Kristin Cavallari Announces She’s Done with ‘Very Cavallari’ After Splitting with Husband Jay Cutler

“I’m outta here!”

Kristin Cavallari recently ended her marriage to Jay Cutler… and now she’s saying “so long” to her E! reality show Very Cavallari!

On Tuesday, Kristin announced via her Instagram account that she is done with the show after filming three seasons. The announcement comes just about a month after she and Jay— who was a ‘Very Cavallari’ fan favorite— revealed that they are divorcing.

“As I start this new chapter in my life, I have decided not to continue with ‘Very Cavallari,'” Kristin wrote. “I’ve absolutely loved my time filming and am so grateful to E! Entertainment for making this journey possible. To the fans: I can’t thank you enough for all your support and for keeping up with me all of these years. I love you guys.”

Following Kristin and Jay’s divorce announcement, some fans had wondered how ‘Very Cavallari’ would continue without Jay, with many even stating that Jay was the only reason they watched the show. Those sentiments continued in the comment sections of Kristin’s post on Tuesday.

“[This is] admission that Jay carried that show,” one person wrote, to which someone else replied, “Can’t wait for Candidly Cutler coming next spring.”

“The show wouldn’t be anywhere near as good without Jay anyway,” another person commented.

“That’s not true. People watch me because I’m interesting. See…this is my ‘interested’ face.”

Other fans expressed their sadness about the show coming to an end…with many stating they had hoped Kristin would spill the tea on the divorce during the next season. 

Jay and Kristin claimed in their divorce announcements that they had “nothing but love and respect for each other.” However, shortly after that announcement was posted, things between the exes began to get downright nasty, as they battled for custody of their three young children, money and houses. (Earlier this month, they came to a temporary agreement in regard to the custody of the kids.) 

It appears that, despite the split, Kristin intends to remain in Nashville, where her flagship Uncommon James store is located. In late April, Jay agreed to release funds to Kristin so she could purchase a home near Nashville for herself. (He had previously blocked the purchase.) 

Jay has not spoken out about the divorce, and has not revealed what he plans to do with his time, now that he will not be appearing on ‘Very Cavallari.’

“You know…’Candidly Cutler’ does have a nice ring to it…”

E! has not commented on Kristin’s announcement. ‘Very Cavallari’ premiered in 2018. The final episode of the show— which was the holiday special “A Very Cavallari Christmas”— aired in December 2019. 

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15 Responses

  1. Oh no lol. Hopefully they will fill this show slot with something actually entertaining or informational. This show and the show that started it all are pretty much like someone captured a yawn in a jar to share with us all.

  2. I can’t believe I even suffered through this banal and vapid show for as long as I did, but clearly, it was because Jay was so funny and so not really buying in to the whole sham. Good call to cancel the show because people really only hate-watch it, and without Jay, it would reach public health hazard depths of loathing.

  3. Jay was the best part of that show. He stole the first season and the second and then the third season it’s was like where’s jay and why do we care that bob harpers ex is buying a house and proposing so confusing! Plus, I bet she didn’t want to have show her actual feelings besides laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing! Then she ditched her friend because she didn’t deny a made up affair story that she probably planted to get ratings.. let’s not even talk about her staff that she made the butt of every joke then laughed when she had no choice but to fire them.

  4. What the hell! First Southern Charm now this?! I mean I get she doesn’t want to talk about the divorce, but DAMN.

  5. The people most hurt by this are Kristens group of butt kissing, hanger on friends. They were all upgrading their homes and lifestyles off this show. Womp, womp.

  6. I bet the show was cancelled. E! and BRAVO are owned by NBC (I think) and BRAVO has the policy that when a housewife is let go they can give whatever statement they want about why they are leaving and BRAVO won’t say anything different. Probably the same policy with E!.

  7. I highly doubt the season would have been renewed without Jay in it. Had to fast forward through the first season. Couldn’t stomach Kristen anymore in the second season. Had no clue a third season even existed. I won’t miss it.

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