Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Says She & Husband David Eason Are “Considering Counseling”; Explains Why They Were Buying Dog Supplies Together

“And they call it puppy loooove….”

Well Juh-nelle! We see ya at Wahhhhlmaaart wif David!

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was spotted in a North Carolina Wal-Mart on Tuesday, with most of her kids and her supposedly estranged husband David Eason in tow. It wasn’t the sight of Jenelle and David together again that had fans up in arms, though (because, as The Ashley has been telling you for weeks, Jenelle and David have been back together for a while now, despite her denial).

Jenelle was spotted buying a new dog bed. Naturally, many fans were outraged, given that David shot and killed Jenelle’s French bulldogNugget, last year. (In the time since then, though, David has already purchased two new dogs, and has even called 911 to report one “stolen.”)

In a new interview with E! News, Jenelle confirmed that the new dog bed was for a Goldendoodle named Rosey that she purchased while she and her kids were living in Nashville away from David. 

“I got a new dog back when I separated from David. Yes, I was in Walmart,” she told E! News. “I bought a Goldendoodle back in November when I moved to Tennessee and now she goes with me everywhere. Her name is Rosey. She just needed a new bed but we have another dog that we’ve had since last year. She’s not new to me but no one knows.”

Jenelle’s followers were not thrilled to learn that yet another animal was wading through the swamp waters of The Land. A post to her blog “introducing” Rosey was met with mostly negative comments and photos of Nugget, the dog David shot last spring.

“You really don’t make very wise decisions, do you? Can you quit pacifying your deep need for love with new animals, another kid, or penises?” one person wrote. “I feel so bad for the people and animals put in your care… Also- kick that deadbeat off your swamp before you end up on the next ‘Snapped’ episode.”

“Have you lost your mind?” another person wrote. “You left David, who abused & slaughtered your last dog. You barely had time to breathe & bought a puppy? Then you traveled back & forth from TN to NC leaving the puppy where? Now you’re back living with Dog Killer Dave? How safe do you think Rosey is with that monster? How long before Rosey scratches or nips at Ensley — who needs to be taught how to PROPERLY interact with animals — and David goes into a rage and kills her too?”

(Jenelle also deleted a Facebook photo of her daughter Ensley and son Kaiser hugging on Rosie’s neck, as it garnered plenty of negative comments as well, with many pointing out that Ensley was rough with Nugget, which is why the dog snipped at her and David killed it.) 

The most-interesting part of the interview, though, is when Jenelle revealed that she is thinking about making David go to counseling with her, to “see if they can work things out.”

The Ashley’s source tells her that Jenelle has been doing her best to “ease the public” into the idea of her being back with David, which is why she has not yet admitted publicly that they’ve reconciled (even though they have). She and the kids have been living back in North Carolina on The Land, but Jenelle’s lease on her Nashville-area apartment still has a bit of time left on it, so she is currently paying for both homes.

She recently said in an interview that she wants David to start helping to pay the bills.

“”There’s as much of a chance of David payin’ bills as me marryin’ Docta Drew!”

She also denied that David ever abused her children, despite filing in court that he had done so.

Anyway, this is not the first time Jenelle has said that she and David have “considered” getting professional help. Back in July 2019, she claimed that she and David had enrolled in “Parenting Classes and Substance Assessments,” and that they took classes to help them with the volatile things in their lives.

“David completed an anger management course and I have completed a domestic violence class,” she said at the time. “This was not asked of us by the judge but simply because we though it could only make us be stronger people/parents.” 

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

62 Responses

  1. The only show Duh-Nelle will ever be on is Women Behind Bars after the unthinkable happens and she’s finally held accountable for criminal and willful negligence and endangerment of a child after Demented Dave truly snaps.

  2. We need and every outlet to expose Janelle and what she and David are doing to animals and

  3. I despise Jenelle as much as the next person and feel she shouldn’t have kids or pets in her care. I am also outraged that David killed her dog but I don’t see the same level of outrage from anyone when Jenelle killed (aborted) one of her babies. That child’s life was important but nobody batted an eye when she terminated its life?.

