Jenelle Evans Insists Her Husband David Eason Hasn’t Ruined Her Life; Says Getting Fired From ‘Teen Mom 2’ Was “Blessing In Disguise”

“If it weren’t for you, babe, I’d be living in a non-sinking house and still have a job and tons of opportunities! Thanks for saving me from that!”

Jenelle Evans insists that, despite what people may think, her life— and her husband— are great. 

In a series of recent comments left on one of her TikTok posts, Jenelle disputed her followers’ claims that her husband David Eason has ruined her life, as well as most of the good opportunities and gigs that she’s had since meeting David. (As Teen Mom 2 fans know, David played a large part in getting Jenelle fired from her longtime gig on the show.)

David’s online outspokenness about his negative views on transgender and gay people was the reason that he was let go from the show himself in 2018. In more-recent weeks, David has been spouting more homophobic and transphobic content, causing Jenelle to get a lot of hate for continuing to support him, despite all of the things in her life he’s managed to torpedo.

(Jenelle has been let go from countless brand deals over the years due to her haters contacting the companies and informing them of David’s hate-spewing, dog-killing ways. Two of the most-recent deals Jenelle lost out on partly due to David and his actions include her Girl S**t podcast and a line of workout wear.)

However, the fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star insists that her life with David is great, and that he did not ruin her life. While she recently unfollowed David on social media, she has not stated whether or not she actually agrees with his anti-LGBTQ views.

“Other than this stuff, I mean…”

In a series of comments left on her recent TikTok posts, Jenelle also stated that she feels  getting fired from MTV was “a blessing in disguise.” (While Jenelle makes it seem like she was the one to quit the show, that is not how it went down. You can read all about what happened behind-the-scenes of Jenelle being fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ here.)  

When someone wrote to Jenelle that David is “ruining any good coming your way,” Jenelle denied the claims, stating that she still manages to get work, despite David’s actions.

“He’s not ruining anything. I still have brand deals. I still pay my bills regardless because it’s not me saying these things…Y’all just assume I don’t get work when in reality I have doing just fine,” she said, later addressing David’s recent posts.

“He’s just passionate about his opinions.” 

“I don’t like them gays and I don’t like work.”

Jenelle argued that she does not “enable” David’s behaviors, especially now because she has him blocked on social media. 

“Maybe my spouse and I don’t have the same views or opinions but that’s OK. We are two different people. I can agree to disagree and still be happy…” she wrote.

In another comment she added, “Idk why every single TikTok I post ‘has to do with my spouse.’ I am doing just fine and he hasn’t ‘destroyed’ my life at all. I am actually HAPPY.”

Some of Jenelle’s followers argued that, had she not stayed with David, Jenelle would still have a job on MTV, be able to build her brand outside the show, live in a house that wasn’t sinking and have so much more than she has now.

“You chose to marry someone who does not learn or care to learn from his mistakes….he’s single handedly destroying everything you’ve worked so hard for,” one person commented.

Jenelle replied that she is not interested in having a different [non-swamp] life without David.

“I don’t want ‘so much more.’ I am happy with my life. I don’t think y’all get it,” she wrote. 

“It don’t get any better than this, y’all! This is pure swamp heaven!”

“I own my house, I hardly have bills because everything’s paid in cash from my past, I make money off MY CONTENT, my kids are happy. And?” she added.

She also insisted that she’s happy she is no longer on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“Being let go from MTV was truly a BLESSING in disguise,” Jenelle wrote. I told them to let me out of my contract for years. It was best for my mental health.”

She even commended David from saving her from MTV and everything that goes with it.

“I filled the street with uppercuts to save Jenelle from having a job. All heroes don’t wear capes, guys.”

“The way I was walked over time and time again over the years and then I met my partner and he DID NOT allow them to do that,” she wrote.

Jenelle recently began writing “Diary Blogs” on her website. In a recent post, she does wonder what her life could be like if she was on her own. She also admits that she’s aware her life could “be way more bigger than it is.”

“Apparently tha school aren’t ‘well’ in North Carolina eitha!”

“I am very grateful for the way my life has turned out and all the lessons I have learned within my life, but sometimes life puts me into a corner and I don’t wanna talk to anyone… I feel like my life can be way more bigger than it already is but when people continuously knock me down I lose all confidence in myself,” Jenelle wrote. 

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34 Responses

  1. Oh Jenelle, you’re claiming that being let go from Teen Mom was a blessing and good for your mental health? Didn’t you just make a YouTube video, of a recap, pissed
    Off because you were not invited back to the family reunion shit. Good lord chick!

  2. biensur junell tu es heureuse ! montrait des “moments heureux ” sur le net ne veut pas dire qu’elle l’es ! toute ses pathétiques relations junell disait à qui veut bien l’entendre que tout allait bien. kiffer …sauf barbara qui n’était pas dupe

  3. Hardly any bills.
    No electricity, gass, water, Phone Bill?Lawyers work for free for you? Child payments for Kaden?

  4. David is a creep, but honestly, but Jenelle has always dragged herself down. She was always a shitty person ..

    1. Exactly. Not like she was going places before David. Let’s not make her out to be some angel who lost her wings…

  5. I think everyone forgets that Jenelle is a toxic, piece of shit on her own. She is negligent and abusive to her children, she has spewed racist, homophobic, transphobic shit herself. She has abused animals on camera. She lies every single time she opens her mouth. She takes zero accountability and tries to play victim. Is David a disgusting racist, homophobic, transphobic, dog murdering piece of shit? 100%. I don’t think he “drags her down”. They both are trash on the floor, you can’t sink much lower than the floor. No dragging necessary.

