Nick Cannon Says He’s Been “Villainized” For Having 12 Kids; Claims He Makes $100 Million Per Year & Reveals If He’s Having Sex With Any of His Baby Mamas

“Whether it comes to making babies or making money, I’m your guy.”

Nick Cannon has fathered a dozen kids with half a dozen women, but insists he’s more than capable of providing for his ever-growing brood, even if the public has its doubts. 

The Wild ’N Out host recently sat down for an interview with the Los Angeles Times, during which he discussed his reputation for being a “deadbeat” father and explained why he feels he’s “been villainized.” 

“I hear all the time: ‘You can’t be present for all those children.’ So therefore I get this deadbeat dad title,” he said.    

As you know, Nick is wildly unfamiliar with contraceptives a father of 12, with five of his uniquely-named offspring arriving last year alone. In July, he welcomed son Legendary Love with Bre Tiesi. Two months later, LaNisha Cole gave birth to daughter Onyx Ice and one week after that, Rise Messiah was born to Nick and Brittany Bell. Brittany is also the mother of two more of Nick’s children, son Golden, born in 2017, and daughter Powerful Queen, born in 2020. 

In November 2022, Nick and Abby De La Rosa welcomed daughter Beautiful Zeppelin. The pair already shared twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, born in 2021. In December 2022, just a year after their son Zen passed away at the age of 5 months, Nick and Alyssa Scott welcomed daughter Halo Marie. Nick is also a father to 12-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, whom he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey.  

With so many children carrying on the Cannon name, it’s no surprise that people often question Nick’s ability to support his family, both emotionally and financially. In order to make this happen, Nick said he keeps a schedule for each of his children and a lot of the time, he takes care of driving them to and from school or extra curricular activities.

In fact, Nick’s chauffeuring duties are often what help him determine where he sleeps each night, as he’ll sometimes spend the night at the house of whichever kid(s) he’s dropping off last. (Nick has at least two homes of his own, but revealed he keeps clothes at all of his partners’ homes-– homes he claims to have purchased for the women-– for when he stays over.) 

While Nick seemingly confirmed he and his baby mamas are on friendly enough terms to sleep in the same house, he claims he’s not currently in romantic relationships with any of the six women he shares children with. 

“Because everybody’s so busy, nobody’s looking to have sex with me,” Nick said. “Everybody’s focus is the children.” 

“Don’t forget about my ‘Legendary Love Cannon,’ ladies!” 

According to Nick, he’s one of the busiest of all.  

Nick revealed last month that he isn’t on child support for any of his children, despite a report from earlier this year alleging that he pays $3 million yearly to financially support all of his kids. Nick stated at the time that the figure was actually much higher– something he doubled down on this week. 

“That’s not a lot of money,” he said. “When you think about my lifestyle, I have to generate at least $100 million a year.” 

Nick claims he’s doing just that. 

“Everybody thinks Ryan Seacrest has tons of money,” Nick said. “I do everything that he does times 10. Well, not times 10–- times three. Because he does a lot.” 

In addition to the cash Nick earns from the ‘Wild ’N Out’ series, he makes a profit from the ‘Wild ’N Out’ arena tour and themed sports bars in San Diego and Miami–- both of which he owns. He is also part-owner of the Hollywood Hills restaurant Yamashiro and hosts two seasons a year of The Masked Singer, for which he claims to earn more than $20 million. He’s currently filling in for host Jamie Foxx as the host of Beat Shazam, too.

Other projects of Nick’s include Celebrity Prank Wars (currently airing on E!); his Ncredible Entertainment record label; BET’s Future Superstar Tour (airing this fall); and Amazon Freevee’s Counsel Culture, an all-male version of The View (also set to premiere this fall).

Nick also co-hosts a podcast, hosts a three-hour live radio show during the week, writes romance novels he described as “an urban Fifty Shades of Grey,” continues to act and is reportedly trying to complete a master’s degree in child psychology and a PhD in divinity. 

“Right now the narrative is, ‘He has a bunch of kids,’” Nick said. “But I’m really at a place now where I don’t care what people know. I’d rather just operate. It’s more about being a good person instead of telling people you’re a good person.” 