    1. Apparently they’re busy issuing empty threats to another 30 year old Teen Mom and chronic animal abuser, Ms. Backdoor.

  4. I can’t believe we live in a world where Jenelle still has a platform & has TMZ posting stories about her after all the nonsense she continues to put those poor children through! I sincerely hope there is no network desperate enough to consider hiring David once April hits. As far as I’m concerned, dog murdering, child abusing, homophobic, gun-toting, knife-wielding hillbillies do not belong profiting from their outlandish behavior. Yet, somehow Jenelle seems to think she and David will be on tv again.

  5. Abusive relationships are difficult to get out of. Most abusive partners are able to convince their significant other to stay about seven times before they leave for good. David is abusive. I agree, Jenelle is making a terrible choice bringing her kids, dogs and self back in a home with David. It’s a potentially fatal mistake. But I imagine it’s because she doesn’t have much support.

    I get it. I am a domestic violence survivor. I got out. But it was a long and hard road. The most dangerous part of a relationship with an abusive man is when you leave.

    I’m sorry you are in the midst of this Jenelle. And I’m sorry you get so much shit for your crappy choices. We all make crappy choices, but yours are broadcast live.

    Maybe you can find some relief in a few of the pieces I’ve written lately. I’m still pulling for you. You are young and will figure your shit out!

    1. Jenelle herself IS abusive and has been for many, many years. She makes more than just “crappy choices”, don’t justify the shit she does by saying she’s a victim. Everyone is well aware that she has also been abused, but that is absolutely NO excuse for the shit she does, the things she’s put her children through and the way she treats literally everyone around her. She gives far more than she’s ever received, and that does not in any way validate the shit that’s been done to her. Don’t sugarcoat this and pretend she’s had no hand at all in anything. Your statistics are also more than slightly skewed there (more than slightly, I’m being generous). She has a shit ton of support, way more than the vast majority of domestic violence victims and survivors. She’s making the conscious choice NOT to use that support, not out of fear, but out of the belief that she’ll get a job out of the deal. She has more resources at her disposal than any domestic violence victim I have ever seen, or worked with, in my life.

      Also, promoting your own self here, is a shitty thing to do, and makes it far less likely that anyone will ever believe a word you have to say about anything, much less be willing to take anything good you have to say (such as your own personal experiences) to heart and use them as a tool for their own lives.

    2. No, just no. First, it was tacky as shit to plug your own website…and I’m saying that as a writer myself. Get readers by doing good work, not inserting yourself into conversations where you THINK a ton of people will agree with you and you’ll get clicks. That’s not being a writer, that’s being thirsty. Second, there is such a thing as MUTUAL abuse…where two people abuse EACH OTHER and neither are innocent. I’m DV survivor myself, they cover mutual abuse during most counseling classes and therapy. Did you ever go? This bitch was abusive to her animals and kids LONG before David. DON’T put her in the same category as REAL survivors. It’s insulting… including to yourself if your really a survivor. Most of us had to run in the middle of the night with just the clothes on our backs. I’m lucky to have a brother that came and got me in the middle of night with his headlights off. Janelle had more support and options than 99.9% of DV victims and she threw it all away because she always needs a dick to jump on. Get out of here with your garbage.

    3. Jenelle is no victim in this. She’s just as crazy and stupid as David…she’s just not as strong as he is. She’s also abusive to her children and animals, selfishly putting them in that situation because she’s got this sick desire/obsession of being loved by any man.

    4. I love what you write and it is NOT a plug for your website as the form we fill in here gives us the option to post our website. So thank you for only doing what The Ashley’s allow you to do and that is post your website link. Thank you for writing the words that many with a level head and arm-chair opinion are thinking! As far as a rating system for our comments goes… I give you far more KUDOS than the rating system allows because you speak from the head and heart and not snark. We could all use your words to speak to ourselves on a 24/7 basis. Thank you again! I will be reading your website with great interest and encourage you to continue to reply to these articles here because a voice of reason is always encouraged no matter how many “likes” or “dislikes” we get. Have a great weekend!

