Fessy Shafaat Starts GoFundMe to Retire From ‘The Challenge’; Says He’ll Go Away for $1 Million

Messy Fessy wants your money.

Fessy Shafaat is letting his haters know that he’s happy to leave his days on The Challenge behind…but it’s going to cost them.

The MTV reality star took his messiness to another level this week when he announced that he has started a GoFundMe fundraiser (for himself). He explained that this is a way of his haters essentially ‘buying’ him off the show, as he promises to “retire” from ‘The Challenge’ if he makes $1 million through the fundraiser.

No. Seriously…

“I have been on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ for the past four season and have been on over 62 episodes, two final appearances, 12 daily challenge wins, and five elimination wins,” Fessy wrote on the fundraising page. “It has been brought to my attention that a lot of social media accounts don’t want me to continue to come on the show because of my abundance of self-confidence and savage gameplay.”

Fessy, coming in with the jokes.

Fessy claims that if he raises $1 million, he will officially step away from ‘The Challenge’ and never come back to the show again. 

“It’s never been about the fame,” he stated. “I just want the bag. This is the only way we all can get what we want.” 

However, if the donations don’t meet his goal, Fessy shared that he will take it to mean that ‘The Challenge’ fans simply want him on the show, assuring them he will “show up every time they call.” 

All of our faces while reading this..

Fans first saw Fessy on The Challenge: Total Madness, where he proved his athletic strength as a rookie, sending veteran Jordan Wiseley home in an elimination. While he didn’t win that season, he returned for The Challenge: Double Agents and continued to do relatively well.

However, Fessy showed his messy side when he threw himself into elimination against his friend Nelson Thomas during the infamous Hall Brawl. Nelson’s smaller size proved to be no match for Fessy and he got sent home. 

Fessy had a good chance of winning ‘Double Agents’ when he ran the final with his Big Brother ally Kaycee Clark, but her leg injury caused him to lose motivation and he didn’t bother with the eating challenge. 

The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies saw Fessy go home early after a fight with Josh Martinez, and he came back for The Challenge: Ride or Dies with newbie Moriah Jadea. Although they started out strong, when the duo was separated, he seemed to leave her in the dust. 

Fessy and his Ride or Die, Moriah…

When the ride or dies were reunited, Fessy and Moriah found themselves in elimination together against Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez. The contestants had to slowly make their way up a rope bridge with only three rungs.

Fessy’s big size proved to be cumbersome and Bananas made it to the top first. Although Nany struggled, she beat out Fessy’s attempts and the two sent Fessy and Moriah home. 

“You’re welcome, everyone.”

The last season has not helped Fessy with his likability. 

“Fessy complaining about losing an elimination saying he was ‘too big’ but bragging about beating Jordan, who has one hand, in pole wrestle is why everyone hates him,” a fan tweeted. “It’s bulls**t after bulls**t.”

“So glad that Fessy was in an elimination that was not about physical strength and that alone,” another wrote. “I’ve never had a challenger come so close to being as irritating as him.” 

Not surprisingly, there are few people willing to donate to Fessy’s retirement fund.  Within the first 20 hours, Fessy only managed to raise $20. As of press time, he had raised just $55. 

In the fundraising page’s comment section, those who donated made it clear that they were not fans of Fessy— or his money-making scheme.

“I feel bad for you,” a person who donated $5 wrote.

“No more Messy Fessy!” another person wrote. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; GoFundMe) 


  1. And here is what happened to the challenge. They continue to book unlikeable people. I hope he doesn’t get a dime, is fired and takes Johnny and his rigged wins with him.

    1. He is so disgusting!!! Once messy, ALWAYS messy. He’s such a total piece of sh*t and a waste of human skin. Whether he gets his money or not, I hope he doesn’t come back to The Challenge. Preferably just dropping off the face of the earth!

  2. He knows damn well nobody giving him money. He gives show bad name and vibes. He just sore LOSER. Kaycee would of ran with broken foot but he can’t drink bad stuff that was his fault not Kaycee. Please don’t put him on next season, brings nothing to show. Real Champs are CT, and BANANA, fessy will never measure up.

    1. Fessy is a little bitch and a sore loser for sure. But they would not of let Kaycee continue with a broken foot. That being said, he went out as a very sore loser, and went out this season complaining once again

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