s paying out of pocket for her rehab when it’s (and ALL of her medical, and other bills) being paid for by tax payer money and will always be paid for by taxpayers. She has contributed not a single dime. She isn’t even doing everything in rehab she’s supposed to be doing right, which is why they literally monitor her 24/7, not just because of health concerns but because she’s been caught, multiple times, with contraband. If her spot hadn’t already been paid in full by taxpayers (money the center needs, badly), she would’ve been kicked out by now. If she didn’t have the staff at the center controlling every aspect of her life, she wouldn’t have lived this long, as morbid as that sounds, she really thinks the world is responsible for her care. Now she wants a husband to replace the family that refuses to be 24/7 caregivers to someone who doesn’t give a crap about anyone else, including them.

    I’m glad they’re not going to her “wedding” and frankly, I wouldn’t be upset if she got kicked out of the rehab center she’s in. There are plenty of people far more worthy of the help who will actually do what they need to in order to get better-but most can’t afford it. She does NOTHING to better her own life, it is in their hands all the time, in all aspects. No one there is pleased about the whole relationship thing, because it very much IS discouraged. There is a reason no other center would take her, and still won’t. I don’t predict she’ll do well once she does get out. I hope she proves that theory wrong, but I think snowballs have a better chance in hell.

    1. Depends on how much she makes doing this show whether or not she’s able to have her medical bills paid by the taxpayer though.. she may make too much for Medicaid

      1. Her bills are completely covered by the state. She also does not have her own medical, regardless of the show, and has countless different medical problems that make work impossible, which makes her eligible for medicaid (it shouldn’t, she shouldn’t qualify, it’s maddening that she does, honestly). Medicaid income limits are much, much higher than any other type of assistance, the vast majority of people qualify, actually, even if they don’t need it. Most people who say they don’t qualify actually do, they just don’t qualify for other assistance. In some cases they have other insurance already and it just doesn’t cover enough so they want medicaid to cover the rest, and it won’t in some cases.

        In her case, everything she has/receives now is medically necessary, so, yes, all of her bills are completely paid for by tax payers, she doesn’t pay a single cent herself. She’s been telling that lie since day one. She doesn’t have the money people think she does-mostly because she blew it all on crap, certainly not on her bills. That’s part of why she’s in the center she is, it’s one of the only ones that would take her and the state would ensure all payments for her *entire stay* were covered. Other places she would’ve had to pay, and couldn’t, so they were automatic no.

    1. He seems like he’s bigger than her and might need more help them her. Like they are going to need two CNAs.

  6. This is great news for Amy because now she doesn’t have to move in with Amy and Amy won’t have to take care of her and put up with Tammy’s abuse also Michael won’t have to push Tammy around you could tell it is really taking a toll on his back.

  7. I’m actually surprised about the marriage. I assume it’s kind of like any other rehab (drugs and alcohol) and that getting into a relationship the first year of recovery is discouraged. I certainly don’t think its wise to get into a relationship with someone who has the same addiction this early in recovery.

    1. “Love” is as much a stimulant and depressant as anything out there, so yeah, I thought it would be at least highly frowned upon or completely against the rules.

      1. It is very frowned upon and she’s been encouraged over and over again to NOT do it. But, her place is fully paid for, her bills are covered, her medications, treatments, etc…They’re all well aware this isn’t going to end well. I doubt any of them thought they’d actually pick a date to do it, and there’s still a very high chance they won’t go through with it.

        Neither of them are in a good place mentally, but, if the center were to try and stop them, they could face certain legal problems. It also certainly wouldn’t look good (public opinion) for them to deny two mentally, physically challenged people their “wedding” (even though we all really do know that’s best for them both). It’s a stupid slippery slope lined with red tape for the center, really.

    2. People who have weight loss surgery have a high rate of divorce in the early post-op stage. The fact that they met when they did may change this some, but her life will be just as, if not more unstable as she learns how to manage living with her new stomach and no longer being able to cope by overeating shitty food. They certainly won’t last.

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