  6. Eh, it’s hard to accept when you’re in an extremely toxic and abusive relationship/environment. Jenelle may think because she *fights back* (yells, unfollows, etc) sometimes, that she isnt being controlled. But now she’s isolated with a known alcoholic abuser (why keeps getting into legal and criminal trouble) and kids she can’t handle.

    Obviously David has very real mental issues and I do worry for Jenelle, but I’m terrified for all the kids. David is a ticking time bomb.

  7. She pays her bills? According to the IRS she owes $46K. She can’t sell her house. She can’t get credit because the government would take it. Incurable illness’, doctor shopping for drugs and Corona beers are her only resort.

  8. And, you’d still have a cute li’dog. You let him murder that baby, you juNail are a POS. And lurch is a POS too.

  9. It’s an unpopular opinion (even by myself) but I don’t think she is as sad or upset in her marriage or life as people think. While the lien seems big, it’s not if she settles and starts making monthly payments. In comparison to her YouTube numbers plus whatever she gets from tik tok and Instagram, she probably need the brand endorsements for her mortgage and day to day expenses. She doesn’t seem to live a life like Chelsea or kail so the endorsements aren’t as critical to her money. She just would be way better off. But she was never that ambitious, achieving or smart. Plus she gets far less attention and hate than she use to (Lord knows why but out of sight out of mind, I guess. Those poor kids).

    So if you wish the above wasn’t true, don’t look or FOLLOW (most important….go now and unfollow directly after) any of her social media. A large portion of her followers are haters. Just follow a Facebook group if you want to see her boring recaps of all her weird illnesses.

    1. Clearly not an unpopular opinion H ?

      I agree, any money would stretch further on the Land than what it seems other TMs must be paying for their mansions. Jenelle’s version actually had me thinking maybe she isn’t so bad off bc she did purchase the Land a while back, etc. Then others pointed out she recently refinanced her vehicle to afford it. This makes me believe Jenelle may have refinanced the Land, got some money back on the new price evaluation, so she is living off THAT money… If that’s what she’s doing with no actual jobs lined up, she’s headed for disaster.

  10. Of course she is going to continue to pretend that everything is just fine. We all know that she is actually miserable. She has no friends and no job prospects and she’s married to an abusive and jobless loser who murdered her dog. On top of all of that, she still owes the IRS over $40,000 and there are documents that show that she doesn’t yet own her sinking house because she took a loan out to pay for it. Keep lying to yourself, Jenelle. David is your Karma.

  11. Her “bills are paid” as evidenced by the desperate wave of clickbait she is posting on twitter. Sure, Jan.

    1. They had to refinance their car a while back to afford it. Their credit probably isn’t that good
      She might have little bills but they are high. Car, energy bill, food, taxes, mortgage.
      Exactly what does she have that her MTV money was used for?
      She could not afford to live in an apartment and pay the mortgage when she left David so the mortgage isn’t a small bill.

      1. Exactly what does she have that her MTV money was used for? New titties and a she shed full of unsold brow kits.

  12. My God he looks awful. He seemed somewhat “normal” when they first got together and he seems to have devolved into a full Neanderthal.

    1. To me that’s a big indicator he is mentally unstable. His outside is matching his inside. He’s killed pets, abused and beat various people, I’m sure has tons of guns/knives, destroyed property, openly threatened just about everyone he’s met… this will not end well.

  13. Doth sure do be protesting on The Land, dont they?

    I do slightly agree that being fired from TM was a good thing for her. Being on TV tends to make a bad situation worse, to some degree.
    I’ve really yet to hear any of the 8 OGs say that being TM/ TV was a 100% positive thing in their or their children’s lives. Sure it’s money, but at what cost?

  14. Had she left and stayed gone while in TN, she would have a completely different life than she has now.

    She would have earned a modicum of respect from TM fans for leaving a dead end shituation and trying to redeem herself.

    But she didn’t and vows to stand by him.. So..

  15. if your partner has such strong hatred towards certain communities then i’m gonna assume you’re the exact same and you can’t tell me otherwise. like why would you wanna be with someone with so much hate like that and claim you’re not like that

    1. I think she used to verbally disagree with him, but she enjoys her collarbones in one piece.

      I also couldn’t be with someone who has very different values and opinions on things, but we aren’t desperate and sad to be with any man who comes along.

      1. Yeah, Jenelle has proven she has no self worth and the versions of her *truths* she tells always assure us everything is great.

        We know better. Jenelle was broken long before an abusive alcoholic came around. There’s a reason she had many mugshots prior to David. Eventually water finds it’s own level, and two fucked up addicts left to their own devices generally doesn’t end well. Especially for the kids.

    1. Don’t forget making MULTIPLE videos bawling into the camera because she wasn’t included in TM anything AFTER BEING FIRED!
      Girl, if you were their “prize winner” they would have re hired you. Unfortunately YOUR behavior made it EASY for them to let you go! David made it even easier.
      MTV forgot who you are and even low budget tabloids aren’t reporting on this when even a year ago it would have been everywhere!
      If that isn’t a massive sign that it’s time to move on perhaps Barb having to pay bills for your entire family should be?
      Her “fame” is only dwindling every day and her social media doesn’t pay more than their beer bill.
      Without Barb they would be homeless. That’s why they allow her on the swamp once a month, with cheque in hand.

      She misses MTV every day, even BOUGHT a MTV hoodie?
      MTV cringes when they hear her name, after they Google to remember who she is!

  16. She’s never going to leave him. He’s done just about every awful thing someone could do to their family and she’s stayed no matter what. She’s a moron, he’s a piece of shit, and it’s unfortunate that they’re “raising” kids.

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