Mama June Shannon Says Doctors Are Not Taking Her Medical Issues Seriously Because She’s a Recovering Addict

“Y’all need to be listenin’ to me!”

Mama June Shannon claims being a recovering addict has made it impossible for her to find a doctor that will treat her mystery medical issues. 

The Mama June: Family Crisis star, who was hospitalized in September for “severe headaches and dizziness,” recently told The Sun that she continues to suffer from those symptoms, as well as a few others.

June, holed up in the hospital on the season premiere of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis.’

“I’m getting tired of having severe headaches and not being able to think. I’m not getting tired of forgetting things, I’m getting tired of being dizzy and not being able to see straight,” she said. 

(June is also now legally blind due to an untreated cataracts from her childhood. She has also stated that her vision was further damaged by all the cocaine she snorted during her druggin’ days.) 

Despite her new (and continued) health issues, June says she has been unable to find a doctor who will take her symptoms seriously, as her medical tests have all come back “kind of normal.” 

June believes that doctors aren’t taking her ailments seriously due to her history of drug addiction. The reality star says that after she tells a doctor she’s a recovering addict, they instantly look at her in a different way. 

“I’ve been in recovery and been sober for three years,” June said. “And that, for them, throws up that judgmental card and they seem to be like, ‘Oh, well you have to be honest about your symptoms.’

” …is sober, Doc! I swear!” 

“We still don’t have any answers,” June told Daily Mail in a recent interview. “I’m still getting judgment from the doctors… I feel like I’m getting judged because of my prior issues. I hate that the doctors will look at someone who has been through something in their life, like an addiction, and they think that someone can’t change.

“I’m over three years straight and clean,” June continued. “But when I’m honest and tell people that, the doctor just looks at you like you’ve got some major disease and I don’t. I just want the answers and I’m not getting them. I’m trying to get in to see the best doctors that I know back in Georgia, but it is taking some time.”

June told The Sun that she’s getting frustrated because her doctors have been unable to find an explanation for her ailments.  

“I’m getting tired of all of [the doctors saying], ‘The tests are coming back normal.’ Let’s just figure it out,” she continued. “Let’s run more tests, or run more blood work. Let’s figure out really deep down what’s going on.” 

As you may recall, before June got hitched to husband Justin Stroud, she was in a toxic as hell relationship with boyfriend Geno Doak. The gruesome-twosome were literally partners in crime, getting arrested for crack in March 2019 following a dispute at an Alabama gas station.

If “chaos” was a couple.

June (and Geno) eventually turned things around by checking into rehab in January 2020. June and Geno went on to split in 2021, shortly after celebrating one year of sobriety together. 

While June has been unable to find a medical professional who will take her concerns seriously, she remains hopeful that there is someone out there who can help her. 

“We’re in the process of trying to find new doctors and we’ve got good doctors that we can go to, but you can’t get into for six or seven months,” she said. 

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(Photos: WEtv; Instagram) 

13 Responses

  1. Your daughter has been given a death sentence and here you are bitching about migraines and vision.

    I bet your daughter would love to have heard that all her tests came back “normal”.

  2. While she is seeking medical treatment, she should also teach her filthy mouth kids some manners. They been calling fans crackheads and broke but they have the same struggles with things just as regular people, the same people Pumpkin and Alana said that we are sitting on our couches in our livingrooms watching her.

  3. pop quiz time!!
    this sorry excuse for a human is clearly seeking:
    A) attention
    B) drugs
    C) a storyline
    D) all of the above

    D, folks ~ the answer is D.


  4. Doesnt her daughter have stage 3 or 4 cancer? I guess she always has to be the center of attention.

  5. She’s an addict, a habitual liar and has gone to numerous doctors previously for her fix-all proven, all public information. It’s understandable that doctors doubt her sobriety and ability to tell the truth (including “severity” of her “pain”). It’s highly likely she’s been diagnosed with migraines (for a variety of reasons including withdrawal, diet, improper care of her general health, etc.) and been prescribed medication. That medication is no longer, or was never, giving her the “high”, sorry “fix” she wanted, so now she’s mad about it.

    No doctor in their right mind is going to put someone with severe head pain coupled with numerous other symptoms like dizziness on a 6 month waiting list. Head pain as it stands on its own is already on the “do not ignore” list for any doctor worth a lick. Add in other symptoms and you have a potentially lethal combination-doctors don’t just ignore that. The tests are necessary, period, and she’d rather someone throw pills at her. Plus, there’s the whole “my daughter is getting all the attention because of her cancer and I need to feel like my health, and me, are front and center” thing.

    The reason every doctor she goes to is doing the same tests can be attributed to all of ^ that up there. While yes, some doctors are shitty and will ignore you, the vast majority will not, even if it’s only to preserve the potential payments from you and/or your insurance. Far too many people blow their “pain” out of proportion-sometimes because they have a very low pain tolerance and what would normally just be a bad pain for someone else is like the end of the world for them. Doctors can’t know your pain tolerance until they’ve looked into your history, and done tests. Yes, it sucks if a doctor treats you like a drug seeker, but it’s better for all that they do. Get to the bottom of the issue rather than taking people at their word, because their (our) word is always biased-by all sorts of things. Doctors aren’t gods, but they’re also not the assholes everyone makes them out to be. The vast majority DO want to help you, but they also know it’s not gonna be an instant cure-so you’re going to have to be patient while they figure shit out (that part sucks).

    It took years to figure out I had the tiniest of, thankfully benign, tumors, previously not even scannable, that was causing my migraines. It was hell trying to figure everything out, including pain management in the mean time. Eventually, we got there though, because I stuck it out with the doctors, held my ground on a few things-but still left room to change that ground when necessary, and didn’t doctor hop like a drug seeking addict…..June.

    1. LOL!! For sure! June and Janelle are the biggest drug seekers I’ve ever seen. They invent all kinds of “symptoms” to try and get pain killers from doctors.

  6. I’m glad the doctors *are* taking her seriously and are running test after test, rather than just prescribing something for “mystery” (her word) pain.

    I understand what Mala is saying about not being taken seriously, but June had a well-documented journey into addiction and OF COURSE her medical team is going to be exceedingly conservative as a result.

    I wish her all the best, I really do, but she needs to help them help her.

  7. I actually feel bad for her. Dr’s never take pain seriously. Im not an addict but as a woman I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told my pain is from anxiety or from my period. And I know most woman have similar stories. Add being an addict and overweight to the mix and I’m sure she gets tossed to the side constantly. Dr’s need to do better and realize we know our bodies better than they do. Okay rant over.

    1. June deserves to be tossed to the side. She is a huge liar, just trying to get pain killers from a doctor. If she really is in pain, I hope it’s so bad that she passes out in traffic. Heavy traffic.

      1. So, you want her to die? For what reason, exactly? Does June do anything to you, personally, that would necessitate such a wish?

        Just sit back and watch the train wreck. Actively wishing death on someone is just…it’s bizarre. Get help.

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