“But I’m gonna go ahead and tell you all anyway!”

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(Photos: Instagram; The Nick Cannon Show) 

26 Responses

  1. It’s really funny he does all that stuff and Ive only seen like three episodes of WildnOut. That being said, I highly doubt his income is anywhere near 100mill lol. Glad he pays for the kids though.

  2. I HIGHLY doubt that he’s not sleeping with any of them. Come on, that’s why he has multiple children with some of the women!

  3. Honestly- it’s logistically impossible for him to AT LEAST be “present” for all of these kids, daily, at least in the physical sense. Most of these kids are babies/toddlers too so really, how is he there besides financially supposedly? Mariah is mostly in SoCal but also New York, Brittany is based in Arizona, Abby, Bre and are in SoCal, Alyssa is in NorCal (In Chico, Ca… that is… weird. It’s a small college town so I just didn’t envision that) and LaNisha goes back and forth between SoCal and Panama City- LaNisha is also dating someone so, that’s weird her boyfriend allows Nick to just crash at the house… Anywho, I don’t necessarily see him as a villain, I see him as gross. And honestly, besides Mariah, I think the women are too. I previously felt bad for Alyssa after how Nick chose to “grieve” his son’s death by promptly sleeping around and getting several women pregnant… when he really should have been present and supportive to Alyssa. That is a HUGE loss. Before I realized she slept with him yet again, and got pregnant yet again- I felt bad for her. I thought she had walked away. I just could not respect a man that acted like that after losing our child. If he works so much, I’d assume almost all his time is sucked up by rehearsals, filming, recording the podcast, recording his radio show, writing erotic novels (LOL), studying for school… I mean, does he even sleep? Anyway- no, Nick. No one sees you as a villain. We just see you as a man child that can’t only not keep it in his pants, but can’t keep it wrapped up either

  4. I honestly don’t see why he’s being villainized. It’s his life, the women consent to it, all adults are fine with the arrangement. The children seem well looked after and loved.

    In Quiverfull families, you see so many children getting less from their parents – less support, emotional and otherwise. But we don’t villainize them. We just give them TV shows on TLC instead.

    If all parties are fine with the arrangement, it’s fine with me. Because at the end of the day, I’m not in Nick Cannon’s life. I’m not in his children’s mothers’ lives. Their lives have zero to do with me.

    Unless they’re paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind.

  5. I know I’m in the minority but I see nothing wrong with this. If I were single and wanted to have a child, instead of going to a sperm bank with someone anonymous and zero support, why not have someone I approve of that will also provide me financial support for the child’s life?

  6. I honestly don’t see the big issue. The hate towards him downplays the mothers role in their children’s lives. Let’s be honest, men don’t do much, and if you have one that does GOOD FOR YOU, but it’s not reality, and a lot of women are doing it completely alone. At least these kids have the benefit of financial stability and a mother and father who truly wanted them. Robert DeNiro just announced the birth of his 7th kid. Rod Stewart has a bunch of kids. All The Rolling Stones have 5 plus kids each. What’s the problem? Because he’s black? Y’all wish you had Nick Cannon money.

    1. Yeah. That’s it. It’s because he’s black (eyeroll). Way to perpetuate the racism that supposedly the same people making racist remarks, want to end. You seem to forget that racism can exist within African Americans, towards white people. Like Nick, in fact! You do realize that the man was in hot water for quite a while after making completely racist remarks calling white people “savages” and saying the only way they know how to act, is evil- and lots of more “choice” remarks that were classless to say the least. And before you assume I’m white- I’m not. I’m Latina.

      Anyway- No honey, it’s because not only does he have TWELVE kids- which is much more than 5, 7 or 8, he has SIX baby mamas- FIVE of the children were born within six months of each other… two of those, in the same month. If that’s what he wants to do- go ahead! I don’t see him as a villain, I see him as just gross. But he should’ve been prepared for all of this prior to doing the horizontal mambo with these women, without a jimmy hat. LOL

      And please- no one cares about the money he has, and no one is buying that he makes that much money, either. His High ball net worth is 60 Million, but more like 20-30. Is it a lot of money? Yes. Money most of us don’t have? Absolutely! But look at the chaos that is his life. I’d rather have the life I do, without the money- to be perfectly honest.