  6. Haven’t kept up with all of this , I see not much is new with Jenelle. The saddest part is Kaiser, poor little guy. Jenelle goes to the courts with accusations against David, as true as they probably are this was her way to legally cross the state line with the kids .. “ I must leave to keep safe and this is my only reasonable option.”
    Sooooooo instead of Nathan saying NO your not leaving state with my son , I can provide for him and he’ll be safe ; his family helped her move? If this is the case , what a blown opportunity.
    Nathan needs to at LEAST demand therapy for his son.. indefinitely. Kaiser needs to see someone at least weekly to hold any hope in not growing up with issues such as substance abuse, eating disorders, etc. He’s probably going to grow up resenting both parents, neither of them deserve an ounce of respect from him.

  7. Someone (Ashley) should do a story on all the different animals that Janelle has owned since she started on teen mom. A timeframe that would normally encompass LESS than 1 dog lifetime, btw.

    1. I saw a photo graphic someone made & posted on Reddit, it’s disgusting the number of pets she’s had. All them either ‘disappeared/ran away’ or rehomed.

  8. She won’t be happy until that dog or one of her children is killed. She’s just as guilty as David for the abuse of her children and animals. They are a disgrace.

  9. She will always be in srewed up relationships,she doesn’t know how to handle life on her own she has this problem of being needy,an David does shit to her when he feels threaten, both have mental health issues,an it’s going to move on to the kids they will be in violent relationships all the time thanks to mom and dad. The duece bag couple

  10. They need cameras on her 24/7 now and get him registered as a ANIMAL KILLER so that she cannot have dogs if he is near her. There is no justice in this world for the innocent (meaning the dogs!) No wonder the fans are outraged and thankfully they do what they do to call her and him into reality of REAL WORLD life and the accountability for what you do to kids and animals. Lock him up in jail please.

  11. Kudos to MTV for not falling for the separation b.s. and rehiring Jenelle’s sorry ass. And that’s no matter how much of a plane/train/car wreck her life becomes with each new passing day.

    After filming her for 10 years, they already knew that even if the separation was legit this desperate penis fly trap couldn’t cool her panties down for more than two seconds. Then enter dog murdering, child abusing, collar bone-breaking, gun nut Dave — right back into the picture. Good call for TM2.

    But sadly not for her kids or the innocent dog population-at-large, who aren’t yet fortunate enough to RID themselves of this whole effed up nightmare.


    1. “Penis fly trap.”(laughs uncontrollably, and stops to catch breath.) ???. Thanks for the laugh, Georgiedee.

  12. As soon as she gets out of that MTV contract in April, she’s going to go public with David the Demon, and I bet you the 2 of them will try to get on Marriage Boot Camp. She’s not slick. I also don’t believe they ever truly broke up. Endangering everyone and everything she is supposed to care for by having them around her monster of a husband, to fulfill that black hole of a soul she has. Her and her husband are such losers.

  13. Goldendoodles, while very adorable, can be very hyper and active dogs (I would use the word crazy but..). I really hope she did her research on the breed before purchasing (doubt it!), and that they are properly training it and showing their kids how to properly interact with it (also doubtful!). I don’t see a bright future for Rosey. This breaks my heart into a million pieces. It’s a shame people don’t take pet ownership seriously, these are living beings that depend on us to survive. Not surprising though, considering Jenelle and David don’t take raising kids seriously either. I hope these kids learn from their parents’ mistakes and break the cycle when they grow up.

    1. Shame on the person who sold her the dog. It’s not like AMERICA didn’t know David murdered Nugget for “nipping” at their misbehaved feral child, and it’s not like AMERICA doesn’t know Jenelle’s track record with “men”. They should have never sold her that puppy…that puppy would probably be better off in a shelter, and adopted out to a loving family…Poor thing. Hopefully whoever “stole” David’s dog will come back and rescue Rosey.

      1. I feel like she most likely got this dog from a puppy mill situation, where people treat animals like objects and don’t give a shit where they end up, they just want $$. No rescue organization or responsible breeder would ever let her adopt.

      2. She got it from the back of a car in an Amish town. Craigslist seller.
        Amish puppy mill owners and sellers don’t give a damn about the dogs, just dollars.