      1. Ok sweetie, tell me why we kiss white Duggar ass, white Plathe ass, all these lilly-white Quiverfull religious nuts by giving them a platform?

        But Nick Cannon is judged for having the family he wants.

        It IS racism, honey. 🙂 Truth hurts, and truth doesn’t care about your delicate white feelings.

        1. Jim Boob Duggar and Kody Brown ARE villains for different reasons – there’s nothing to defend with either of those two. I agree with Sirpoopsalot that Nick Cannon isn’t a villain, just gross. Has zero to do with race in either case. The concerning thing about Nick Cannon is young men might view him as “cool” for what he did or young women might view having a kid with a guy who indiscriminately spreads his seed as OK. Nobody looks up to the Duggars and others like them who have a similar platform. It’s very easy to judge Kody Brown as being a non-present father for having the family he wants.

        2. @anon ~ um, who’s ‘kissing duggar/plath ass’? seems to me they’re mostly considered backward-thinking jokes (which they are).
          multiple things can be true ~ quiverfulls suck, AND nick cannon and his weird harem suck. ??‍♀️

        3. Again, because clearly reading comprehension is an issue- I am not even white but go on…

          I personally do not “kiss” Duggar/Plathe/etcetera families either… they are sucked into the religious BS that has driven people away from being spiritual for centuries. Religion isn’t an accurate representation of those that are truly spiritual. However, at least they aren’t with multiple partners, unprotected, with five children born within six months of each other to one father- LOL. My point was that no one is “villianizing” Nick because he’s black… it’s the situation. The truth doesn’t hurt me. I can accept that discrimination (and straight up racism) exists all across the board. You just assume that not only am I supposedly white, but that I would support these other whack jobs. Nowhere in my original comment did I defend those families/people. So let’s not put words in my mouth. Nick doesn’t have a “family” he has multiple children with multiple women… In fact, he doesn’t even have one family with any of these women/children which is pretty sad.

        4. Oh and also, the “truth” of the matter is, that you and Duhnelle like to drum up untrue premises that circulate the hate that you so openly advocate against- Of course, only if it’s one race (your own), yet spread to others with your ludicrious assumptions. But… you know what they say about assuming.

      2. Well said sirpoopsalot.. well said
        If Nick said the sky is purple and we disagreed with him.. these people would say it’s because we’re racist.
        If this was brad Pitt having 12 kids by 6 baby mamas.. people would still say the same thing.. that it’s gross. And yet no one would be calling them racist for saying it like they are now..
        But tis the world we live in now ?

  7. That’s great that Nick can financially provide and tried to keep a schedule. But logically, that’s why too many kids in a short period of time to keep information together abd up to date. I mean, it’s great he supports the moms. But, in 10 years or so, it’s going to catch up to him, between the friendships, hobbies, and then when the dating happens in the teen years. Not to mention, while nock has always insisted the mothers are great, he doesn’t know them that well.

  8. Not ‘on’ child support?? I’m sure that’s going to work out well for him until his next victim catches feelings when she catches that D and decides to go the legal route.

    Seriously though, it’s the degree in child psychology- gotta stay one step ahead of the cult he’s growing.

    1. I think hes playing semantics here.

      They all get a monthly stipend. Some fare better than others bc they lawyered up. I’m assuming the ones with multiple kids lawyered up.

  9. I don’t care how many kids he has, that’s between him and the women. But there’s no way in hell he makes $100 million a year.

  10. 12 kids (5 born the same year) by 6 baby mamas and allegedly pursuing a PhD in divinity? Ok I get it, he’s a fertility cult leader with a harem

  11. Ima need receipts on that $100M.

    Also, ima wanna see them receipts again in 5 and 10 and 15 more years.

  12. I like how people tell him basically there aren’t enough hours in the day to see all 12 children enough and he responds with all this other shit that’s taking up all his time so he’s probably left with like 3 hours a week to split 12 ways

  13. I don’t care who you are. You CANNOT be there physically or emotionally for 5 infants at the same time, nevermind 6 other children. He can keep trying to persuade the public, but it’s never going to happen.

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