  14. Let’s just stop reporting on her. She only lies all the time. I didn’t even read all of this.. headlines and pictures… ok she is still lying about her dog killing piece of dick and she got a new animal in danger. Nothing new. As long as people give her attention for her “news” she thinks she is relevant. And for all of us; as long as we write down our disgust, she wíll sell.. that’s how advertising works.

  15. I wonder how that counseling session would go. I mean, it’s not like they are ADMITTING anything. “See if things will work out”, yeah, like you would leave him immediately if it didn’t…like you did, before. Lying bitch.

  16. These people are disgusting and exactly the reason that laws need to change regarding animals being viewed as property instead of the living beings that they are. It is the only reason they get away with this animal abuse and neglect, because they are considered ‘property’ under the law. It is disgusting.

    Did anyone else see the latest tub pics that David posted of Jenelle? The Ashley, is there anything you can tell us about what the Hell that was all about? ?

  17. Fucking disgusting!!!! I am pissed that these two monsters are still allowed to have any pets!!! How in the fuck are these hillbillies allowed to even go near an animal after that fucking missing link David killed that whore’s puppy??? Where is the outrage from animal lovers????

  18. R u kidding? Like anyone who thought ur separation was 4 real need their head examined. U separated for the sake of getting u and it mom back on “Teen” Mom. When that didn’t work, well of course your going “back” to him. Now u will have to get real bvb jobs. Yeah, that’s gonna work

  19. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    The cycle of abuse is a very sad cycle. Even though I don’t know this family and have only seen them on TV, it seems like David is an abuser who will continue to escalate his abuse. It’s not just animals, but also his wife Janelle and allegedly one of Janelle’s children. If that accusation is true, it makes me wonder if he abuses one step-child, then does he abuse them all? He seems unstable in my eyes and like the type of guy who would become more dangerous over time. He’s not someone I would ever want to be stuck with. I hope Janelle can see things clearly before it is too late

  20. They can put that on the gravestone after the psycho murders the entire family, “they were considering counseling”.
    I always felt the whole “breakup” was staged in the first place. They were hoping if the world believed she finally left this abusive loser, MTV would take her back and he’d have his meal ticket back.

  21. What the hell!. Janelle what do you need a friggin’ wall to fall on you. Why, do you keep closing your eyes to everything. All these reports about David being abusive toward you ,the kids and the murder of your sweet dog, Nugget. What do you need to convince you…. Don’t you think more of yourself than this, don’t you think you deserve better…..

  22. I hope the house on The Land sinks all the way into the swamp while only Jenelle and David are inside of it. That way, all of their pets and children can finally break free from this gruesome twosome.

  23. Not sure how she can afford a golden doodle because I am guessing she didn’t adopt from a shelter
    And wouldn’t she be charged with filing a false police report of abuse if she says now that he never abused her or the kids?

  24. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I don’t think she ever really left him. She just tried to get back on mtv and get some money. Now she knows that not going to happen she is pretending to slowly get back together with him

  25. I know shes not on tm2 anymore but im about done with the show. You addes jade which was a joke last season…kail(who is my fav) is stupidly pegnant again…girl its over noone is gonna want a woman with 4 kids none the less your not evwn 30 yet …and this dumb b1tch jenelle back with the swamp monster smfh. When kaiser gets killed she wont beable to forgive herself

  26. Ugh she probably left David in a last ditch effort to get back on Teen Mom & when it didn’t pan out she ran right back to the swamp. Those two losers are made for each other. We need to stop giving them any attention whatsoever & maybe (hopefully) they go away.

  27. The investigators on Reddit posted couple months ago that she had a Goldendoodle, someone somehow saw the reflection on the stereo screen on her car. I joke you not. Those reddit people sleuth out everything about this crazy bitch lol

    1. Down vote all you want it’s the truth. A girl said Jenelle bought it from her mom. Jenelle had a dog cage in the TN home. The dog was barking in Jenelles videos.

  28. Wow what the fuck. Poor dog. I can’t imagine how tumultuous a childhood these kids have, constantly getting pets and then having them be abused before their very eyes before they all go “missing”.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Not to mention them getting abused themselves

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